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ClassDojo Helps Parents And Teachers When They Cannot Communicate In Person

It can be difficult for a parent to know what their child is studying in school because they are not with the child while they are learning. ClassDojo was created to help parents be a little more involved in the education of their children.

Through this program, parents can check out the topics that their children are learning about in school and they can see how their children are doing in their classes. Those who use ClassDojo can see feedback that the teachers of their children have left relating to how their children are doing and things that they should be working on at home.

ClassDojo Receives Huge Series C Funding 

There are some who feel that parents do not meet with the teachers of their children often enough, and they feel that is a problem. ClassDojo is available to those who would like parents and teachers to interact more often and to have a quick and easy way in which they can communicate. This program has been around for eight years and it allows teachers to not only interact with the parents of their students but also track the behavior of their students and know who should be praised for the way that they have been acting.

ClassDojo and Mindfulness Training: Can it help Children to be Calmer Students?

Many students claim that life in school is often boring, redundant, annoying and unstimulating. They also complain about their teachers, their workload and other students who can sometimes pose a problem to the learning process. These are some of the major obstacles that children face in school and they help to make a student’s day stressful, uneventful and even chaotic. One way that pupils can overcome this problem is through the process of mindfulness training offered by ClassDojo.

What is mindfulness training? Mindfulness training is an old meditation practice that is now being rediscovered by many people. This type of training is being used by some working professionals and other working adults. The purpose of mindfulness training is to provide people with a positive perspective and to gain control over their busy lives. Students who utilizes this technique in the classroom should be able to get a handle on their busy day.

ClassDojo allows teachers to lead mindfulness training techniques. These techniques teach students how to calm their breathing, shut out negative thoughts and to refocus their behavior. Students can do this in class or administrators can implement this action instead of punishing pupils. Mindfulness training is not a cure all solution for all student problems. However, ClassDojo knows that it can provide students with an alternative for improving their day.

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