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Jeremy Goldstein Recommends Non-Compete Agreement To Protect Business Interest

In business, competition is the driving force for companies to function at its optimum efficiency and utilize of every potential advantage they can do over competitors for the customers. While it is intended to be a healthy force that stimulates the development of better products and services, it can also trigger unethical practices when individuals and companies would do whatever it takes to get ahead of the competition. One way in which businesses can protect their interests against these unnecessary and unethical practices is through the use of a non-compete agreement.


Jeremy Goldstein, a popular New York lawyer, discovered the benefits of non-compete agreements when he was working as an associate attorney at the start of his professional career. While handling the legal aspects of different clients in the business world, he realized that businesses have a lot of vulnerabilities for abuse. It was also one of the reasons why when he founded his own law firm, the Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, he chose to specialize in protecting the rights of businesses and in handling corporate cases.


He was exposed to different legal battles of different companies operating in the business world during the early years of practicing his profession. With his substantial knowledge and experience in the field, Jeremy Goldstein understands the concerns of many businesses. He recommends that to ensure that the interests of businesses are protected, they should use a non-compete agreement during employee onboarding.


Non-compete agreements usually put restrictions on employees to protect the trade secrets, patents, intellectual properties, and even customers of the business. There are drawbacks and benefits to non-compete agreements for all the concerned parties and it should not be entered into lightly. The main goal of having employees sign a non-compete agreement is to avoid having to compete with a previous employee who has the knowledge of the company’s trade secrets.


Also, there are times when the court would not honor the non-compete agreement because it was poorly prepared and sometimes appear to be coercive. That is why businesses must hire a competent legal team to prepare this. Jeremy Goldstein is known in the business world for his competence.


He was a part of the legal team when SBC Communications Inc acquired AT& T Corporation. Jeremy Goldstein was there when South African Breweries PLC was purchased by Miller Brewing Company. He was one of the legal counsels when Bank One Corporation merged with JP Morgan and Chase.


There are times when he admitted that he finds it hard to joggle between his family time and professional time. Before his achievements in the legal world as well as in the corporate world, Jeremy Goldstein was an ace student who got his bachelor’s degree at the University of Chicago. He also went to New York University to earn his Juris Doctor.


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Igor Cornelsen Is An Idea Man Who Can Spot A Good Investment Before It Is Trending

Igor Cornelsen has worked in Brazil as a banker and investment manager for a good portion of his life. He was born in the Brazilian city of Curitiba in 1947 and studied at Federal University of Parana, where he focused on engineering. He changed his focus a bit later to economics and then went to work for an investment bank after je graduated.

Igor Cornelsen served with Multibanco for a couple of years before it was acquired by Bank of America. This prompted him to seek employment elsewhere, and Unibanco gladly hired him. He stayed with the bank for 7 years and then served with Libra Bank PLC. After serving with this bank for some time, he moved on to work with Stan Chat Merchant Bank, where he served on its board of director. After accruing plenty of experience in the banking industry, he decided to startup his own firm.

Igor Cornelsen likes to wake up early so he can keep his eye on the European markets as they open for the day. He also keeps up with the news from all over the world and studies various companies during his day. Cornelsen is always coming up with new ideas and has found that he has the ability to see new opportunities in different markets before most other people do.

Igor Cornelsen has been able to grow his firm because he can see where assets are going to go down in value before they do. He focuses a lot of his attention on reducing risk with his investments and has no problems with cutting out on any investment whenever he sees it is about to go belly up. He has suggested that people should start investing as soon as it is possible for them and that they should focus on, both, safe and risky investments, which will diversify their portfolio.

LocationSmart; Premium Geolocation Services

LocationSmart is one of the most reputable names when it comes to the areas such as providence of geolocation services. It renders the use of the IP address of the user’s device in order to come up with the exact location of the user on a geographic map according to the coordinates. There are many different purposes for which the services of a source such as LocationSmart may be needed by a business or a company. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

The exact location of the visitors of a website can prove to be of monumental importance for the businesses due to a range of different aspects. First of all, a high range of benefits can be derived as a result of the marketing benefits of information about the location of the users. The location of the user makes a gargantuan impact on their perception which is developed. These perceptions can be used to market the different offerings of the online platform to users from different geographic locations.

This can prove to be a highly advantageous factor for the businesses as they can significantly increase the number of sales and as a result of the number of profits in order to make sure the businesses stay afloat. For this purpose, the services of a reputable source such as LocationSmart are needed.

Apart from the marketing aspect, the offerings of the platform can also be enhanced by rendering the use of the information which is provided by the geolocation services. The businesses can detect where their offerings are more popular and then tailor make them meet the criteria of the consumers in a better and more enhanced manner.

Apart from all this, it is also very important for the purpose of security. The security of any online platform can be made better in a significant manner by tendering the use of the services of a platform such as LocationSmart. This can act as a deterrent to multiple malicious threats such as hackers.

The use of their location can be of monumental importance in making sure that they do not succeed in their vendetta. Not only this, but the legal aspects can also be met in a better way by rendering the use of services such as LocationSmart by online businesses and websites.

There may be some offerings of the website or the platform which may be banned in some geographic regions. The users may get access to them via tools such as VPN. In order to detect such actions, the use of the services of a platform such as LocationSmart can prove to be of high importance.

It can pinpoint such users and as a result, the company can be saved from multiple legal repercussions.

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Jin Oh and Crew Bringing Games to Players

Jin Oh is the current president of Riot Games in Los Angeles. He also works additionally on the World Wide publishing for the company as well. The company was established in 2006. The company was opened by like-minded people who wanted the main focus to be on game development to produce high quality games.

In 2009, the company released the highly multiplayer game called League of Legends. The game currently has around 67 million play per month. Jin and his is continuously working to improve and evolve their massively popular online game.

About Riot Games also has locations where they serve to local players in areas such as Berlin, Instanbul, Honk Kong, Tokyo, St. Louis, and many other locations. Their main base of operations is at Santa Monica. Their offices total up to around 23 plus offices across the world. Jin Oh and his business crew are constantly looking passionate gamers who can help bring value to the players all around the globe.

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EOS Lip Balm Review By The Derm Review

The Derm Review wrote a review on the EOS lip balms which include seven flavors. The seven different flavors are honeysuckle, strawberry sorbet, sweet mint, lemon drop, blueberry acai, honeydew melon, and medicated tangerine. 95% of the ingredients in these EOS lip balms are organic. They consist of all natural ingredients and are petroleum and paraben free. This means that these lip balms will provide smooth soft lips while protecting your skin from harmful chemicals and the sun. For those with dry and chapped lips, this lip balm is truly a life saver.

The article insists each lip balm is affordable for what they provide and are $3.29 in price. They available for purchase online on their website and in health and beauty stores. The online EOS website has many features and options to use. It has a store locator, so it becomes easy to find a store that has EOS lip balms available for you. It allows you to choose how many ounces a stick you would like, but limits the flavors to three per stick. Ounces start from 0.25 to 14 ounces. Additionally, it allows you to check the ingredients, description, and benefits of each EOS lip balm product in detail.

When it comes to shopping and returns, the Derm Review mentions that when products are purchased through their site, it can only be shipped within the US and Canada. The article mentions the flat rate is $2.75, but for Canada there is a $15.00 shipping fee if the order is less than six items. Lastly, returns are accepted if you purchased them online and if you purchased your products from a retail store then you must return them there. Customers must note that the policy for each store is different, so you must abide by those policies.

Felipe Montoro Jens Hands Out Awards to PPP Awards & Conference of Brazil Winners

Brazil’s problems with stalled infrastructure projects led the government to take an interest in Pubic-Private Partnerships (PPP). Infrastructure specialist Felipe Montoro Jens helped arrange several (PPP’s). With Public-Private partnerships playing such an important role in Brazil awards were given out in the PPP Awards & Conference of Brazil 2018. The event was promoted by Sator and Radar PPP. Infrastructure Expert Felipe Montoro Jens was there to hand out awards to the winners.

The event took place at the Frei Caneca Convocation Center in the city of Sao Paulo. The purpose of the awards is to place focus on the importance of PPPs and the immense impact that they have accomplished in the public works sector. In 2018 there were 37 proposed initiatives that made the finals into the five categories.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Project of the Year: Were PPP or concession projects already underway, even if partially, and what benefits did society receive? First place was the initiative of Basic Sanitation of Teresina, AEGEA and Government of Piauí. The project Piauí Conectado, of Globaltask and Government of Piauí, receive second place.
  2. Modeling of the Year: Non-operational PPP or concession projects were submitted, whose public consultation announcement or bidding document was published in 2018, and whose modeling has been developed with emphasis on the technical part and transparency. There were seven projects that made the finals and the winner was the Parks Concession of the City of Sao Paulo, reported Felipe Montoro Jens . The second place went to the PPP of CORSAN (Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre), of the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul.
  3. PPP Unit of the Year: Public-Private Partnership units that have produced relevant contributions in 2018competed. The award went to the Federal Government’s Investment Partnerships Program. The second place went to the City Hall of Sao Paulo.
  4. Concessionaire of the Year: Were private companies, formally constituted, responsible for the management of PPP or Concession Contracts? Felipe Montoro Jens points out that the winner was GPA S / A, Gestores Prisionais Associados. Second place went to BHIP S / A – IP of Belo Horizonte.
  5. Most Innovative Idea of the Year: First place went to IguáLab, Startups acceleration that offers solutions for central axes of the sanitation agenda in Brazil; and InovaBH, an application for monitoring and supervising the quality of service.

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Watford FC and the Pozzos wants you!

Gino Pozzo was destined to energetic football lovers Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo, and spent his youth in Udine, Italy. Through his mom, Gino was identified with previous leaders of the Udinese Calcio football club, and the Pozzo family has kept up an unfaltering devotion to the Udinese club for the duration of their lives.

The Pozzo family had been included for ages in the carpentry business at the season of the procurement, and today they claim and deal with an electrical machine business in Spain. Most as of late the Pozzos have turned out to be engaged with property and account mergers, notwithstanding sports club proprietorship, a territory where they have turned out to be comprehensively famous since Udinese’s ascent to wonder under the family’s possession.

That underlying Udinese buy was powered by energy and enthusiastic responsibility, basically helping their nearby club overcome a troublesome budgetary period. Amazingly, in just three seasons under Gianpaolo’s authority, Udinese ascended from Serie B to the Champions League.

This involvement with Udinese Calcio has instructed the Pozzo family a ton, and today, they are applying that information at Watford.

Inside his first year as proprietor of Watford, Gino had moved his family to London to drench himself in the club’s tasks, underscoring the way that the Pozzos plan was dependably to be at Watford for the whole deal, and that they have every one of their wagers put on the long haul development and accomplishment of their English club.

An approach that normally bodes well, as the Premier League is considered by numerous individuals to be the world’s most renowned football group, and Gino concedes he was dependably an enthusiast of English football, depicting the English style of playing as “a totally unique encounter.”

2015 marked the season everyone saw each of the three of the Pozzo clubs contending in their separate nation’s top flight rivalries. On account of Udinese, it was their twentieth back to back year in the Champions League under Pozzo authority.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Votes for Students First

In a 2018 interview with “60 Minutes,” Betsy DeVos looked calm and ready to answer questions on her somewhat polarizing views on educational choice. For the past few decades, America has struggled with education problems, stemming from the lack of funding for public education. In the midst of these struggles, there were other woes from previous administrations. DeVos has inherited many of these issues in an age where information is readily available on the internet.


It seems that as Betsy DeVos was sworn into office, she was going to take on a lot of people in public education. Her views on educational choice were scary to those who wanted to ensure that public money stayed with public education. DeVos has always said that philanthropy has supported educational choice, and not the other way around.


In fact, in her interview with “60 Minutes,” DeVos stated that those who say that public funding will go to private schools don’t understand how it works. Educational choice has been supported by many donors as well, including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. In addition, DeVos has given over $139 million to different causes, including $35 million to education.


So where has she seen success? DeVos has said that it has been difficult to get all states on board with educational choice. She explains that while the programs help children who are from underprivileged areas, many states are holding back because of the critical and outspoken public education administration. DeVos says that educational choice allows students and parents in underprivileged neighborhoods to get a better education. They don’t have to stifck to the schools where they are zoned. They can use magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling programs, private school, and charter schools for education, too. Not every state has changed over to these policies.


Many states have refused to have any type of educational choice. However, Florida and Louisiana have gotten more educational choice options in the past few years. Florida is the shining example, according to DeVos. In the Sunshine State, students are able to get a lot of support for private education from the tuition-based scholarship program. Students can also choose a variety of options for education as there are many private schools located in Florida. The state has the most options for those who dont’ want to go to school where they are zoned.


In addition to her duties for education reform, DeVos has taken on new legislation to keep campuses safe. After the problems with gun violence in America’s schools in 2018 at Parkland, DeVos was appointed to lead the gun safety reform for schools. She has responded with several new policies that have made campuses safer, but there has been some controversy over whether teachers should be allowed to have guns as well.


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James River Capital tips for getting funding

James River Capital Corp. is an independent investment firm based in Richmond, Virginia. It started as a department at Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. James River was acquired by Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, two executives from the department. Kevin Brandt is president and principal of James River and Paul Saunders is the chairman of the board, chief executive officer, principal, and portfolio manager.

James River invests in alternative asset classes. This includes equities, corporate credit, futures, and asset-backed securities. It is registered with the SEC as an investment advisor, commodity trading advisor, and commodity pool operator.

Paul Saunders enjoys talking to people who are thinking of starting a business. One question invariably asked of him is how to get the money to do so. He has shared myriad ways of raising funds, including both conventional and creative ideas. These funding strategies can be used solo or in concert.

The first way of raising money is called “bootstrapping”. This is using your sources of money including savings and credit cards. You can also borrow money from people you know. Paul Saunders says this is the best way to raise money. The major benefit is that you don’t have to give up equity in your new company to an outside investor.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new way of raising capital for a small business. Kickstarter is a major crowdfunding site. You can set goals and tiers for people willing to give you money. The people who give you money don’t expect to get their money back. Some Kickstarter campaigns do give things like t-shirts to their supporters.

Money can be acquired from business loans or the Small Business Administration. Paul Saunders says that getting a bank loan is a lengthy process but interest rates are good. SBA loans have a higher rate of interest but they aren’t as difficult to qualify for. Both require that the applicant has a good credit score.

A business line of credit is another option. This provides you with a pool of money to tap into. You only pay interest on the portion that you use. It depends on the bank when it comes to the approval process used and what the interest rates will be. Learn more:

Another option is getting a local loan. Paul Saunders says this resource is often overlooked. The best source of information on these is the local Chamber of Commerce. Another resource is the local business development center. These can often be found at a university. This is a great way of meeting other people who want to start or have started a company. This resource can show you how to apply for a loan and what the terms are.

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Leader And Philanthropist Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua wasn’t initially an influential business leader in his own right. He developed his chops working for the family business initially before he discovered a need for a new product for the global market. Bernardo is the CEO and face of Organo Gold, a company that focuses on products using the organic Ganoderma herb for its unique properties.

Affectionately known as “Bernie,” Mr. Chua hails from the Philippines. Using the power of direct selling, Bernardo established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Asian markets before moving onto Europe and the U.S. Currently, Organo Gold is based in Canada, where Mr. Chua oversees a million distributors of the Ganoderma-based products worldwide. Bernardo Chua utilized two significant points of interest to build his successful company. One, being based in Canada, builds trust and loyalty for customers because the country maintains strict guidelines regarding the quality of products offered by a business. Secondly, Bernardo is obsessed with funding research and development toward the Ganoderma herb for education purposes. Check out Bernardo Chua at TheStreet.

Education and giving back are two qualities that Mr. Chua espouses within his company, and via his efforts to support young people. Being one of the largest global direct selling companies have not only earned Bernardo many accolades and awards, but it has proven profitable enough to fund projects and organizations of merit. Mr. Chua believes in the power of young people and being a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs. Through his established OG Cares Foundation, Bernardo can give back to his community and educate others on a path to success.

Mr. Chua is a medical professional and leading marketing executive. The Ganoderma herb was recognized and prized for millennia in Asian medicine, and thanks to Bernardo Chua, the whole world can enjoy the benefits of consuming this herb in accessible, palatable forms.

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