Lori Senecal Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky Agency transforming the online Advertisements

Lori Senecal is the Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky (CP+B) AN Agency that works with top brands and global giants companies. She is an ambitious lady who believes the mindset of taking risks produces excellent results to the company as well as serving clients with exceptional services. Creativity nature in Lori has contributed to the growth of the firm by providing outstanding results and propelling the company to greater heights globally.

Lori successful career has been steered by Advertising that led to the launching her owning agency called TAG Ideation. She has acquired undisputable leadership skills by working with numerous global companies such as Sprint, Watchers, and Nabisco among other recognized groups. She later joined the DDB as the Chief Marketing Officer. Ad Week recognized Lori among the top 100 leaders in the marketing industry.

Lori Senecal worked as the executive chairman of sibling MDC Partners shop and KBS. She worked as the Chief Executive Officer of KBS since the year 2009. Lori Senecal career journey started way back in Canada before relocating to the United States of America to work for the most successful and recognized companies across the globe. She has acquired leadership qualities by associating with accomplished entrepreneurs such as Chuck Porter in the CP+B who is the icon of the industry. According to campaignlive.co.uk, Lori has worked as the President of McCann New York.

Lori Senecal is an accomplished entrepreneur who is patient and a community servant who believes in the power of chasing dreams. She has heavily contributed to the society through mentorship programs she frequently offers to the young people looking forward to becoming entrepreneurs. She is the role model and mentors to the young interns and employees working in her company. Lora is an expert in the field of modern technology by inventing strategic digital solutions in the industry and online advertisement. She provides critical, creative directions that bring out ideas that are narrowed down to the ground. Lora currently works as the Managing Director of the international offices of CP+B Company. She has influenced the company’s culture of continued global growth, reveals crunchbase.com. She is a go-getter who has produced excellent results for the companies she has worked for.