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Two Professions Are Better Than One: Richard Liu

Richard Liu is a man who knows the meaning of success. He was born in New Hampshire and wanted to help people. This lead to a decision for him to become a dentist. This is only part of the story, however. Once he was in the dentistry field he felt the pull of a totally different profession. This is the story of how he was able to make the switch an be a success yet again. The reason that he became a dentist was an easy one. His mother had her own practice and he often went with her to work. He enjoyed the surrounding and it fueled him to become a dentist. He went on to Harvard and fulfilled his dream. He was able to provide dental services to members of his community and be happy in his work for more than five years.

Then another profession caught his eye. This profession is totally different from dentistry. He became intrigued by the world of capital investments, business, and technology. While this was not a total one hundred eighty degree turn, he was fascinated by the prospects and dove into what would be his second career. He went to college again and earned a Master’s degree in business administration from MIT.

Now he was really happy with what he was able to accomplish and flourish in the world of investing. He earned the trust of his peers and do something that is very difficult. That is tackling two professions instead of just one. Richard Liu knows the recipe for success. He was determined to become a dentist and showed equal determination as a business investor. These may be totally different things but Richard Liu has found a way to bring them together. Richard Liu is one very uniquely talented man.

LocationSmart is an Invaluable Resource for Businesses in the Modern Age

LocationSmart is the worldwide leader in the industry of IP geolocation. Any device that connects to the internet has an IP address attached to it. LocationSmart uses this technology to provide a wide variety of services.


Companies who ship valuable assets need to ensure the security of those products. LocationSmart’s geolocation allows them to track their assets in real time. Also, for those who need to track the location and movements of their employees, such as trucking companies, they can do so with ease.


The online gambling industry is fraught with regulations. A major problem for these companies is that different states and regions have different laws regarding gambling. They need a way to prevent access to people in restricted regions while allowing access for everyone else. LocationSmart offers these companies a way to track their users’ IP addresses and ensure that they are not servicing people for whom it is illegal to do so.


A problem with online crime is that there is no physical proof of the crime. There’s no security footage or fingerprints left at the scene. IP geolocation allows companies to track people who are using the internet to commit crime. When someone attempts to hack a computer system, it can be used to find their rough location. If an email is sent in an attempt to commit fraud, the IP address of the device used to send it can be tracked to its physical location. It can also be used preemptively to identify suspicious activity. This is an invaluable service in the 21st century.


It can also help to prevent people from pirating content. It is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent people from accessing digital content illegally. Much of the valuable property today is made up by intellectual property. Pay-per view events being streamed, movies and TV shows being put on certain websites for free, and music being made available for free download are just some of the common examples. LocationSmart allows companies to see where the people accessing and uploading this content are located, which can help put an end to it.


Advertising companies can take advantage of this technology to target people with ads specifically for them. Tracking the online activity of someone will offer insight into the types of products and content they might be interested in. Advertisements can be shown to people more likely to be interested in that product.


With how much of our lives are spent on the internet, the services offered by LocationSmart are an invaluable resource. Any company with valuable intellectual property or with security concerns can make use of this. You can find out more and contact them through their website,


Peter L. Bridger, also referred to as Pete, is the principal and the Co-Chairman at fortress investment group. He serves as the principal, head of real estate and credits business and president of the Fortress group. He has been its co-chair since the year 2009 August and the director from 2006 November. Since December 2017, he also has been serving as co-CEO of the company as well. He joined the Fortress group in 2002, and before that, he worked at the Goldman Sach co-operation, a banking and investment company. Pete worked in the Goldman Sash for 15 years and for that period he acquired his leadership management and operational skills. Peter L. Bridger got his bachelor’s degree in Princeton University and his master’s degree from University of Pennsylvania, Wharton business school. Fortress group is a large investment company that works with both private and institutional investors.

Having him as the co- CEO of the company, it was able to go public with it being one of the first companies in alternative business and investment field in the United States. Fortress has grown to be one of the largest companies in the region in investment management with controlling assets of more than 65 billion dollars. In the firm, Peter L. Bridger specializes in converting distraught instruments to money. He also helps markets that are debt burdened to raise money in the current economic crisis around the world. Besides his career and position at the Fortress group, he also serves and performs other roles. He is a member of the board in many institutions and organizations among them include advisory of Speer’s head, caliber schools board member among others.

Peter L. Bridger also believes in acts of charity as well; he has invested $600 in the central part of New York. He also cares about the social being and welfare of others especially the children in poverty-stricken areas. Being a successful person, his role in the investment and finance field cannot be overlooked. While he contributed significantly to Goldman sash, his role in fortress has boosted him higher making him a billionaire. Being an alumnus of Princeton University, he and other two started a pilot funding program that helps the immediate university alumni in starting up their own companies. The Princeton entrepreneurship fund does not only offer financial support to the students; but also give them entrepreneurial education and opportunities to air their views ideas and experiences.

ClassDojo Helps Parents And Teachers When They Cannot Communicate In Person

It can be difficult for a parent to know what their child is studying in school because they are not with the child while they are learning. ClassDojo was created to help parents be a little more involved in the education of their children.

Through this program, parents can check out the topics that their children are learning about in school and they can see how their children are doing in their classes. Those who use ClassDojo can see feedback that the teachers of their children have left relating to how their children are doing and things that they should be working on at home.

ClassDojo Receives Huge Series C Funding 

There are some who feel that parents do not meet with the teachers of their children often enough, and they feel that is a problem. ClassDojo is available to those who would like parents and teachers to interact more often and to have a quick and easy way in which they can communicate. This program has been around for eight years and it allows teachers to not only interact with the parents of their students but also track the behavior of their students and know who should be praised for the way that they have been acting.

Life As Gustavo Martinez Knows It

Recently Gustavo Martinez, who is well known for his work in advertising as well as his work in marketing, did an interview with Professional Tales. In this interview he went on to discuss is vision, the way he works, and more!


Moving Up The Ladder


During the course of his career, Gustavo Martinez has been employed at marketing firms that are said to be the best globally. When he was working for J. Walter Thompson Worldwide he worked as the CEO. When he was working for McCann World Group and Olgilvy and Mather, he was actuall the President. Before he worked with those firms he was able to put his creative talents to use with some very impressive clients coming from Henkel and Price Waterhouse. Now, he has been working using his skills in marketing and advertising as a consultant. He also has been making use of his entrepreneurial skill with the same job.


Mixing It Up


Having worked for many years now, Gustavo Martinez has gained some very useful insight that he seems to want to share with those willing to take the time to learn. One thing that he has pointed out is that marketing and advertising are not at all similar to other industries. In most industries workers are expected to be on time, be dependable, and to be happy with completeing the same tasks constantly. According to Martinez marketing is a form of artisitic work, meaning that every person who wants to work in both marketing and advertising are going to have to mix it up and get creative.


Marketing With Startups


Martinez believes that it is important to market correctly when dealing with startups. This means that those running startups have to focus on analytics, functionality, and technology design. Most people who are running startups and try to do the same thing he is doing will fail due to expenses, time-consuming tasks, and mistakes. That is why it is important to make sure that the right people are behind a startup to make sure that everything flows nicely.


Leading In A Creative Way


Being a leader, Martinez makes sure that all of his focus stays on keeping his creative juices going and also helping other team members get their going and directing them correctly. The work environment that he has created is one that will help his team members feel as though they can share their ideas with him openly. Of course, he always makes sure to recognize those that are doing a great job and does his best to keep them going down that great path of success.




Anyone who is making a good amount of money should be donating some of that money to things that matter. Gustavo Martinez is someone who fully believes in donating both time and money to the greater causes.


Gustavo Martinez


Gustavo Martinez has many years of experience working in advertising and marketing, in fact, he has over 35 years doing just that. He certainly has built quite the name for himself in that amount of time, and has also become very wealthy. Martinez is someone who not only places value on the work he does, but also places value on the work of his team members and charitable causes. He certainly is someone to admire.


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Isabel dos Santos: Inspiring Woman with Technology

Isabel dos Santos is a strong supporter of educating all women, particularly in the technology field. Dos Santos has a degree in engineering, and she has seen first hand how education can open the door to many opportunities. She wants to pass the torch onto young girls and women in Africa and around the globe.

Isabel dos Santos is from Angola. Her heart seems to be with Africa and the people that live there. She has experienced many cultures, and that gives her a unique perspective that she wants to share with the next generation. Isabel sees the young women of Africa and Angola as the future, and she knows that the future will be heavily impacted by technology. If a person does not possess technical skills, they will have a difficult time competing in today’s workplace and society. Although many people may not like this fact, it is still a reality. Read this article of Isabel at Expresso

Dos Santos saw the issues women were facing and decided to take action. She is a leader and a business owner, which is rare for a woman from her homeland. Isabel dos Santos has used her position to foster growth. Some ways she has done that are creating scholarships and partnering with global companies. One partner is located in China, and they accept students from Africa and around the world. The kids are invited to China, where they study Chinese and get immersed in the culture. Also, they get to learn about business and develop technology skills. Some of the scholarships Dos Santos sponsors are for women with an emphasis on STEM education. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These are the subjects Isabel dos Santos wants to promote.

An area that Isabel knows needs some improvement in order for women to succeed in business and the workplace is childcare. In Africa and many cultures, the mother tends to the children, which can make it nearly impossible to work in some situations. Dos Santos educates other leaders and entrepreneurs that childcare should be a family responsibility, and employers can help in many instances. Isabel dos Santos is a mother herself, owns multiple businesses, and takes time to do speaking engagements to encourage and mentor women and young people.

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Understanding Steve Lesnard’s View on Digital Marketing

Social platforms now have everything to do with why we are making in a primarily digital fashion. It’s still a new thing for many businesses, but that’s because they are just now realizing how powerful social media can be.

Steve Lesnard recently wrote an article on how social mediums are taking over the way we do business and how we sell products. Selling with social platforms can be a great way to sell and get more traction, but if they aren’t being used properly they aren’t effective.

It does take some doing right to cut through the noise, and it takes a lot of time to figure out exactly how to do this. Once you find a way to cut through the noise, you’ll see the benefits of it.

Those who put the consumer at the heart of it all will come out clear winners. At least Steve Lesnard believes this to be true. When preparing to market the next product, approach the idea carefully. There are some great ways that Steve recommends you do this.

The first tip that Steve Lesnard gives is to keep it simple but make it memorable. If you are able to do this, you’ll be halfway there. The greatest example there is, is Walt Disney. He believed that in order to get it done right, you have to “get the story line right”.

He believes it’s all about the benefits, and it’s making clear what those benefits are for your consumer. Keeping things simple will get everyone on the same page. Make sure it’s customer-focused.

The second idea that Steve Lesnard gives for success in digital marketing is to “bring the product to life”. This is when you enter into the customer experience. The second part of this is how it looks on you or how it may perform for you.

Yeti made it a point to use imagery to create the right selling environment. This is why they put things in the context in which they believe they can be used. It helps the customer see how they can benefit from it.

How do your consumers see you?

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USHEALTH Advisors Drops Some Fun Facts About The Human Brain

Even though it’s the part of your body you think with, most people don’t put a lot of thought into their brain. USHEALTH Advisors wants people to know more about their brains and how amazing they truly are. For thousands of years, people have studied brains but there is still much that has not been uncovered.

There are organizations wholly dedicated to learning about brains such as the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. This organization was established in 1993 in order to spread information about this organ in a way that regular people could understand. It’s now a global organization that has more than 600 members.

Learn more about the organization of UShealth Advisors at

This organization hosts events around the world every year. Some of these are the New York City Regional Brain Bee Competition, Cognitive Fitness at Work, and the Lending Library. USHEALTH Advisors says this organization’s most important annual event is Brain Awareness Week.

The first Brain Awareness Week was held in 1996. In just the U.S. over 160 organizations took part. Today, this week is recognized in 42 countries and 44 American states. 895 individual events are held during Brain Awareness Week.

There are many types of events held for this week according to USHEALTH Advisors. This includes neuroscience labs holding an open house, schools holding workshops, brain-focused exhibitions, and community lectures.

USHEALTH Advisors provided some fun facts about the brain. First, the average brain only weighs three pounds and 75% of that is water. Brain surgery was occurring as early as the Stone Age, anthropologists report. The brain triples in size in a person’s first year of life and starts shrinking during middle age. The brain consumes 20% of the blood and oxygen in your body which powers around 100 billion neurons. The brain doesn’t have any pain receptors so when you have a headache it’s actually being caused by your nerves and muscles in the head and neck.


TJ Maloney Welcomes Newcomers to Lincolnshire Management Team

In June, Chairman, and CEO of Lincolnshire Management Inc., TJ Maloney, welcomed four newcomers to their team at Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire is a private equity firm located in New York City, although it has an office in Chicago.

TJ Maloney announced Matthew Nacier would be rejoining the firm as a senior associate. In addition, T J Maloney welcomed Nicolas Vega Llona as a new senior associate, as well as two new analysts, Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stoit-Nielsen.

Maloney said in his statement that, “These additions to the team reflect the strong commitment we have to growing our staff with talented professionals who share our passion for our hands-on investing approach. They will work with our teams to help find new investment opportunities and drive growth in our portfolio.”

The firm, which was founded in 1986 is a middle-market private equity firm which invests in acquisitions of private companies and recapitalizations. They are also known to invest in corporate divestitures and management buyouts. Currently, Lincolnshire Management manages over $1.7 billion in private equity capital under the direction of TJ Maloney.

Lincolnshire Management has an impeccable 33-year track record of investing.

Some of Lincolnshire’s current investment portfolio includes Dulbo Holdings, Inc., Allison Marine, True Temper Sports, Nursery Supply, Inc., Latite, and Desch Plantpak.

Recently, Lincolnshire sold some of its acquisitions. They include Holley Performance, Amports, Inc., and Fabbri Group.

TJ Maloney himself has had many accomplishments in his career. Maloney, who joined Lincolnshire in 1993, previously served as an intern CEO of Credentials. He attended Boston College where he received his BA. He had a law practice in New York City after graduating from Fordham Law School in 1979.

TJ Maloney has lectured extensively and has been a guest lecturer at many universities. He serves on the Board of Trustees of Boston College. He once served on the Board of Trustees of Fordham University.

In 2007, Maloney was presented the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award from Fordham Law School. This prestigious award recognizes corporate leaders with excellent moral standards.

With the leadership of Maloney and his team of professionals, Lincolnshire will continue to grow and flourish.

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Vijay Eswaran and the Sphere of Silence

Sphere of Self-Management

In his latest book, the Sphere of Silence (2005), Vijay Eswaran, executive officer of the Q1 Group advocates an hour a day of silence as a means to getting to know and like oneself better. Ultimately, says Vijay Eswaran this leads to better productivity and he understands productivity as a direct outcome of spending time with oneself as a time for reflection on things that matter to oneself. Sphere of Silence has been called a meticulously powerful book leading a person to a method of tranquility.

Practice of Silence

The practice put forth in the book is for a person to spend time in self-reflection daily, which Vijay Eswaran witnessed while he was staying at a Franciscan Monastery in Italy when a youth. But it wasn’t only the example of the Franciscan monks that inspired him to the sphere of silence, but it was his grandfather, who was very instrumental in his upbringing to be encouraged with this idea of the healing qualities of spending time of silence daily. According to Vijay Eswaran this time of putting self in an atmosphere of silence, where no talking or listening to music is for self-managing purposes.

Silence in Noted Leaders

Vijay Eswaran notes many. leading historical figures in his book who used silence as a self-managing practice: Gandhi, Picasso, Mandela, to name a few. The silence is not meant to be used in growing one’s legs in a lotus position since that would be Vedic yoga, but this sphere of silence is meant to be for recapturing the joy of being oneself, rather than expending oneself for others without exercising self-control and motivation that comes from deep within oneself.

Sphere and QI

Vijay Eswaran recommends his method of self-control, self-management and inner guidance of using silence to start a day to his associates throughout his organizations, which is the QI group of companies he has founded and acts as the executive officer. One of the amazing things about the method of the sphere of silence is the powerful force it has on this new generation who Vijay Eswaran, believes spend more time in service to others than the previous generation, called baby-boomers, yet are left with less meaning in their lives when it should be otherwise.

Breaking the Habits that Bind Us

According to Vijay Eswaran, we become bound by the boundaries we set, which are boundaries that others have set for us and we grow up to accept them without questioning them. The Sphere of Silence is meant to give each person a set of tools to use to begin proper self-management again, to question the habits that bind us to value, rules, and regulating behaviors that do not ring true with our deepest self. In the wakeful state of inner silence and external silence, practiced daily, we can return to values that we freely choose and practice rather than to be swept away on the moral platitudes fed to us by society or the pressure groups, fads, and isms that produce a wealth of attitude but often do not free people to be themselves. Vijay ultimately would want this for everyone, but to those who are part of his QI Group, he would ask them to adopt these methods to free themselves to be the best they can become in their works.