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Lovaganza’s Extravaganza of Love Swells

The extravaganza of love, or Lovaganza, is put on by a troupe of performers who work together to make sure that they are providing one of the best stage shows that anyone has ever seen. They have worked hard with the troupe so that they are able to do different performances and they are very unique in what they have to offer the people who come to see the show on This is something that has set them far apart from some of the other shows along with the idea that they promote love at their shows instead of promoting it just so people can come.

Each of the performers who perform at the Lovaganza has a different talent. They want to make sure that people are entertained and that means that they all do different things. You may see two dancers who are at Lovaganza but you will never see two dancers who do exactly the same thing because it just does not happen due to the way that the show is set up for people to be able to do different things and keep the people who are watching completely taken in while they are performing.

As the name implies, Lovaganza is all about love and the way that they can help people get the love that they need and that they want. Lovaganza has been working hard since they first began and they want people to know that they do it for one thing and one thing only: love. Since Lovaganza has been performing and touring the world with the troupe acts that they have, they have been able to take in more people who want to view them so that they will be able to do more with what they have to offer.

For Lovaganza, it is all about the visual aspect. They know that people want to be able to see what is going on with the show and that often means that they need to make different things work when they are doing special effects. They also work to make sure that everyone can see with their 360 degree show and the taping that they do of each of the shows. This is something that has set Lovaganza apart from what the other shows are and from what the people can see when they go to watch the show that is an extravaganza of love.

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Dick DeVos Life and Philanthropic Deeds

Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, a small town in Michigan. As a young boy, he got oriented to the family business. In its earlier stages, DeVos says that they operated from the basement in their house. DeVos and his brother Doug were assigned the roles of mini hosts. Under this role, they were supposed to welcome and greet attendees at Amway conventions. These conferences were held on yearly basis. Later after the events, Doug helped in clearing plates and ferrying guests who were interested in playing tennis. With time, the responsibilities grew to public speaking and giving product demonstrations. The enterprise has expanded to become a global business. Later, DeVos marries Betsy who is now the former chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party.


Dick DeVos and his entire family are involved in various philanthropic activities. As a community leader, he contributed a lot of his time to community-based activities that played a part in the development of these communities. He also funded the Education Freedom Fund. The organization is responsible for over 4,000 scholarship opportunities. The scholarships are awarded to various students in Michigan. Dick DeVos is also responsible for the establishment of West Michigan Aviation Academy. The main agenda behind the start of this school was to offer affordable and quality education to children who were interested in aviation technology. He got elected to the State board of education shortly after. This position allowed him to reach the vast community regarding education.


He is also an entrepreneur. He has spent his career working in different executive positions for various organizations. His career began at Amway Corporation in 1974. There, he held several positions in Manufacturing, sales, marketing, and finance. 10 years later, he was promoted to become the Vice President of the company. Under his leadership, the company opened up several other new markets. Consequently, their international sales tripled. Six years later, before he left, the company had registered growth of over 50 percent sales yearly.


His family acquired Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise in the year 1991. DeVos was appointed to become the President and Chief Executive Officer of the basketball team. DeVos worked with the team for two years and left in 1993 to re-join the Amway Franchise as the president. Under his authority as Chief Executive Officer, the company expanded its operations in over 50 countries. He worked for the company until August 2002, when he retired.


On 2nd June 2005, he announced his intentions to run for Governorship in Michigan.

Michael Zomber Shares His Passion for Guns and History

Michael Zomber has collected antique guns, armor and swords for over 40 years. He particularly loves antique weapons from the 16th through the 19th centuries. This passion informs his thirst for history, and he has studied the role of weapons in politics and military conflicts. He’s an acknowledged expert on Japanese samurai swords. His unique expertise made him a logical choice to serve as a consultant to the History Channel when they ran a series of shows, Tales of the Gun.

He helped the History Channel with Shotguns, Automatic Pistols, Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Million Dollar Guns and Guns of the Orient. Zomber considers safeguarding the past as part of his mission in life

In Dueling Pistols Michael Zomber tells how dueling with guns began with two knights on horseback shooting at each other with wheel lock pistols, and probably neither hit the other. According to him, that’s the earliest report gun duel, and it took place in the third quarter of the 17th century. In Shotguns, he comments on how the sound of a shotgun shell being jacked into the chamber signaled the machinery of death coming into motion. Early shotguns were called fowlers because they were designed specifically to shoot birds. It could be used for rabbits and other small game, but birds were their main targets. Noblemen in both England and the European continent competed with each other to use fowlers to shoots birds. The nobles held parties. Hundreds of beaters would make noise to flush all the birds out so nobles could shoot at them while they were flying.

Through his study of war, weapons and military history, Zomber realized the futility of solving problems through violence, and came to understand weapons played a role in past societies that was not constructive on the whole. Unlike many modern political activists, though, he did not turn against guns and swords as objects, but against the violence of people who wish to harm other people. He is a huge philanthropist who supports Amnesty International, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders.

Zomber is also a published author with four novels for sale on Amazon and many screenplays.

Kabbalah, the Ultimate Life Hack

A lot of people scratch their heads and wonder how to have the good life. But few seem to get it right. The Kabbalah Centre is devoted to helping the public learn how to apply spiritual wisdom helpfully to their lives. Kabbalah is founded in mystical Judaism, and in ancient times, was only practiced by highly trained and elderly rabbis. The Kabbalah Centre was founded with the intent of making Kabbalah more effective for more people, independently of their social status, religion, or culture.

Kabbalah takes the wisdom of spiritually enlightened individuals of the past and shares their secrets with the rest of us. One of the major things studied in Kabbalah Centre is Klippot. Klippot is the spiritual and mental fog that surrounds the mind of a selfish and arrogant person. Kabbalah can help clear it, by giving a person a guidepost to base their value system off of.

Kabbalah was effectively recorded by the ancient Jewish King Solomon, who wrote the wisdom literature Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Some good proverbs from Solomon that are essential to Kabbalah include “Love instruction, for she is your life.” Many times people do not like to be told what to do, particularly by those they dislike, but this leads them to a horrible and compromised future. Wise people are willing to hear a voice of criticism from their worst enemies.

The humility that comes from studying Kabbalah is superb for personal relationships. No longer does your significant other detest how you do certain things.

One modern practitioner reported that if the average individual would read through Solomon’s book of Proverbs once a month, they would become one of the wisest people in the world, because Solomon was known in ancient times as the wisest individual alive.

If you want to hear more about how you too can religion practice Kabbalah, then contact the Kabbalah Centre at 1-800-KABBALAH to get more information on Kabbalah Centres in your community. We look forward to getting back with you.