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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva as an Influential Figure

One of the most influential judges of the Courts of Appeal earned the Doctor Honoris Causa as recognition of his intellect and ethical position. Commonly known by his full names, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva, the judge is a motivating factor for younger generations studying law. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva managed to inspire his community through his profession and actions in the quest for justice (Youtube). 

Educational and Professional Qualifications 

In 1981, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva graduated from the PUC-SP School of Law. Given the passion for taking a more professional approach, he pursued a master’s degree and later pursued a doctorate in criminal law. Upon beginning his career, he worked in several positions in the field of law. The formal job as a member of the state judiciary enabled him to travel across the country to perform his official responsibilities. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva served as a substitute judge before becoming a full-time member of the Courts of Appeals. 


Aside from being a judge,  Marques da Silva is an author of 14 books that relate to his profession. These books portray his broad understanding of the field of law, which is impressive even to his fellow professors. One of his books attained him the Light of Recognition provided by the University of Lisbon. It was the Luso-Brazillian Treaty of Human Dignity released in 2009. 

Decisions and Recognition 

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva made many effective decisions as a judge that set a foundation for the legal precedent in Brazil. The judge showed his intellectual and ethical ability when he handled a case where the public prosecutor’s office illegally collected evidence. He concluded that since the evidence was obtained using a wiretap under the office of the prosecutor, it remained unacceptable. It is through such decisions that judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a remarkable role model for future generations. 

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Wine Dinner Event

Attorney Jeremy Goldstein is worth his weight in gold. This phenomenal lawyer has a unique way of getting things done in the boardroom. Goldstein earns a living because he has been well-trained in a number of subjects. His list of accomplishments includes an M.A. from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from New York University School of Law. In addition to that, he attained a B.A. cum laude from Cornel University. All of this training and education has led to a very successful career in law. Advisory services is what he technically specializes in. Some of the top management teams, CEOs and corporations have worked closely with Jeremy Goldstein. Being a part of large transactions is also no exception to the rule for this fellow. In the past decade, Goldstein has participated in some of America’s biggest corporate transaction. This includes working with:


  • Goldman Sachs


  • AT&T Corporation


  • Duke Energy


  • Verizon Wireless


  • Sears Roebuck


  • South African Breweries


  • Bank of America


  • Merck


  • Miller Brewing Company


  • Philips Petroleum Company


  • And more



Supporting people who struggle with mental disabilities is another one of his passions. In some way, Goldstein is a jack of all trades kind of guy. Working on Fountain House’s Board of Directors has led him to change the lives of many deserving individuals. By working for Fountain House, he has personally affected mental-illness patients in a number of ways, and this is a good thing. Fountain House is a nonprofit organization that was started back in 1944. A group of individuals who were patients at Rockland State Hospital actually founded the organization.


Hosting wine dinners has definitely been a blessing for Fountain House because these exceptional events have raised copious amounts of capital. Jeremy Goldstein has used his business-savvy sense and personal connections to network with high-profile individuals. Ticket prices for his wine dinner on May 21, 2019, was estimated at $5,000. This capital has gone on to serve Fountain house in a myriad of ways.


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Corporate Citizenship in Action: Kisling Nestico & Redick Helps Disadvantaged Kids

The Ohio personal injury law firm of Kisling Nestico & Redick is giving back to the community in several dramatic ways. The personal injury law firm, one of the largest in the state, is seeking to prevent accidents though programs in its KNR Cares About Kids initiative. KNR Cares focuses specifically on highlighting the dangers of texting while driving, and the need for bicycle riders to wear helmet to prevent head injuries.

Through participating in area corporate fundraising events, and outright donations by Kisling Nestico & Redick, the law firm has begun an annual scholarship fund competition open to college students who provide the best proposal to illustrate the dangers of texting while driving. In 2019 a $5,000 scholarship was awarded for a soon to be completed television advertisement with the story line of teenagers riding in a car with a blind folded driver. On the bicycle safety front, KNR Cares recently donated 500 bicycle helmets for youth attending YMCA summer camps in Youngstown and Toledo, Ohio, along with 25 additional helmets awarded through a social media give away campaign.

To date, Kisling Nestico & Redick has raised or donated over $300,000.00 for disadvantaged child related food banks and other community organizations, and their actions usually address a specific need for those children in a particular community. KNR Cares has sponsored a backpack food give away to ensure children who receive free meals as part of the school lunch program in the Cleveland Ohio area did not go hungry over the Spring Break period, and “The Coats & Cans for Kids Turkey Giveaway” in the Columbus area.

The Kisling Nestico & Redick law firm, which has grown to 38 attorneys and over 130 support staff, was started in 2005 and has ten locations throughout Ohio. KNR was recognized as a Premier Law Firm by Newsweek magazine in 2017 and Managing Partner Rob Nestico and other attorneys in the firm have been previously selected among the Top 100 Lawyers in Ohio, named to Super Lawyers, and nationally as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association. To date Kisling Nestico & Redick has obtained $450 Million for their clients through verdicts and settlements.

Blake Mallen Significance to Accomplishments of Liv

Liv is an international lifestyle brand that motivates people to live a happy life. The brand was awarded for its innovative branding and marketing in the industry. Hermes Creative Awards honored it for their positive impact on the community. Blake Mallen is the president of the company and has been managing it for a long duration. Under his management, the firm garnered two awards in electronic media departments. He did outstanding work in showing them the right direction and expertise to prosper in the business. His passion for the lifestyle industry has enabled him to be innovative and industrious.

His involvement in assisting the firm to succeed

The Hermes Creative Awards is a global competition which acknowledges the innovators of past and upcoming media. Liv was formed to offer people with unique lifestyle experiences and moments. Blake Mallen has been upfront to ensuring the firm does its best to fulfill and achieve their objectives. Promoters and customers are the essential people in the industry who have to be contented by their products and services. It is the reason they work tirelessly on corporate building and digital marketing trends. When they operate with modern and advanced devices, they ensure their quality is phenomenal and outstanding. They have attained more awards due to this strategy of developing advertising and branding. Check out Blake Mallen on his youtube channel.

His impact on the lifestyle industry

Liv uses real stories in marketing their products, not factual. Through the assistance of Blake Mallen, they capture the stories in real-time as well as in different places. It has resulted in tremendous growth in sales and publicity for their products. The Liv Overview video is more active than ancient corporate videos. It is because of the content they showcase in their products and brands that make the difference. Also, they highlight the story of the lifestyle team they are building to make clients aware of their operations. Blake Mallen aims to assist people in exploiting their potential and purpose in life. Besides his involvement in the business sector, he is also a famous speaker. He has been on various global conferences which concern entrepreneurship and business growth. It is always a pleasure for him to speak his mind and inspire people to improve their strategies to prosper in the lifestyle industry.

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What A Business Gets From a LocationSmart Partnership

Geolocation helps businesses better link up with partners, associates, and customers alike. It boosts the efficacy of a business plan, and LocationSmart helps businesses achieve that goal.

IP geolocation helps them identify mobile platforms linked on the same network, whether that’s the wider internet or a closed intranet. This helps business revenue and regular functions in ways that may not be immediately clear.

A main reason for geolocation services is regulations. Online businesses, for example, need to know where their users are if they extend space on their network. This is a regulation set up by stats and local municipalities, often to safeguard transactions taking place online, but it also works to the business’s benefit, as limiting connections to users within a specific region allows for more reliable connections.

Fraud can still occur, of course, and a business’s existing security protocols may not be enough to stop them. Users with a fraudulent location listed can impact user experience and place a business at risk.

LocationSmart can determine if an IP location is where it claims to be, whether it can’t be immediately recognized or if it is masked to read as though it were somewhere else. This can inform a business to check login credentials and determine if a suspicious account ought to be connected to their network.

IP geolocation is a vital factor in making any security application effective, but this data is how LocationSmart can inform a business about hacking attempts and other suspicious activity, when it’s happening, and close in on their physical location.

It can also be applied to monitor mobile platforms, even those mounted in work vehicles or external terminals. Knowing where work tablets, phones, and laptops are assists in loss prevention and productivity by making sure offsite workers are where they ought to be. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

 Being connected to so many users at once, businesses may come to rely on their interest in streaming to generate revenue. If user chooses to share their user information, or another user manages to spoof an account, that business is receiving no revenue while they host a stream.


Even legitimate users may be using streams to pirate content, costing the hosting business that way. With IP geolocation, businesses can ban unauthorized users and block unwanted actions, and use the data to prevent piracy and account sharing in the future.

Even when it comes to advertising, LocationSmart plays a vital role. Using IP geolocations, potential customers can be targeted with ads that not just reach them by location but in real-time. With push notifications and personalized SMS messages, any business has a chance to use promo codes and sales events to get user attention based on where they are.

These are just some of the ways a business can user IP geolocation data to function better, and they applications are numerous. But LocationSmart goes beyond data, bringing businesses a team that’s well versed in grolocation services that can help a business outperform others in the same industry.

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Global Food Products Provider OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions began as a modest butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois that was opened up in 1928 by German-born Otto Kolschowsky, who first named it Otto and Sons. As the business grew, he relocated it to a suburban area of the city, later acquiring a number of factories to handle its expansion in other states on the west coast such as California, Wisconsin, Utah and Iowa. The company manufactures foods from both private labels and major brands, and supplies them to many popular restaurants like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway and Starbucks. Also known as OSI Group, OSI Food Solutions has approximately 65 processing facilities in 17 countries in Europe and Asia, in addition to its U.S. operation.

In 2016, the business purchased the building that was once home to the Tyson Food plant for over $7 million, and hired some of Tyson’s former employees to work in its newly acquired factory. OSI Food Solutions also put stock in Baho Food, a European processing company that has 5 factories in Germany and The Netherlands. Because of their quality assurance and safety methods, the group was recognized by the British Safety Council and presented with their Globe of Honour Award. OSI Food Solutions delivers food products that are both cooked and baked, and the type of meats it offers includes meat patties, breakfast sausage, fish, pork and poultry. It also sells vegetables, pizza and other dough-based products.

Led by CEO/CFO Sheldon Lavin, and COO and President David McDonald, the company makes billions of dollars annually, which has given them a ranking on the Forbes magazine list for several years. With more than 20,000 employees at its food processing operations, the business produces high quality items that pass industry safety standards and meet the expectations of their customers. In February of 2016, the company’s CEO Sheldon Lavin accepted the Global Visionary Award for excellent and highly profitable business practices, and its President David McDonald’s philanthropic efforts include providing monetary support to a scholarship fund for the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, and giving students who attend his alma mater, Iowa State University, internship opportunities at OSI Group.

Getting a Feel for How Agera Energy Works

If you have never heard of Agera Energy before, you’re missing out on a solid and reliable company that offers lots of different energy services. You will find that choosing Agera Energy is a lot easier than you might think, and signing up for an account is as easy as going to their site and seeing what is available to you. This is a great service option because you can finally save money on all of the electricity needs that you have. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.


You will love being able to utilize Agera Energy and see just how different they are when compared to some of the other companies readily available. Likewise, you can chat with Agera Energy on their site or visit their Twitter page to learn more about the service options they are offering to the customers who are looking to create a brand new account with this amazing energy provider. Read more about Agera Energy at

Fortress Investment Group Prepares For A Huge 2019

Last year in 2018 Fortress Investment Group was purchased by the Japanese conglomerate called SoftBank. The strategy for the two companies is that Fortress Investment Group will continue to remain a separate entity from the new fund that SoftBank has created which is called the SoftBank Vision Fund. The companies will work together to help to solidify Softbank Vision Fund into the private Equity industry. SoftBank also has a plan to introduce the Fortress Groups products to their current clients who are spread throughout Asia and the Middle East. Even other chief executive officers are talking about the excellent move that SoftBank has made by purchasing or partnering with the Fortress Investment Group. They have noticed that SoftBank has begun to go full-steam ahead into the asset management and private equity business because they now have the experience of Fortress Group backing them in the private equity sectors. View the company’s profile at Linkedin.

The Fortress Investment Group has already started to integrate their real estate experience into Softbanks technology startup space. Softbank’s New Vision fund has made major real estate investments in companies such as Open Door, the real estate brokerage firm Compass, and the construction company Katerrs.The companies have announced a new development in 2018 and it is called the TSX Broadway development this is a 2.5 billion dollar project. SoftBank and the Fortress Investment Group have partnered with two other companies on this mega project that will be happening in New York City Times Square. The two partnerong companies are L&L Holding Company and Maefield Development. The plans that the companies have for Times Square is just simply amazing is it going to be a five star state-of-the-art hotel with entertainment.There will also be a huge world class retail space for tourists and shoppers to enjoy.

Fortress Group and SoftBank are really doing some great things and with the help of their partners 2019 is going to be an awesome year for both companies. Softbank’s Vision Fund has also started to take off as well. There will be nothing like the Time Square project when it is completed. The work they are doing on the Times Square is like upgrading a 2019 Maserati.


Talkspace Saves Lives of Mental Patients

It is not a secret that the number of people dealing with mental illness is very high in the international community. The people struggling with mental diseases have so much information online, but they still find it hard to visit a healthcare professional to assist them with the guidance they need. Some patients do not have insurance covers to cater for the high cost of medical care, so they remain with their problems. The result, in most cases, is suicide. There is so much awareness about mental health on all platforms. Healthcare experts ask people to go for regular health checkups, but many people are hesitant. Talkspace is an online-based organization that wants to change the story of patients all over the world. The startup came into the healthcare system to offer therapy to millions of people online. The therapists working in the institutions talk to their patients online, encouraging them to speak about their issues and get the medical care they need. Online therapy, according to most patients, saves lives. Find out more about Talkspace at

One of the beneficiaries of Talkspace was twenty-four when he noted that he was always drunk, suicidal, and disorderly. His behavior pushed his close family away from him. Every time the client wanted to go somewhere, he would always get there late. One day, he felt the need to seek help from an online platform that was not going to charge too much for the service. Talkspace was the best candidate for the position. The patient selected a therapist and started therapy sessions. Fortunately, the treatment worked. It’s now eight years since the first therapy session, and the patient has the best life. This therapy changed life around, making the patient face their fears and become a responsible citizen who does not rely on alcohol to function. The success stories of thousands of professionals should encourage more patients to seek help.

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Who Is Jeremy Goldstein & What Does He Do For A Living?

The US is home to hundreds of millions of people. When it comes to the practice of law, this country has thousands to choose from. On the other hand, one of the top lawyers in the city of New York is Jeremy L. Goldstein. This amazing attorney basically offers top-tier advisory services in the sectors of executive compensation and corporate governance. He also offers these advanced services through his law firm, which is known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This boutique-style law firm consists of a team of high-powered attorneys. Goldstein has a number of degrees to his credit. First and foremost, he attended New York University School of Law. Of course, Goldstein went on to attain his J.D. Further more to his credit, he would graduate with the highest honors while earning his M.A. from Cornell University.


Transactions are all a part of conducting business. This man has played a major role in some of the past decade’s biggest corporate transactions. Jeremy Goldstein has built a lasting legacy by working with J.P Morgan Chase, Merck, Goldman Sachs, AT&T Corporation, Verizon Wireless Corporation, South African Breweries, Bank One, Bank of America, Duke Energy, Sears Roebuck Corporation, K-Mart Holding Corporation and many others. Corporate governance and executive compensation is big business as well as huge interests. Goldstein travels around the country speaking about this topic. He has also written reports for each business sector.


Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein also has a huge heart, and he has successfully used his educational background to help those who are need. This man is on Fountain House’s Board of Directors. Fountain House is a New York-based organization that specializes in helping mental-illness sufferers. This particular nonprofit foundation was started in 1944. A group of former patients from Rockland State Hospital set this movement into motion, and it has gone on to do some amazing things. Besides being a nonprofit organization, Fountain House has close to 500 occupants. These occupants are actually individuals who are struggling with a mental disability. Teaching and training each individual on how to succeed in life is the main goal, and Jeremy Goldstein is an overseer of it all.


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