The entertainment industry has evolved over the years to a large extent. With an increased demand came a huge spring of entertainment channels with a variety of formats to suit the taste and wants of a huge audience. From live action to cooking shows and now, to dating shows, we have seen it all. To leave a mark in such a competitive industry is a huge task, and Bennett Graebner has seemed to succeed. With being the executive producer of many successful shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, he appears to have cracked the code for creating an extraordinary reality TV show that becomes instantly popular amongst the youth, in particular. 

The experience Graebner has had in the industry has enabled him to have a unique perspective about entertainment which, he very successfully, projects in front of the world with the help of a camera. He utilizes his ability to connect with the audience through specific touch points in the shows. His work reflects how much he believes in the idea of “every human has a story to tell”. Bennett Graebner inculcates the individual stories of all the participants within the theme and setting of the show and makes it as relatable as possible for the viewers. The way he uses his storytelling techniques and camera work to create an image for each individual on the show create a certain level of relevance amongst the youth.

This is why social media is taken by storm with every season of his shows. The elements of storytelling that he inculcates in reality TV shows make it even more worthwhile for the viewers and is an art that only Graebner has excelled in the entertainment industry. Shows produced by Graebner are known for their unfolding narrative and dramatized projection of the participants and are destined to become America’s favorites.  Contestants on the shows grab a lot of attention and garner a significant fan following, as well. This is all because of the way he plays with his production skills and camera intelligence.


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