Ara Chackerian is a renown investor and philanthropist who has carved out his name within the city of San Francisco. A lot of his work comprised of building the link between the technological advances of this age right along with the health care service industry. His focus also extends to environmental and youth causes that could potentially be of great utility to those who are involved. One such sustainable project he is working on is a teak farm in the wild life of Nicaragua. This farm will benefit the land of Nicaragua as well as provide families there with a stable economic income as well. His work specifically with transcranial magnetic stimulation has led him and his partner to spend over a decade build radiation centers across the northern hemisphere with the belief that this form of treatment coincides with talk therapy and pharmaceutical medication.

Ara Chackerian is a strong believer in investing in health care for the long term because he say in his own words that the health care industry is going to adapt to the future generations as well as continue to be in demand because humans will always need health care. According to some of his research the health care industry makes up about eighteen percent of the overall economy. The drive behind this percentage could be attributed to the rising number of retiring baby boomers which will also increase the percentage that the health care system makes up. Even with obstacles in the way the health care shlystem seems to work itself around it so the best long term investment in his view is the health services.

Ara Chackerian earned his bachelors degree from the University of Florida and served mostly as a director for various health companies. He was the director for Evolute Consolidated Holdings Incorporated. He also served as a director for Pipeline Health Holdings.