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Waiakea – Best Bottled Water and best Tasting Water of 2017

Waiakea Water was named Best Water Brand of 2017. It is first of its kind – triple bottom line premium bottled water. The title was given by 10 Best Water. The water brand took second place because of the good taste and the purity of the water as well as the company’s dedication to the conservation of resources.

Waiakea also surpassed big brand names such as Voss, Fiji, Evian, Smart Water, Icelandic Glacier and a few others. It got the first place in the category of the Best Volcanic Water of 2017.

Specialty Food reveals that although the brand of the Waiakea Water joined the industry rather recently, this was the third consecutive year the brand won this title.

Waiakea water is the first brand of bottled water in the United States of America that have been given a CarbonNeutral certification, an achievement the brand have managed through several sustainability initiatives, including the usage of one of the most sustainable sources of fresh water on the planet.

The have been using only low carbon emission means of product transportation, only using 100% RPET bottles which yield a 90% reduced CO2 footprint when comparing to other competing bottled water brands, as well as taking part in massive reforestation projects.

The brand does more than just bottling water. They are involved in a significant number of philanthropic activities and makes donations to various causes. The founder of Waiakea is Ryan Emmons, and he has a long history of volunteering and donating to charities.

In fact, nearly five percent of the brand’s profits is directed towards local community programs and nonprofit organisations such as INPEACE, The Kama’aha Initiative, and Kupu which is striving to better the education in the area and to help protect the local environment.

Not only that, but the Waiakea water brand makes a donation of one month of clean drinking water for a person in need in the are of Malawi. The has been possible due to the brand’s collaboration with Pump Aid

The origins of the Waiakea Water are melted snow and rain that has pooled on the volcano Mauna Loa located on Big Island. After it has been gathered, the water is thoroughly filtered through a long chain of porous volcanic rock that is more than a thousand feet in length. This allows the water to become extremely rich in electrolytes, naturally alkaline, and it also gives it a heavenly fresh and healthy taste.


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Whitney Wolfe Brings Forth One Of The Best Dating Apps

When Whitney Wolfe took the initiative to bring forth a dating app she felt the need to rely on what she knew best. She knew Tinder. She was the co-founder of Tinder. Her time has been spent building the Bumble app. This app, some will say, is similar to Tinder. There is a special tweak, however, that makes the concept of dating so much different. That difference is the way that Whitney Wolfe decided to give women more control over this app. There is certainly a lot of praise for this special app that gives women the chance to make the first move. This is one of the most interesting concepts that people can come across. There are not any other apps out there that look and feel like this. That may be the reason that this company has been able to branch out. Whitney Wolfe is giving a lot of people the ability to experience dating in a whole new way. This is what makes the Bumble app exciting. It presents the possibility for women to make the choices on the men that they would like to meet. Men are excited about this because it helps them to reduce the time that they would waste otherwise chasing after someone. Men are the same in that they would like to know when a woman is not interested just the same as women would like to be left alone when they’re not interested in men. What the Bumble app has managed to do is set a level playing field. This is exciting because it has the look and feel that is different from what people have become accustomed to with smart phone dating apps. Is this the app that has set the bar pretty high for all of the dating apps. Reference:

Benefits of Cleansing Conditioners

It is every person’s desire – both man and woman – to have hair that is well-maintained; when your hair is well cared for, with WEN hair care cleansing conditioners, a commonly used brand created for women by Chaz Dean,, you will have healthy hair. Most women love to take care of their, because good looking hair builds their confidence as a person.

Many try to avoid bad hair days that come unexpectedly for lack of cleansing conditioners. There is good reason why people – both men and women – use conditioners to nourish and provide their hair with nutrients, food, and other substances vital for growth, good condition, and health; WEN hair care cleansing conditioners affords you what every woman must have to have good looking, well maintained hair.

Cleansing conditioners are vital products that provide your hair with proper nutrients it must have to grow and flourish. WEN is a trusted name brand you cannot resist to have. True indeed it is that we are what we eat, same is true with hair; it is best to know which products contain ingredients that will provide your hair with vital nutrients to prevent hair loss and damage.

Itching of the scalp and thinning of the hair is a bad sign; a dry scalp leads to hair damage. If you have been using shampoo and conditioners, and you begin experiencing hair loss, you might want to look at the ingredients. Chances are the products you are using lack the very attributes vital to your hair’s growth and health.

Fortifying extracts, proteins, vitamins, and natural forming agents are all important ingredients WEN hair care affords you; they not only help you grow your hair but maintain its health, as well. You don’t have to wait until you lose hair to cater to it. TO learn more, visit the Wen Facebook page.

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Why Securus Technologies Is an Optimal Choice of Innovative Communications

There are vast arrays of people that unfortunately find themselves in positions that they were not expecting in life. Perhaps one form of event that is unexpected for the majority of the majority of people is being incarcerated. For anyone who has ever been in jail, it is probably one of the worst places to be in. Some facilities may not have adequate heating or cooling, while the food may not even be considered “okay”. However, there is often a period of time that many inmates often look forward to. That period of time is visitation. Most inmates are given permission to have a friend or family member visit them at some point in time. Oftentimes, this time is appointed during the a time that is set by the jail where they are incarcerated in. If you happen to be an inmate or have a loved one who is currently in jail, please do not hesitate to visit them as it could mean a lot to them if they are suffering from depression.


Securus Technologies is a form of communication that enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they can contact their loved on who is in jail from the comfort of their own homes. There are a vast array of people who are not able to stay in touch with their family members due to being incarcerated. Securus Technologies enables people to speak to someone in a visitation mode through a computer in a video conferencing format. It is a great form of technology that has had an effect of connecting a vast array of people, both inmates and people who are not in jail alike. Be sure to contact one of the representatives who are able to guide you in using this wonderful technology. It had been accredited by the BBB, thus making it a great option of innovative communications.