The business magnate, philanthropist and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion continues with his philanthropic contributions in order to improve people’s lives from different parts of the world.

Since Talk Fusion was founded more than seven years ago, this company has been realizing dreams and helping communities from different parts of the world. According to the Floridian Reina, giving back is part of his company’s culture.

The tenets of Talk Fusion revolve around social responsibility, and helping communities in over 100 countries is what drives the direct selling company. The chief executive officer is known for his love towards animals and for constantly adopting homeless dogs, which is why Reina donated at least $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He is also a board member of this shelter.

Reina also increased his philanthropic efforts since last year. Reine launched a program that allows sells representatives to donate accounts to charities of their choice. The free package being donated is also Talk Fusion’s best and more expensive plan, known as the “custom plan.” It includes all of Talk Fusion’s products and services as well as extra features.

Thus, charities will be benefiting from things like video emial, sign-up forms and customized templates. On top of this, non-costumers can also utilize Talk Fusion’s top-of-the-line video marketing products for free for a whole month.

Many individuals have benefited from Talk Fusion’s business model, including its products and services.
Bob Reina is known for hosting at least two incentive trips per year. This year, Talk Fusion’s representatives will go to Italy and Hawaii. People have joined Talk Fusion for different reasons. Some do it for the money and others in order to experience the benefits of being their own boss.

After working for many years as a law enforcement officer, Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007, changing the way people communicate through email forever. Currently, Talk Fusion is a leader and pioneer in the video communications industry.

PR News Wire reveals that Talk Fusion’s products are known too for being easy to use.