Business matters aren’t at all foreign to Betsy DeVos. Why aren’t they unfamiliar to her? She’s been around the business scene throughout her enriching years on this planet. Her husband has as well. Dick DeVos is more than just someone who is lightly familiar with the business sector. He’s actually a bona fide business power player. The start of the nineties saw Dick secure a position with the Amway Corporation as its amazing Chief Executive Officer. He was in charge of the huge marketing business for a decade. Working in business doesn’t ever feel strange to Dick. That may be because of his background. His father was an instrumental figure in the development of the company. The Amway Corporation has long been a household name in the United States. People in other parts of the globe are often well-versed in it as well. Products that are supplied by the Amway Corporation are more than abundant.


Betsy DeVos grasps business details well. She grasps political matters just as well. She knows that there are so many facets that go into the political universe. Education is just a single one. Since she’s now the Secretary of Education on President Donald Trump’s administration, she sets aside a lot of time for thinking about the political environment. She sets aside a lot of energy for thinking about how the political setting can impact educational paths, too. Education and politics are two things that in many cases go hand in hand.


People who care about humanitarian efforts often choose to establish not-for-profit groups. Betsy is a person who cares about humanitarian objectives. Dick DeVos is as well. That explains why they work nonstop to better the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The group is so precious to them that they actually named it after themselves. They want to do everything in their capacities to make it tougher and tougher.


DeVos understandably likes to team up with her wonderful husband. It’s not atypical for the lady to team up with people who are outside of her family unit, either. She has collaborated with a musician from the United States who calls himself “Pitbull” on stage. Pitbull is a big figure in the world of rap music. People everywhere can’t get enough of his infectious and unforgettable tunes. People who set aside any time to listening to contemporary music know a lot about Pitbull and about his career so far. Pitbull undoubtedly adores musical matters. He undoubtedly adores charter schools, too. That’s the reason he knows all about Betsy DeVos. They were both part of a Miami, Florida event that went into the boons of modern charter schools. This event took place at an authentic charter school as well.


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