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Betsy Devos Wants to Support Charter Institutions

Betsy DeVos is one of the most polarizing political figures in the US government. Appointed by President Donald Trump in 2017 to the 11th office of the US Education Secretary, she has proposed policies that make many in the education community uncomfortable. However, as she has stated in many interviews, it is not her job to make administrators and educators more comfortable, she wants to make students the top priority.


In her recent move, she has proposed more educational choice for new states. Many state leaders have not accepted educational choice options because they have been attacked by the education community. What is the issue with educational choice?


Many education advocates say that educational choice takes away funding for public schools. However, DeVos has publicly stated in many interviews that is not the case. In fact, she has stated that philanthropy is the main reason why there are educational choice options. Many students now have the ability to get out of poor education standards because they can pick another school to go to rather than go to the school where they were zoned.


Part of the problem is standardized testing scores and how they are used to determine what schools receive funding. Many failing schools never receive more funding because they are not able to get their standardized test scores up. Even with new reports that standardized testing scores are up overall, these reports do not reflect the low rank that United States’ education continues to hold throughout the world. In fact, the US ranks 65th in reading comprehension.


In addition, DeVos wants to give students and parents relief right now. She knows that she does not have forever in office to make changes. Educational choice offers the most immediate resolution for students who want to get out of bad schools where they are zoned right now. Educational choice offers these opportunities through magnet school programs, virtual courses, homeschooling, and private schools.


DeVos believes that philanthropy can help education, and she advocates to get more donors to help with her programs. She has received donations from big names like Bill Gates, who is the founder of Microsoft. She also works with Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder of Facebook. These donors have given her the ability to donate millions of dollars to education programs in America.


For the next year, DeVos has worked on helping students through safer campus programs and preventing gun violence. In 2018, she was appointed to lead the school safety reform program, and she has introduced programs and policies such as the Guardian program to help campuses stay safe.


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DE Shaw Gives Employees Ultimatum For Non-Compete Contracts

DE Shaw gave its employees who work for their investment department an ultimatum. They were told they had until the middle of September to sign a non-compete agreement that hinders them from being able to leave the company and work for a rival hedge fund. For the employees who decided not to sign the contract, they would find themselves being fired. However, they would still be given their deferred compensation plans that would normally be forfeited.

Changes are coming for the New York-based firm while they’re in the middle of a legal dispute with Daniel Michalow. Michalow was was a former senior partner for DE Shaw and had to be fired because of allegations he was having inappropriate relationships with multiple female colleagues.

Another coincidence for the non-compete contracts being implemented is due to Michalow creating his new firm. DE Shaw is worried that his firm would end up poaching its employees.

DE Shaw is one of the largest hedge funds around that trades using complex computer algorithms. Managers working for the firm work with more than $50 billion in investments. They told employees about the non-compete agreements back in April under the guise of bringing DE Shaw up to par with other common practices being implemented by other hedge funds around the country.

The contracts will range from three months to a year in the United States. For London and Hong Kong, the terms will go up to nine months. After this time, any employee that leaves DE Shaw will be legally unable to go work for a competitor.

Contracts are only being required for the investment staff of the firm. In total, the firm employs more than 1,300 people around the world, and many of them have access to trading infrastructure, algorithms and other sensitive proprietary information. In time, the firm may ask senior managers to sign the non-competes as well.

Fortress Investment Group Is A Great Success Thanks To Its Founders

Fortress Investment Group is always busy helping its clients and it shares about itself and the work that it does on social media. On Twitter, it shares videos that explain some of the work that it does. It also shares tweets with links that show potential clients all that it can do for them. It talks about politics and budgets and all of the topics that people are curious about, and it gives them the information that they need so they know whether or not it would be a good idea to use the company’s services.

Fortress Investment Group is a good investment company not only for its clients but also for those who are working for it, and many of those who have worked for it have said good things about it. They have left reviews saying how the benefits that they received there were great. They talk about the work-life balance they can maintain while working there and how they appreciate the flexibility of the job. Those who were employed by Fortress Investment Group also share how much they appreciate their superiors and all of the support that they felt while working for the company.

The reason why Fortress Investment Group has become such a success is due to the smart people who founded it. Wesley R. Edens, Randal A. Nardone, and Peter L. Briger Jr. are the founders and all of them had previous business experience before they came together for this company. They are currently working as the CEO, Co-CEO and principal of Fortress Investment Group, and two of them live in New York City while one of them lives in San Francisco, California. These men got good educations and worked hard throughout their careers to gain the experience needed to make their company a great success.

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Luke Lazarus Consultancy Opening New Doors For Entrepreneurial Startups

Learning to Take Risks

At the heart of the entrepreneurial world, there is a person or group of persons who are willing to take risks with their present and their future.

They make a chance with their presence because there is no guarantee it will be anything like it is now; they take risks with their future because there is no exact road map how it will turn out.

Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne

Practically speaking an entrepreneur is a risk-taker. Luke Lazarus Consultancy enters the world for the entrepreneur as one who has followed that route in his own life and emerged prosperous several times. Take a look at a short history of Luke Lazarus, and you will see how he arrived at the top of his consultancy game.

Path to Success

Luke Lazarus grew up in the Perth community and enjoyed growing among his friends and neighbors. He showed early signs of a business-like character and performed well in academics and sports.

By the time he was ready to attend college, he had been offered several scholarships at foreign universities but preferred to stay in his homeland and attended Melbourne Business School.

As soon as he finished school and graduated with an MBA, he immediately began implementing his first business plans. Within eight short years of graduation, or by the age of 32, Luke Lazarus had executed four business plans and managed all four of his businesses to success.

Concern for Australia’s Future Startups

His only choice after so much progress was to sell his successful businesses and begin a consultancy that focused on helping struggling business startups.

With thousands of startups leaving the company before their first five years Luke Lazarus was entering very fruitful land because Luke Lazarus believed that he could stack the odds in favor of struggling startups and change their destiny by applying what he had learned.

In 2018 more than 350K new startups were entering the Australian economy, which equals about 19 new startups per square mile of all the major cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

Beating the Odds

Luke Lazarus tells his startup teams he can beat the odds stacked against startups because he knows what it takes to overcome the problems they face.

Because early startups do not have the experience they need their first few years, they depend upon more outside help, but that is an average stay of course for a new company. Most business consultants recommend that startups have a consultant or advisor near to help them.

So Luke Lazarus is going on substantial grounds knowing that his 20 years of business leadership and successful management of four successful businesses is a perfect opportunity to show his talent, knowledge, and experience.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Launched

Luke Lazarus started Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia in 2011, and since opening, he has been able to lead many startups from close to complete failure to rising stars within their right.

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Other Luke Lazarus has helped have attracted financial investments from Venture Capitalist or Angel investors. Presently Luke Lazarus travels across Australia from city to city helps hundreds of teams bring their top game by assisting them to apply proven principles of success to their businesses.

Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Take Charge of Your Life with MAGFAST

What is MAGFAST?

MAGFAST is a line of products designed to simplify the charging of your mobile devices. Compatible with iOS, Android, and other devices, it’s a solution to remove the clutter and charge wirelessly anywhere you happen to be in the world. International plug options are available for those residing outside of North America or are traveling abroad. You’ll also have a USB connection with adapters, so the newer phone models with wider ports are never an issue. These products utilize magnets and lightning connections to provide a fast and powerful charge. The MAGFAST website states that the charge is so strong, it’s enough to jump-start a car.

The Many Options with MAGFAST Chargers

MAGFAST offers chargers for the home, vehicle, and for on the go. With the chargers working wirelessly and being portable, you’ll never have to worry about your battery running out. The magnetic devices work together to power each other and help to reduce the clutter by only involving one piece for most products. The wall charger plugs into an outlet and replaces the current outlet with two available sockets for use while you charge your phone on top. This design is great for those that need to charge their devices but can’t afford to lose available outlets. A power bank is offered to charge wirelessly anywhere you go simply by sitting your phone on top of the charger. There are many other products available through MAGFAST and are highlighted in the video presentation on their web page.

Taking Advantage of MAGFAST

MAGFAST offers an initial presentation to give viewers a taste of what the products have to offer. A second in-depth presentation allows viewers to pre-order MAGFAST’s products. A free wall charger is now being offered to thank people simply for taking part in the video seminar. Simply register at to discover how MAGFAST can simplify your life, today.

Making Accomplishments At Repton School

Repton School is well known for their athletics. They have some of the strongest athletes throughout the high school field. They have the best coaches. All of their coaches and students are dedicated to not only doing the best that they can in the field of whatever sport they are playing, but to also do their best in their studies as well.

One of their youngest athletes, and one of the youngest competitors in the high school field recently competed in a track and field event. She did very well during the competition. Setting her own personal records in all of the events that she competes in. Competing in the high jump, long jump, and javelin at the age of fifteen is very intimidating, but Ella Rush was quick to jump in and try her hardest.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication Ella is going to be moving on to bigger and better things. She has been asked to go and compete in a huge Championship that is going to be happening in Glasgow. Ella is very excited to be representing her school in this competition and knows that she is going to do her very best.

The coaches at Repton School do their very best to make sure that they are coaching their students in a way that is going to drive them to the top. They want to inspire them and allow them plenty of room for growth. They want to teach them the best lessons that they can so that they can take them and grow on them. Ella Rush is excited for the next step she is about to take in her track and field career. She is still very young in the game and has a few more years ahead of her. She is going to continue to work hard and she is very excited to see the accomplishments she is going to make in the future.

Gino Pozzo Worked “Family Magic” on Watford FC, Returning Team to Glory

Gino Pozzo is said to come from a family with “football in their genetics.” Pozzo is the current owner of Watford FC, a perennial contender in England’s Premier League. He purchased the club in 2012 when the team was struggling. He rehabilitated the Watford program to make it a thriving athletic club that has gained legions of fans. Watford sored to be ranked among the top 10 teams in the nation just four years after the Pozzo purchase.

Gino Pozzo was born in Italy to businessman Giampaolo Polo and his wife Giuliana. A passionate soccer fan, Giampaolo purchased the Udinese Calico club in 1986. This was also a troubled team at the time. It had been recently demoted to a minor league. Giampaolo was able to bring the team back to compete in Italy’s Series A level.

Gino Pozzo grew up in a family that was not only passionate about football but steeped in all aspects of the sport, especially the business end. Upon turning 18, Gino opted to attend Harvard University in the United States where he earned a master’s degree. He met a woman from Catalan, Carla, and he moved to Spain where they lived in Barcelona for the next 20 years.

His location in Spain made it possible for Gino Pozzo to become deeply involved in another family football club purchase, Granada FC, which his father acquired in 2009. Once again, the Pozzo family worked its magic with a club that had fallen on hard times. After breathing new life into Granada FC, the club was sold to Chinese businessman Jiang Lizhang in 2016.

Thus, when it was announced that Gino Pozzo would be purchasing Watford FC, local fans were hopeful the Pozzo magical touch would work on this club which had entered a dark era after years of previous glory. Those hopes were well-founded as Watford FC continues to thrive today.

James River Capital

The lifeblood of all businesses is funding or capital.  For a business to be vital, good ideas are not enough. Funding options are available at various stages of business development, such as:


Step One:  Early-stage or seed funding to develop the business plan
Step Two: Startup funds provided to create a promising venture
Step Three: The business proposal is introduced to the market and established.
Step Four:  The business expands possibly in new markets and offering new products services
Stage 5:  The business matures to the point that its founders realize a profit, selling its assets to establish seed funding for other ventures.

James River Capital, an investment firm, was founded in 1995 by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt.  Saunders is its Chief Executive Officer.  He earned a B.A. from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.  His career has spanned from investment banking, investments, to trading. James River Capital is a business person’s best friend.  This investment firm navigates through the business lifecycle recommending financial strategies and financing tools to fund the entrepreneur’s business at the various stages of its development.  

The least complicated ways to finance the startup costs of a business are bootstrapping and crowdfunding.  Raising significant funds to maintain businesses through their stages would be, local funding, business loans, Venture Capitalists (a group of investors) and Trading Equity, which is an exchange of stock in a company for capital investments and angel investors.

In bootstrapping the start-up funding is invested from credit card savings, friends, and small investors.  In crowdfunding, a group of people, not investors, believe in the entrepreneur and want to see the business be successful using social media to gain support by raising funds.  An angel investor is the most remarkable way to raise funds from an investor that finds the business idea so promising that he or she wants to play a significant role in its success by investing hundreds of dollars, this is similar to having a rich uncle. 

Before Her Education Secretary Role, Betsy DeVos Was A Dedicated Campaigner

The name Betsy DeVos is now well known across the U.S. for her work as the incumbent Education Secretary of the U.S. Prior to her appointment as the Education Secretary, DeVos found herself campaigning for more charter schools to be given a chance across the nation. One may not think of a campaigner for charter schools as a radical in terms of the education sector, but Mrs. DeVos remembers a time when the mistrust of educators regarding charter schools saw her classed as such.


The question for many is why would a wealthy woman look to take on such a difficult task as trying to reform the U.S. public school system. The system is undoubtedly dated and out of touch with real-world learning solutions, but Betsy Devos is determined to make sure the children of the United States have a bright future. Despite coming from the family of a wealthy industrialist and marrying the billionaire Dick DeVos, Secretary DeVos remains intent on bringing more success to the U.S. school system.


Betsy DeVos points to the Potter’s House School in Michigan close to the Grand Rapids home she shares with her husband and children that prompted the interest of Betsy DeVos in educational programs. When her own children were of school age, the Education Secretary began visiting local schools for a range of reasons and eventually made her way to the Potter’s House location. Both Betsy and Dick DeVos saw the desire for parents to have their children attend a school where they had the chance to achieve success and become better members of society. The couple set up a number of programs designed to assist the parents of students at the school to make their way in the education system.


Although she is now one of the most important people in the U.S. public school system and has achieved many of her aims over her first years in her Secretary of Education role, Betsy DeVos looks back at her campaigning days with pride. In many interviews, the Education Secretary points to the charter school successes achieved when she was a campaigner looking to assist with the launch of a new publicly-funded scholarship program. Betsy DeVos points to the work of politician Marco Rubio in his home state of Florida where school choice has become a major issue.


The success achieved in Florida where more than 50,000 students are now attending the school of choice for their family has been a source of pride for the Education Secretary. For those who question why Betsy DeVos should play her role in the educational system of the U.S., her mother was a public school teacher in Michigan with the Education Secretary volunteering in local elementary schools as a young adult.


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Privinvest: Leading Ships Globally

Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa are brothers who were originally born in Lebanon. Together they founded the high-end ship building group Privinvest. They have facilities in the Unikted Kingdom, the Middle East and Germany, and the brothers have a reputation that is unmatched for a company in their field. Not only do they build naval ships, but they’ve also provided people with magnificent mega yachts. They’re even trusted to build naval vessels for several different navies all across the world.

Since being founded, Privinvest has continued to grow for the last 20 years. They now employ more than 2,500 employees worldwide and these employees are responsible for a multitude of famously successful ship designs. In their 20 years they’ve worked with 40 different navies and have been responsible for the delivery of several different ships. All are designed for unique purposes, but they all maintain one key factor. The assurance of safety that comes with ships built by Privinvest.

Privinvest has won the confidence of several stakeholders and companies, and that’s what has made them world leaders in their sector today. They are only interested in meeting every need, demand and desire of their clients because they simply want to provide quality service. Today they are working a medley of new projects including surveillance and protection systems that can be used at different facilities, potentially the companies to whom they already provide vessels.

Privinvest also has a company underneath them called CMN Group. This company provides naval vessel repair and overhaul, and they also provide these services to yachts. They offer renewable energy platform assembly, logistics and training support and a bunch of other this pertaining to this field. With all that they’ve got going on, Privinvest is sure to continue their immense growth in ship building.