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Gulf Coast Western Drilling in the United States

Gulf Coast Western

In the field of managing joint ventures for development, exploration and obtaining oil and gas reserves Gulf Coast Western is one of the best. The company obtains these reserves in the United States. The States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma are their main areas of operation for getting to and extracting these oil and gas reserves. Gulf Coast Western has access to thousands of acres in these regions. They help to manage these areas for development along with their joint venture partners. They plan to expand their drilling and extracting operations in these areas and they are expanding the business.

Gulf Coast Western is also taking into account other areas of the United States to explore for oil and gas reserves. They go over in great detail the geophysical and geological aspects of an area that they select to ensure that their joint venture partners will have success when they drill for oil and gas in a given area. The company was founded in Texas in 1970. They have been doing well over the years because they have been able to develop a sense of trust with their venture partners. They do this by striving to be honest and transparent with the businesses that they work with.

Matthew FleegerIn 2016, Gulf Coast Western was able to acquire more oil in South Western Louisiana. They decided to partner with a Dallas based company called Northcote Energy Ltd. to expand the drilling operations in the area. Also in 2016 Gulf Coast Western planned to develop a large area in South Louisiana for oil and gas extraction. To accomplish this they partnered with a company called Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, LLC. They are acquiring rights which will allow them to have access to hundreds of square miles in the area so they can drill for oil and gas there. They have now also acquired drilling rights in many other new areas. There are currently many different forms of tax advantages that companies can take advantage of by drilling for oil and gas in the United States. Gulf Coast Western is doing this.

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Luke Lazarus Consultancy Brings New Possibilities to Business Startups

 Starting A Consultancy

When Luke Lazarus started his Consultancy in 2013, he had all the qualifications of being a successful consultant, but he had to acquire clients.

Since Luke Lazarus already had 20 years as a business leader and a ton of experience as a business manager, entrepreneur, negotiator, and brand manager, he had the knowledge, skills, expertise to share with startups he still had to configure his consulting business to begin.

First, his offer of value to startups was the four successful businesses that he launched just a few years earlier and sold to buyers with whom he negotiated a fair market price. Luke Lazarus had a perfect niche in which to work, which was startup business and the problems it faces in their launch and growth.

All of the issues he had met and overcome, so he had expert advice to offer. Luke Lazarus knowledge and experience he could repeat and apply to as many startups as possible throughout Australia.

Having this background was one reason why he was able to attract so many businesses to his Consultancy. In short, Luke Lazarus had the mentality, experience, and knowledge to be a successful consultant.

Struggling Startups

Many problems need to be faced and overcome daily and throughout a professional career. A person who has traveled the professional path for two decades has many advantages over someone just beginning and this is one reason why senior advisors are brought onto a startup project to inject their knowledge and expertise into the team and its mission. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus | F6S

There is no replacement for experience, but living the experience thru the experience of another can be second to none when it comes to launching a business. Just knowing that the solution to all the problems you face are within arm’s length (a telephone call) can be a big confidence boost to a new startup.

Luke Lazarus launched his Consultancy in 2013 with a specific purpose to travel the Australian continent a help startups businesses sort our their solvable problems and help them get to the next level of success they have for their goals.

Signs of Success

Many of the strategies Luke Lazarus teaches in his consulting classes is to prepare startups to aim at making an emotional connection with investors and consumers. Luke Lazarus knows thru experience this is the core or foundation of any success as a startup.

The startup journey begins in a successful business plan that charts out their mission statement, goals, story elements that make communicate their values to investors, and strategies to overcome difficulties that they will experience in their future business.

Luke Lazarus stresses how important it is to get an investment from angel investors or venture capital firms. Without investment from a venture capitalist may spell out a fragile future for a startup company in today’s business climate.

Many Paths to Success

As many as 2 of six companies fail within the first five years, while only the most adept startups continue to persevere beyond a five-year mark.

During his early years as a consultancy, Luke Lazarus has brought hundreds of businesses to higher levels of competency and strategic preparations for business success.

Many of his startups have been offered investments from companies as well as launched with great success. There have been companies that worked with Luke Lazarus had the privilege of standing on a major stock exchange and hearing their traded name while launching their IPO.

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Kisling Nestico & Redick Law Firm Looks to Replace Retired Founder Robert Redick

Renowned law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick is now saying goodbye to one of their founding members, Robert Redick. Redick helped to found the Ohio based injury firm in 2005 alongside his partners Gary Kisling and Rob Nestico. The trio worked together to form one of the best personal injury law firms in the state and they do work to get each and every client the settlement they deserve.

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a firm that is dedicated to making sure that each and every client is helped and championed where the insurance companies and other firms may have failed. The firm has worked tirelessly to create a safe place for clients that is going to work for them and that is also going to help to create the best possible outcome for their particular situation.

The firm has won several awards including a Webby for their exceptional website and its design, they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and they work to make a difference in the community. The idea behind Kisling Nestico & Redick started partially in turn because of a near brush with death that Rob Nestico had when he was just 15 years old. He and his partners have striven to make a difference in the world and to bring justice to each and every person that walks through their door.

The firm will miss Redick tremendously but his impact, legacy, and the difference that he made will be felt forever. The firm has already started working toward figuring out daily operations without Redick on staff and they are figuring out what needs to be done to get the best results.

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Colbeck Capital Management: Helping Clients With Their Investment Goals

The ease of communication and transportation has led to the expansive growth of companies on a global scale. Corporates are constantly looking for ways to integrate themselves in global markets and establish themselves to be able to reach wider audiences, and one of the best ways to do that is through positive investments. Companies all over the world are always looking for some of the best ways to invest wisely and make the best use of the resources that they already have. When companies turn to this, one of the best things for them to do is to turn to an investment agency to help them through this process. Investment management agencies are generally well versed with the aspect of global investments and are generally able to provide their clients with the best course of action to be able to take care of their investment needs. These investment companies generally provide their clients with a range of solutions that they have drawn up based on the standing of the company as well as the intricacies of the field as well. Companies who opt to go in for the services of an investment management agency are more likely to succeed in their investment ventures over those that don’t. By operating on this level, companies are able to seek the best course of action for their own benefit.

Opting for the services of a good investment management agency is important in these instances, especially when it concerns companies that are carrying out large scale trades. Among investment companies, Colbeck Capital Management is one name that has been receiving positive praise for the work that they have been doing. The company is one that offers a range of investment management services that are in keeping with the needs that clients might have. Through the work that they do, the company has been able to take on several notable ventures that have helped their clients emerge in their industries as prominent leaders. The work done by Colbeck Capital Management has been nothing short of impressive and is something that has worked well for the benefit of all those who come to them for investment management aid.

The reason Colbeck Capital Management has reached such a prominent position within the industry is owing to the impressive portfolio that the company has gathered over the years. Ever since the company first opened its doors for busniess they have consistantly delivered quality investment advice to their clients and have helped them achieve their investment goals. The work that the company has done has been nothing short of impressive which is why the company has emerged as such a prominent name that companies and clients can depend on.

The work that the company has done would have not been possible without the contribution made by the professionals working at Colbeck Capital Management and the effort that they have put in. It is because of their contribution that the company has been able to grow so positively within the industry and help their clients in the process.

Jeremy Goldstein Goes from High-Profile Attorney to Highly Dedicated Philanthropist

Many corporate professionals rely on charities and philanthropy to keep their public appearance ‘clean.’ Though many of them are heads of relatively despised companies, working with charities is a good way to appear as though they care about the rest of society.

Occasionally, a high-profile professional will actually take to heart the message and mission of a local charitable foundation. That’s what happened to Jeremy Goldstein when he started working with Fountain House.

Early in his career, Jeremy Goldstein discovered he had a knack for working with clients that allowed him to better advise them through complicated mergers and acquisitions. The firm he first joined after graduating from the New York University School of Law didn’t appreciate his close relationships with clients, so Goldstein ventured on his own.

Once his firm was well-established, he fully invested in forming closer-than-usual relationships with his clients and potential clients. While other lawyers always stayed at an arm’s length, Jeremy Goldstein was the lawyer that wanted to talk about his clients’ businesses in and outside of the office. His friendly can-do attitude quickly found success among some of the world’s largest corporations, high-profile CEOs, management teams, and compensation committees.

At the height of his career, Goldstein began feeling empty, as he hadn’t been giving back to the community that made him successful. That’s when he began working with Fountain House. Fountain House chairmen exposed Jeremy Goldstein to the tragedy that is the world’s perception of people with mental illnesses.

The reality of mental illness is never as debilitating or threatening as society makes it appear, but that doesn’t stop billions of people from shunning and rejecting those struggling with lifelong conditions and temporary struggles. Of the nearly eight billion living on Earth today, the W.H.O. predicts that one-fourth of them will have to deal with mental illness at some point in their lives.

Despite such a staggering statistic, many nations continue ignoring the problem; some don’t even acknowledge mental illness as a social problem. Fountain House’s work with their clients should be the future of mental health, which is why the organization tirelessly partners with national and international organizations fighting for the same or similar causes.

Any member of Fountain House has access to full meals, a place to live, potential education programs, and job training programs. Fountain House believes in helping their clients with everything from treatment to rejoining society as a contributing member of the community.


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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings – How This Reliable Firm Can Help You Get A Loan

Need to find a trusted lender? Equities First Holdings is a top-rated financial services firm and offers a way to obtain much-needed capital without hassles. It allows clients to get a loan if they have a stock portfolio that can serve as collateral. The company also provides advisory service and can help clients manage their finances. Read more about Equities First Holdings:

Smita Shah a Role Model, Mentor and Source of Inspiration to Women

Smita Shah is a role model, mentor, and source of inspirations and strength to many women who are aspiring to join the entrepreneurship world. Shah is a symbol of success, and many women look up to her for advice and guidance in their career fields and business. Shah is a renowned math guru whose deep understanding of the subject made her flourish in a field that is considered as a male field. Shah is an engineer by profession and an entrepreneur. She founded her engineering firm over two decades ago, and she is doing amazing things in the industry. Her engineering firm is known as SPAAN Tech and is regarded as the fastest-growing company in the US. Shah is a highly qualified engineer and holds a bachelor and a master of civil engineering degrees from Northwestern University and MIT respectively. Shah besides is an alumnus of the Ivy League university Oxford University where he pursued a certificate in management studies.

Smita Shah has been very vocal about women empowerment issues. She is an advocate for gender equity and has been using each opportunity to encourage women to join the entrepreneurship world. Shah has achieved all he ever desired career-wise, and in business and instead of resting on her successes, she instead is committed to helping other women experience success in male-dominated industries as she did. Shah is actively involved in advocating for women empowerment through participating in making policies and laws that will help create more opportunities for women. Smita Shah in as much her and other women leaders are trying to advocate for women issues women too must up their game and be ready to compete with men. Shah offers a few guidelines that will help empower women at the workplace and in the world of entrepreneurship. Learn more:

One empowerment guide from Smita Shah to women is that they should first above everything else believe in themselves. Shah says if a woman cannot believe in herself, then nobody else will. Women, according to Shah, need to realize their self-worth and believe that they possess a strong and healthy self-image. After believing in themselves, the second thing that women need to believe in is the skills and talents they possess. Women, just like men, are equally skilled and talented. Women should appreciate their skills and talents as it is what has made them reach the far they have reached and made them attain their current position. Shah says women no matter how far they have to go must respect the little skills they have as it is what has propelled them to greater horizons. Shah also says that women should always appreciate themselves for their little achievements as it is what will motivate them even to work harder.

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OSI Group Signed as Co-Producer for Impossible Food’ Impossible Burger

Co-Production Agreement

A co-production agreement takes place between two companies both take part in the production of a product. In the case of Impossible Foods and OSI Group, Impossible Foods invented the product, but OSI was brought on as a company that could help with the heavy lifting that was necessary to keep up with the demand for the Impossible Burger. In the agreement between the two companies, OSI Group will design a production plant within one of their Chicago plants, based upon specific designs from Impossible Foods. The production plant will be a high efficient plant with all security measures intact. No one will be able to enter the plant without prior authorization and strict regulations must be followed to keep all possible contamination out of the plant because of all plant-based materials. See more on Wikipedia.

OSI Group

OSI Group began in 1909 when it was started by a German immigrant and his two sons who moved to the suburb of Chicago called Deer Park. Many years later when the business became Otto & Sone Ray Kroc approached the company and asked them to be his met-packer for his McDonalds Franchise. That business relation still exists between the two companies to this day. OSI stands for quality and efficiency and has always given quality service to its millions of customers and clients over its 100-year history. The new relationship between Impossible Foods and OSI will allow the two companies to expand the Impossible Burger market internationally while keeping the quality of the product up to the standards the two companies demand of their products.

Being Added to Fast-Food Menus

A spokesperson for Impossible Foods, Sheetal Shah commented lately that he felt Impossible Foods could now go to as many places as possible with the infrastructure of OSI, which has 65 international markets it serves and thousands of workforce able to deliver products in 17 countries. Impossible Foods looks forward to a long-lasting business relationship with OSI and hopes to learn from its many years of innovation, its eye to quality and its unblemished record of service. Many other burger companies are beginning to maximize their restaurants with their version of the Impossible Burger. Burger King will launch its Impossible Whopper later this year to 7,500 restaurants. Check out:

Two Professions Are Better Than One: Richard Liu

Richard Liu is a man who knows the meaning of success. He was born in New Hampshire and wanted to help people. This lead to a decision for him to become a dentist. This is only part of the story, however. Once he was in the dentistry field he felt the pull of a totally different profession. This is the story of how he was able to make the switch an be a success yet again. The reason that he became a dentist was an easy one. His mother had her own practice and he often went with her to work. He enjoyed the surrounding and it fueled him to become a dentist. He went on to Harvard and fulfilled his dream. He was able to provide dental services to members of his community and be happy in his work for more than five years.

Then another profession caught his eye. This profession is totally different from dentistry. He became intrigued by the world of capital investments, business, and technology. While this was not a total one hundred eighty degree turn, he was fascinated by the prospects and dove into what would be his second career. He went to college again and earned a Master’s degree in business administration from MIT.

Now he was really happy with what he was able to accomplish and flourish in the world of investing. He earned the trust of his peers and do something that is very difficult. That is tackling two professions instead of just one. Richard Liu knows the recipe for success. He was determined to become a dentist and showed equal determination as a business investor. These may be totally different things but Richard Liu has found a way to bring them together. Richard Liu is one very uniquely talented man.

LocationSmart is an Invaluable Resource for Businesses in the Modern Age

LocationSmart is the worldwide leader in the industry of IP geolocation. Any device that connects to the internet has an IP address attached to it. LocationSmart uses this technology to provide a wide variety of services.


Companies who ship valuable assets need to ensure the security of those products. LocationSmart’s geolocation allows them to track their assets in real time. Also, for those who need to track the location and movements of their employees, such as trucking companies, they can do so with ease.


The online gambling industry is fraught with regulations. A major problem for these companies is that different states and regions have different laws regarding gambling. They need a way to prevent access to people in restricted regions while allowing access for everyone else. LocationSmart offers these companies a way to track their users’ IP addresses and ensure that they are not servicing people for whom it is illegal to do so.


A problem with online crime is that there is no physical proof of the crime. There’s no security footage or fingerprints left at the scene. IP geolocation allows companies to track people who are using the internet to commit crime. When someone attempts to hack a computer system, it can be used to find their rough location. If an email is sent in an attempt to commit fraud, the IP address of the device used to send it can be tracked to its physical location. It can also be used preemptively to identify suspicious activity. This is an invaluable service in the 21st century.


It can also help to prevent people from pirating content. It is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent people from accessing digital content illegally. Much of the valuable property today is made up by intellectual property. Pay-per view events being streamed, movies and TV shows being put on certain websites for free, and music being made available for free download are just some of the common examples. LocationSmart allows companies to see where the people accessing and uploading this content are located, which can help put an end to it.


Advertising companies can take advantage of this technology to target people with ads specifically for them. Tracking the online activity of someone will offer insight into the types of products and content they might be interested in. Advertisements can be shown to people more likely to be interested in that product.


With how much of our lives are spent on the internet, the services offered by LocationSmart are an invaluable resource. Any company with valuable intellectual property or with security concerns can make use of this. You can find out more and contact them through their website,