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Rebel Wilson Turns 39- Celebrating the Iconic Actress

On 2nd March, Rebel Wilson celebrated her 39th birthday. The “Isn’t it Romantic’‘ star signed up for a cake making class at a Milk Bar. To commemorate the day, she baked a cake not only for herself but praising her fan base too through various Instagram posts that progressively described her great experience at Milk Bar.

She then went ahead to find comfort in her home, in the company of friends where they ate pizzas. Rebel Wilson later received a birthday surprise from her friends. Their day ended with Catzercise, a form of exercise. Still, in her Instagram, she posted photos describing her day including the surprise from friends. She also posted two videos detailing the fun dance exercise routine she took in the company of her friends.

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, 39, is a revered Australian actress, producer, as well as writer. Rebel Wilson’s first choice of career was a specialization in mathematics. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She loved arithmetic. However, her interests changed thereby leading her to join the University of South Wales to pursue a Bachelor of Law and Business Administration in Theatre as well as Performance Studies. Rebel was lucky to win the Australian Theatre for Young People, an International Scholarship under the leadership of Nicole Kidman. Therefore, her career in acting took off. She started appearing in the Special Broadcasting Service as Toula and the Sketch, a comedy series too. She also starred in City Homicide before relocating to the U.S. where she appeared in Bridesmaids as Brynn.

In the course of her career, Rebel Wilson appeared in different shows including What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Struck by Lightning, and Variety. Her roles in these shows contributed to her being recognized in the list of “2011 Top Ten Comics to Watch”. Wilson was also cast as Becky in Bachelorette before starring as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, a recognized film series too. The role earned her several awards in the MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award.

In 2008, Rebel Wilson wrote, produced and appeared in Bogan Pride, a musical comedy on SBS One. She also starred in Monster House, a Nine Network series. A year later, she was recognized as the Best Actress. She won the Tropfest Award due to the role in Bargain. Wilson has made several appearances on the same comedy.

Recently, Rebel Wilson starred in “Isn’t It Romantic’’, a satirical romantic comedy directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson. She is featured with Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, as well as Adam DeVine. The story is of a woman who is hit on the head and ends up waking up in a different world where every element in the environment looks like what she has seen in a romantic comedy in the past. Warner Bros Pictures released the film in early 2019.

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Chris Burch Elite Traveler Recap

Chris Burch is known as the CEO of the company called Burch Creative Capital, and takes pride in the work that he does for a living. He is familiar with hotel background experience, and is considered a billionaire at the job that he does. He is dedicated with his workforce, and is always big on helping others, and he is known for co-owning Nihi Sumba Island with his friend James Mcbride. The area they took over has now been referenced to one of the best hotels located around the world. Chris Burch takes business very seriously, providing astonishing results when it comes to the finance market in anything he gets his hands on. He has worked with several celebrities, and brought forth positive outcomes to anyone he has worked with. Chris has become partners with Ellen DeGeneres in her lifestyle brand company called ED. She is an inspiring talk show host and they were long ago friends before they worked together. When it comes to him working with his staff, he brings forth a empathic approach towards everyone on his team. His biggest thing is communication, and he asks a lot of questions about the person he is speaking with, along with finding out their triggers and their positive traits. Once he figures all this out, he tries to put himself in their shoes to understand the situation at hand and get to the bottom of where that involves in the marketplace.

What’s next for Lincolnshire Management?

When Holley first broke ground in Wisconsin, it fell into the opportunity to manufacture carburetors for almost every vehicle that found itself leaving Detroit after being manufactured. This alone is what gave them the kickstart they needed as a company. From there, they were able to expand their reach by entering the auto racing scene as they proved they were about delivering high-performance solutions.

Winding up 2018, it was announced in October that Lincolnshire Management has officially exited Holley Performance Products. This is a daring move, but one that wasn’t done in a way that will hinder the future of Holley over the years. In fact, it allowed for a merger that makes 2 brands even more powerful in their own sense, with both working hand in hand.

It wasn’t a moment met with a lack of valuable memories.

While it only made it about 6 years in the Lincolnshire Management portfolio, give or take, it still has come a long way since they first got their hands on it. They were able to not only maintain its customer base but grow it as well by reaching other audiences it didn’t reach before. While exiting the brand doesn’t seem like a way for them to show their appreciation for it, exiting in the way they did surely does.

Driven Performance Brands is a portfolio that directly targets car owners that care. The ones you’d see adding the new upgrades and detailing their cars every other day if not every day. It’s a portfolio full of brands for those that demand the best and newest. Those that keep the auto life close to heart. So, therefore, Lincolnshire Management did well by making a move to continue to allow Holley Performance Products to continue hitting the true connoisseurs of cars.

Sometimes you must let a brand go for it to continue to grow.

As you can see, this is exactly what Lincolnshire Management had to do. Sure, it was a valuable addition to their portfolio, but they were able to make almost 3 times their initial investment. By increasing the value of Holley Performance Products like that, it was nothing but a gain on their ends. They’re the smart ones of the industry for making such a decision.

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Interview with entrepreneur Nitin Khanna

The CEO of MergerTech has made quite a career for himself as an investor, leader, and as a driven entrepreneur with experience in the tech field. Nitin Khanna grew up in a household of businessmen, whether it was his father or uncles, as he was raised in India and later pursued a degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University. After finishing school, he started out a company with his brother called Saber Software that was successful from the start with companies using their software; even for the big election in the year 2000 between Bush and Gore. After selling Saber Software, he built the company known today as MergerTech with the mission to help out other entrepreneurs with their own companies.

Nitin Khanna is a strong believer in having a good team of employees with a clear mission, value, and culture. He admits that he and his brother worked well together with Khanna working more on the sales side of things while his brother was running the plans. Nitin Khanna makes sure that he executes his plans and that is what he believes is a key to his success throughout his career in business. Again he emphasizes the essential nature of having a good unit of employees who will tackle their goals and if present is destined for success. Whenever he can, he tries to get each team member working effectively through motivation and the goals of the brand.

One of the interesting elements that Nitin Khanna states in the interview is that successful entrepreneurs make free time and will have it at their disposal; an unlimited amount of it too. He believes that successful and like-minded people such as himself will make time and know how to use it effectively. One of the tips that the entrepreneur gives is that others should use their time wisely and stay productive throughout the day. The ultimate goal when it comes to Nitin Khanna is building a company that stays around for a long time and gives others advice to recognize what they are truly good at and going for it. The businessman spends his days speaking with team members either addressing their problems or answering their questions. In his free time, he likes to spend his time DJing, reading, or producing documentaries at festivals.

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Vijay Eswaran talks about his entrepreneurial challenges, leadership style, and success

Today, one of the most notable individuals in the Asian business community is Vijay Eswaran. He is QNET’s and QI Group of Companies’ Founder and Executive Chairman. Today both of his business endeavors are doing really well, and they have made him a lot of fortune. This seasoned entrepreneur who is also an author, philanthropist, and international speaker recently had a sit down with Here he talked about his entrepreneurial challenges, leadership style, and success.

Numerous challenges along the way

During this interview, Vijay Eswaran stated that he had faced numerous challenges along his entrepreneurial journey. He went ahead to state that today, even with all the success that he achieves he always faces challenges. This head of QNET and QI Group of Companies went ahead to point out that from experience he had learned that tackling these challenges head-on was the best approach. Vijay stated that in the early stages of his entrepreneur journey, among the many challenges he faced was lack of funds. Lack of connections or support was also a major hurdle for him. The billionaire businessman said that his lucky break came along when he met like-minded partners who believed in his business. He went ahead to sated that having started his business ventures in 1998, by 2000, thanks to good partners and support from his wife, his company QNET had risen to the ranks of the global bigwigs. Vijay Eswaran’s lucrative combination of e-commerce and direct selling put his company in the top three positions among a pool of 42 competitors thanks to high sales.

Leadership style and success

This billionaire businessman also attributed his success to his unique leadership style. He pointed out that to him, the guiding philosophy is “service above self.” Vijay Eswaran pointed out that it’s this philosophy that has guided him through his success to the person he is today. He also stated that this is the guiding philosophy for the employees of his company one which has been vital in their success. “Service over self,” he also stated is a principle that guides him in his philanthropy endeavors.

Dick DeVos Gains National Attention For Work In Grand Rapids

Do you know the DeVos family? They are one of the largest and wealthiest Republican families currently in Michigan. Richard DeVos was the co-founder of Amway, a Fortune 500 company responsible for many arenas in the United States. However, Dick DeVos did not exactly follow in his father’s footsteps directly. He worked with Amway in the 1980s but after leading record-breaking sales, he turned to philanthropy and working with business leaders in his hometown.


DeVos wanted to affect change at home. He wanted businesses to be more successful in the central parts of the city, and he was wary of what had happened to many businesses in Detroit after the teams abandoned the central downtown areas, such as the Pontiac SilverDome.


It was clear that there were plans to build up Grand Rapids, but DeVos shied away from any plan that didn’t place commerce directly in the business district or at the center of downtown. It was the DeVos Family Foundation that funded many of the changes in the downtown parts of the city, including the creation of the DeVos Performance Hall and DeVos Place Convention Center. There was even a sports arena built called the Andel Arena.


All of this came from Grand Action, which was a committee formed by business leaders in Grand Rapids. While DeVos worked with Grand Action, he also had solo partnerships, such as his work with the CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport. DeVos is actually credited for saving this airport due to his business deals and negotiations in the early 2000s with the airlines at this once small airport.


Now the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is doing major ticket sales with over 3.26 million passengers in 2018 alone. This number wasn’t even projected to be hit until 2020. However, the airport has experienced extreme growth in just a few years. In fact, the airport also received funding upwards of $45 million for the Gateway Transformation Project. This project would upgrade parts of the airport and build a new business traveler center. It would also add new options and convenient roadside services to the airport.


From these actions, DeVos received recognition from the CEO of the airport as well as CEOs of airlines that he worked with while at the Gerald R. Ford International airport. This included the CEO of Southwest. Through his actions and strategy, he was able to take a failing airport and turn it into a profitable one that could service multi million passengers in a single year.


DeVos has been meeting with the Management Advisory Council since his appointment in September 2017. He now joins his wife Betsy DeVos, the 11th US Education Secretary, in Washington. It’s unclear if he will pursue any other type of political career, but he has been steadily working with the FAA in Washington throughout 2018 and 2019.


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The Philanthropic Acts of James Dondero- President of Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is a prominent investor who is well versed with knowledge about the finance sector. He has also gained recognition from various parties for being a philanthropist. His charitable acts have mainly been improving the lives of the people who reside within Dallas. As the president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has been able to play a key role in the corporate philanthropy activities that the company indulges in. By offering financial aid to some of the not-for-profit organizations in Dallas, Texas, James Dondero has made a positive impact while striving to improve his state of residence. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

As an executive at the Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has been able to influence the growth of the private equity firm through his entrepreneurial skills. By also using his entrepreneurial mindset, James Dondero has been able to ensure that he has empowered the people in Dallas, Texas through Highland Capital Management. The Highland Capital Management private equity firm has been present since 1994. The firm was established through the joint efforts of James Dondero and Mark Okada. Los Angeles also serves as the headquarters of the company although the firm was originally established in Dallas.


Since James Dondero is passionate about the Dallas community, he tries to improve the community through various charitable acts. Although Highland Capital Management is an international private equity firm, James Dondero has centered his charitable acts towards helping the Dallas Community. Among the organizations that James Dondero has supported through Highland Capital Management are such as Education Is Freedom, The Dallas Zoo, The Family Place and other organizations situated within Dallas. When it is said that James Dondero engages in corporate philanthropy, this means that he indulges in charitable acts through Highland Capital Management. By focusing on non-profit organizations, James Dondero can ensure that a specific cause can target a specific group of people thus ensuring that the Dallas Community has benefitted profoundly from his assistance. Read more about James Dondero at

Guilherme Paulus Praised Lummertz Tenure, Shows Confidence To Upcoming Alvaro

Guilherme Paulus is one of the biggest personalities in the Brazilian tourism industry. Founding both the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. and GJP Hotels & Resorts, his support for the tourism sector has been helping the industry’s growth in the last couple of decades. He is also a member of Thematic Chamber of Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism. In the light of meeting a new Minister of Tourism, Paulus gave his insight about the current tenure while giving is expectations for the next one. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at

In an interview with the M&E which happened during the Itaipu Golf Cup, Guilherme Paulus has praised the work of the current Tourism Minister Vinicius Lummertz. The businessman also mentioned how Lummertz is working really hard while in the office to ensure that lesser problems are to be passed to the next in line. He also pointed out how Lummertz’ experiences in tourism helped in countering the setbacks he encountered when he assumed this position years ago. Paulus also stated that Lummertz is one of the best ministers for the tourism sector.

Also in the same interview, Guilherme Paulus stated make his big expectations known for the upcoming Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Alvaro. According to Guilherme Paulus, Alvaro is also a great candidate for the position and will not be falling out of a parachute because he knows what he is coming into. In addition, the CVC and GJP founder assured that Alvaro will have the support he needed from the personalities of the Brazilian tourism sector. Guilherme Paulus also suggested that Alvaro’s first move should be to have a conversation with the largest entities in the sector in order to know their main objectives.

The Itaipu Golf Cup, which is the Iguassu Golf Tour took place in the exclusive golf courses situated in Wish Foz do Iguacu resort. This resort is also one of the main attractions of the GJP resorts. Guilherme Paulus celebrated how one of GJP’s resort became the venue for the Iguassu Golf Tour. Overall, 72 players played in the event, with Paulus stating with confidence how the venue attracted golfers from Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

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Brazilian Entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian entrepreneur born in Sao Paulo a municipality located southeast region in Brazil. He is the founder of an international tourism company in Brazil known as CVC Brazil Operadora e Agência de Viagens. His company has been highly recognized internationally as the largest tour operator in Latin America, thanks to his efforts and ambitions of serving the community.

Mr .Guilherme Paulus studied business administration in the university, he also worked as an intern at International Business Machines (IBM).His success story is untold especially living in Brazil ,a country with limited opportunities to encourage entrepreneurs, however this did not hinder this young entrepreneur from achieving his dreams in the business world, he came up with a plan to offer service to the people that has seen him become the leader of tourism and accommodation in his country. For more information about Guilherme Paulus , view his Crunchbase profile.

Mr .Guilherme opened his first outlet for selling tours in the city of Santo Andre which came to beloved and attracted many movie lovers, little did he realize that his company will be one of the leading tourist and accommodation company in his country brazil, the company now deals in luxury hotels and resorts, located all over the cities in brazil, not to mention Webjet company, a leading airline operating company under his finance, ferrying tourist all over brazil.

Despite the obstacles that bring challenge to entrepreneurs in his country Mr.Guilherme Paulus is driven by his love for Brazil ,not forgetting people who have helped him through advices to conquer his dreams and his employees who are dedicated to providing the best service to customers, this has been his motivational base in investing in his country.

Mr . Guilherme Paulus believes that the best thing a successful entrepreneur can do or offer if by giving back to the community. His business activities and programs supports numerous social programs in his country such as PEIT which offers training to young people on hour to become a leader in the tourism and other related industries. Guilherme Paulus believes that being close to the community will not only encourage you to create jobs but also have a strong business foundation that can be followed by others. Check out:

The Perfect Valentine’s Date: Isn’t It Romantic Starring Rebel Wilson

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and you might be planning the perfect date for your special one – and what better way to spend Valentine’s day but with Rebel Wilson’s new romantic comedy film – Isn’t It Romantic.

Isn’t It Romantic is the first Hollywood film that Rebel Wilson will be taking the lead role. A role that has been long-time coming for such a talented artist like Rebel Wilson. In this movie, she will be co-starring with the dreamy Liam Hemsworth who will be playing a the leading man. She will also be working with one of the rising names in Hollywood, the beautiful Priyanka Chopra.

Isn’t It Romantic is a romantic comedy movie that will be revolving on Natalie (played by Rebel Wilson) and her unfortunate collision with a hold-up situation in the subways where she will attain a head injury and when she wakes up, she will find herself stuck in a dimension where every romantic cliche existed, and the only way to get out of the situation was to avoid these romantic comedy cliches.




Isn’t It Romantic is directed by the talented Todd Strauss – Schulson, written by Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox and Katie Silberman and was produced by Gina Matthews, Grant Scharbo, and Todd Garner. The movie is set to premiere on February 13.

Rebel Wilson is not only an exceptional actress, comedian, singer and dancer – she also has philanthropies that she holds dear in her heart. Rebel Wilson is an active role model that stands up for body positivity. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Standing under the limelight of Hollywood, Rebel Wilson has received a lot of critics for the size of her body – and Rebel Wilson knows that he does not fit into the mold of the traditional Hollywood superstar.

But she shoves these comments aside and instills in her self, and knows in her heart that she truly is beautiful and that she can be confident and beautiful in her own shape, skin and size. To which she encourages all women, of any size, color or shape, to know that they are beautiful and they are more than what they look from the outside.


Rebel Wilson, related to this cause, has also noticed the lack of clothing options for women of size in department stores, or in retail in general. Which is why she also launched her own brand of clothes that cater to plus-size women specifically, so that they have more options to feel their glamorous and fabulous self.

Rebel Wilson, however, has taken some points in the comments of the public and has decided to take better care of her body which meant exercising more, eating healthier options, and living a healthier lifestyle in general. She knows that this will be better for her in the long run.

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