Blessings - Gifts of inspiration for those you love.
Bless You Soldier

The perfect gift to show
your love and appreciation
for the men and women
fighting for freedom!

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Bless You Precious Girl

The perfect gift for a
daughter, neice, newborn or
other very special girl you
love!  Bless You Precious Girl
will encourage your girl to
grow in strength and beauty.

Perfect for graduation,
birthday or just because you
love her!

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Bless You Mother

The perfect gift for a new
mother or a mother of
many years!  This print
shows your love and

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The mission of BlessYou is simple:

We exist to provide you with the
highest quality artwork that will
forever impact the life of someone you
see complete
text, larger
images and
information by
clicking on the
Give the gift of love that will last a
lifetime.  Share words of love and
encouragement that will be a daily
reminder of your hope for those you
These Christian gifts are beautiful
ornaments on any wall.  However these
blessings are intended to be more than a
simply beautiful artwork.  Each blessing text
is carefully worded to to be a memorable
expression of love and hope.  These prints
will be with those you love when you can't
be there.  Your hope and love will be
constantly expressed each time your loved
one enters the room.  For all those times you
wish you could be there, your blessing to
your loved one will be a constant reminder
how much you care and hope for him or her.
Blessings are the most powerful gifts to
give or receive.  At BlessYou we provide
Christian gifts to help you make a
lasting difference in the lives of those you
love.  Our prints provide a beautiful,
lasting, visual reminder of your blessing
for someone.

Each of the blessings is 11” x 17” and is
framed in high quality black aluminum.  
Prints may also be purchased unframed.  
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those you love.
Bless and encourage someone you love
today.  The blessings you see make perfect
gifts for so many occasions.  Whether you
have a loved one deployed in Iraq, a
daughter entering a new stage of life, or a
mother for whom you just wish to express
your love and hope; a blessing is a constant
embrace, a daily reminder and an
outpouring of love.
May God bless you today in very tangible
ways as He reveals His love for you.  And
may you know His love personally which
is the greatest blessing of all!
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