Barbara Stokes is the chief executive officer of Green Structure Home of Alabama LLC. Her company has been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for many years. She has also been a huge help in the private sector, where her company has been responsible for the building of many homes and other structures. Barbara Stokes and her company were given a contract to build modular buildings by the federal government that was worth more than $25 million after Hurricane Harvey struck. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Barbara Stokes begins most of her days very early, and she usually works into the night. She values her family and also tries to spend as much time as possible with her kids. When it comes to bringing an idea to life, Stokes gives her engineering and design team a lot of credit. She works with these this team to ensure that ideas are managed the right way. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara Stokes works hard in order to see into the future of where her company will need to focus its energy. She also likes to take care of each and every employee that works for the company so they can have a better experience. She is proud that her company is a woman-owned enterprise and plans on taking it to even greater heights in the future.