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Leader And Philanthropist Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua wasn’t initially an influential business leader in his own right. He developed his chops working for the family business initially before he discovered a need for a new product for the global market. Bernardo is the CEO and face of Organo Gold, a company that focuses on products using the organic Ganoderma herb for its unique properties.

Affectionately known as “Bernie,” Mr. Chua hails from the Philippines. Using the power of direct selling, Bernardo established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Asian markets before moving onto Europe and the U.S. Currently, Organo Gold is based in Canada, where Mr. Chua oversees a million distributors of the Ganoderma-based products worldwide. Bernardo Chua utilized two significant points of interest to build his successful company. One, being based in Canada, builds trust and loyalty for customers because the country maintains strict guidelines regarding the quality of products offered by a business. Secondly, Bernardo is obsessed with funding research and development toward the Ganoderma herb for education purposes. Check out Bernardo Chua at TheStreet.

Education and giving back are two qualities that Mr. Chua espouses within his company, and via his efforts to support young people. Being one of the largest global direct selling companies have not only earned Bernardo many accolades and awards, but it has proven profitable enough to fund projects and organizations of merit. Mr. Chua believes in the power of young people and being a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs. Through his established OG Cares Foundation, Bernardo can give back to his community and educate others on a path to success.

Mr. Chua is a medical professional and leading marketing executive. The Ganoderma herb was recognized and prized for millennia in Asian medicine, and thanks to Bernardo Chua, the whole world can enjoy the benefits of consuming this herb in accessible, palatable forms.

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Energy Assistance with the Agera Energy Company

There are many customers who are unhappy with the type of energy service that they currently have. This can be a problem for when you want and need to utilize the service to your own needs. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

When you are able to make use of a company like Agera Energy, there is no question about what type of service you are going to need. You can get to know more about Agera Energy by reading reviews online that are written by other customers. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

You will also find the Agera Energy company on Facebook as well as Twitter, which is important in finding the service that works for you. By reading some of the other types of reviews and advice given by customers, you can see why Agera Energy is one of the most sought-after options for when you want to be able to get the most out of your energy provider.



Felipe Montoro Jens Seeks Out Solutions to Brazil’s Infrastructure Issues

According to a study conducted by the National Confederation of Industry, there’re 2,796 paralyzed workers in Brazil. 517 of them are related to the infrastructure sector which makes up about 18.5% and costs about $10.7 billion to the public coffers says Felipe Montoro Jens who’s a specialist in the infrastructure industry.

Basic sanitation is hit hard, and about 447 enterprises are interrupted during the execution phase. There are also 30 road constructions, 16 airports, six ports, five railways, eight urban mobility works, and five waterways. Only about 2% of the gross domestic product, also called the GDP, is invested in the infrastructure. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj

Brazil is in an economic crisis and needs to contain spending. This caused the federal government to halt infrastructure projects, resulted in investment cuts and the shutdown of infrastructure projects.

The National Confederation brought to light another issue at hand which is the development of the country’s infrastructure involving interaction between public managers responsible for implementing projects.

So how can Brazil avoid delays and outages? Brazil needs to improve the Macroplanejamento, execute efficient microplanning, come up with a good execution mode, equip teams better, come up with better contracts and strengthen internal control.

A big problem is that work stoppage keeps occurring, and Brazil seems it be repeating its mistakes. Jose Augusto Fernandes warns that no matter how urgent it is to come up with viable solutions, programs and targets that will prevent the same mistakes from happening also need attention.

Felipe Montoro Jens brings to attention that a study conducted by the National Confederation of Industry is a part of the 43 documents given to candidates running the fall election.

The National Confederation of Industry is stationed in Brasilia with its office in Sao Paulo. It was founded in 1938 and represents the employers in the union.


Fortress Investment Group Had A 2018 That Will Never Be Forgotten

It would be a massive understatement to say that the past year has been one of the most important and eventful that has ever occurred in the twenty year history of the Fortress Investment Group. It is undoubtedly the most eventful that has occurred since the IPO for Fortress Investment Group that occurred in 2007 and it is certainly as formative as the firm’s 1998 founding. 2018 was a year represented by major expansions as well as transitions as Fortress Investment Group became a part of the major Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. The addition of Fortress to the family of companies already under the SoftBank banner is a moment that represents a massive amount of potential for both of these prestigious firms. One thing that is certain is that the future looks brighter than ever now for the team at Fortress and SoftBank has gained a valuable company that allows it to easily expand into areas that it desires to.

The 1998 founding of the Fortress Investment Group truly was a major watershed for the investment industry in a general sense. The firm has made a name for itself in many areas including the hedge fund sector and it has grown into one of the world’s most respected firms in the alternative asset management area. Today’s Fortress Investment Group is a global financier of significant distinction that has only grown more since its 2007 IPO. The firm now looks forward to the next chapter in its history as a member of the impressive SoftBank family of firms.

Now that the big deal with SoftBank is complete and Fortress has joined this major conglomerate, the next big move is an entrance into the world of luxury real estate. The Fortress team have an impressive amount of past experience in the real estate field but this will be taken to another level with the backing of SoftBank. Proof of this is the massive TSX Broadway project being undertaken in New York City in the Times Square area. This project is coming in at an impressive $2.5 billion and it represents the creation of a unique retail space along with some of the world’s best entertainment and hotel accommodation.

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Dick Devos Still Leans Heavily Toward Education Reform

Some remember that in 1991, the city of Grand Rapids floated a plan to build a sport-convention center north of the downtown location. Dick DeVos was against the plan and lobbied hard to stop it. His reasoning was that that the new center would experience the same fate as the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. Certain venues can attract sports teams that can devastate a city’s entire economy if they decide to pack up and leave.


The active campaign by Dick DeVos led to the formation of a group called Grand Action. This group consisted of area business leaders who were the influencing forces behind the construction of the Van Andel Arena. They were also behind construction efforts of the DeVos Place Convention Center and the medical school of Michigan State University.

Dick DeVos used his considerable influence to alter the skyline of Grand Rapids. Dick DeVos and his wife are both heirs to massive family fortunes. Their union has produced a power couple who have spent their lives attempting to steer policies and control the destinies of institutions.


Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have also been heavily involved in pushing for charter school expansion in their state and others. While they are both actively involved in politics, they are also known for their philanthropic work in supporting causes for the arts and culture, and certain leadership programs. The DeVos family also devotes time and money to support health human services, churches, and policies that support charter school education.


Education still remains one of the family’s biggest initiatives. Dick DeVos founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school teaches academics, engineering, and aviation. Students attending this school can benefit tremendously. Of course, the nation may very well need more such academies to train students as aviation industry personnel retire.


At the academy, students do experience a full academic life. Its clubs and activities help to build the surrounding community as well. Students can look forward to acquiring new skills and accumulating the experiences that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. The academy also offers athletic activities. Dick DeVos and family are a force to reckon with.


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L’Oreal’s Global Beauty Diversity Under Guidance of Nicolas Krafft

With over a decade of experience working for L’Oreal as a marketing and sales executive, Nicolas Krafft shows he has his finger on the pulse of expanding global interest in beauty diversity, recently, in the L’Oreal, Paris Second Annual Fashion and Beauty Show in France’s capital city. The show encapsulated the theme of beauty diversity both in the adornment of the models and in the persons of the models, themselves, which included celebrity actresses Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning, as well as professional walkers-of-the-cat.

Nicolas Krafft comes by his understanding of the L’Oreal goal of making beauty more accessible globally first-hand: Though “in-the-door” at L’Oreal at the somewhat modest level of Product Manager, he was quickly moved up to Marketing Director for Kerastase, and from there ascended the L’Oreal ladder to first take charge of Eastern European Sales and Marketing, then become Vice President of Global Business Development in 2014. What is obvious from this recent show is that Nicolas Krafft “gets” the precise respects in which variety is the spice which fuels peoples’ passion for clothing and style.

L’Oreal make-up stylist Val Garland created 70 new looks for the models. Hairstylist Stephane Lancien created 70 new hairstyles. Models representing some of L’Oreal’s best-known and high-profile partners, (Miu Miu and Balmain among them), strode their elegant adornment atop a floating catwalk on the River Seine, (which took eight days to assemble and take down). Arts and sports were represented, as well, by “Game of Thrones” actor Nicolaj Coster-Waldau and Paralympic Skiier Louis Bourgoin, who made her runway debut at the show. Filmed by drones while it was happening, the show was simulcast in over 30 countries. Now that’s global outreach!

With as firm a grasp on the goals of L’Oreal and the global market he represents it to as is, likely, humanly possible, Nicolas Krafft is helping keep world style and fashion culture very vital and expanding it to, hopefully, touch ever more of its peoples. Events like the L’Oreal, Paris Second Annual Fashion and Beauty Show, both diverse and inclusive, are essential.