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Dive into Your Art with the Academy of Art University

Many blockbuster hits have come to theaters in 2019. From movies like Aladdin, X-Men:Dark Phoenix, Detective Pikachu, and others, they all have one thing in common: the Academy of Art University Alumni. The hands-on experience has shaped the careers of many, as in VisualFX and animation in the movie industry. Notable graduates have had their hand in these popular films and have gained their invaluable skills at this University from professionals working in the industry being their instructors. Using a real, professional studio called StudioX, students have created professional projects to give them a leg up on most art production schools around the country. StudioX has six main areas of study:directing, production, production design, cinematography, editing, and screenwriting.

Founded in 1929 in San Francisco by Richard S. Stephens with the help of his wife Clara Stephens, The Academy of Art University has created many art professionals in the industry today. With nearly 300 full-time and 1200 part-time instructors, the students have more than enough teachers with a foot in the business to give them that extra educational advantage they need;you can find employees and connect with them to get even more information on the school or their experiences also. With the beautiful scenery and a vintage car museum on campus, it is hard to pass up this institution if you are passionate about art.

Everyone’s passion may not be working on movies, and the Academy of Art University has you covered. They offer many schools like acting , jewelry making, photography, and many others. For students who qualify, they also offer financial aid. The Academy offers the full campus experience with meal plans, housing, and on-campus organizations. Even if you are a military veteran or are an international student with artistic ability, they have a place for you. Whether full time or part time, visit their website and apply as soon as you can. For the amount of talent and experience at this school, getting in as soon as possible is beneficial. Dive into the amazing opportunities at Academy of Art University, you won’t be disappointed!

Alex Pall is growing his passion to a career.

The Chainsmokers recently released a new track featuring Halsey. In this new song Alex Pall, one of the members sang. This was different from other tracks where they used vocalists. Chainsmokers are slowly growing and working towards increasing their audience as well as providing their listeners with a personal feel of the band.

The duo has ventured into a new genre of music that mostly involves electronic instrumentals. This genre is slowly becoming a favorite among many music lovers across the world.

The duo was in an interview, and they explained how their music journey has grown since their first release and some of the ways they intend to use to appeal more to their fans. In the entertainment industry, for one to stand out and succeed. It is important for fans to understand you and relate to your message.

Chainsmokers have taken several measures that have proved to be useful in increasing their popularity among music lovers. Alex Pall talked about their recent tour in Europe; the trip helped them attract new listeners as well as gave them a chance to meet with their fans.

The chainsmokers have also written songs that talk about their life experiences, though they do not write, the two seat with a songwriter and explain what the song is intended to pass. The songwriters help to turn their feelings to words. Music is all about words and the Chainsmokers aim at ensuring they use their words to express their feelings.

Formation of the band Chainsmokers.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met in an art gallery. Their manager introduced the two, Andrew and Alex first grew their friendship, and this was an indicator that the relationship would work.

Besides their excellent friendship, another thing that has attributed to their success is their love and passion for music. Alex has always enjoyed music and started djing at a young age, djing was, however, his hobby but he spent a lot of time practicing, and this has helped in producing good music.

Andrew on the other hand, was also a DJ, he enjoyed listening to electronic music, and though his peers in school made fun of his style, he focused on what he loved, and it has turned out to be a worthwhile career.

Chainsmokers Offer Tribute to Avicii

During the latest Billboard awards that were held early last week, the achievements of Avicii were highlighted by Chainsmokers duo, Alex Pall, and Drew Taggart as well as Halsey. Avicii is a Dj of Swedish descent who died early this year. The Chainsmokers offered their tribute to Avicii just before the presented Luis Fonsi with the Top 100 song of the year. The song that made Luis Fonsi win this award is Despacito. Speaking at the Las Vegas Grand Arena, The Chainsmokers described how Avicii had changed the lives of many DJs, musicians, as well as producers through, is positive inspirations.


Still, in the same event, Halsey also paid tribute to this renowned musician who got masses on their feet with his energetic shows and songs. Halsey vividly described how it was enjoyable working with Avicii. Halsey added that the primary reason why the death caused her a lot of pain is that Avicii would always give someone nice memories. Halsey also insisted that the death of Avicii was a way of asking musicians to always be there for each other at all times. She insisted that such occurrences are ways that should pull even the most sworn enemies together as death is inevitable. She completed by asking people to stand through the artist’s family that was undergoing deep emotional pain following the loss.


The Chainsmokers also mentioned the artist again as they received their award. The group had won the award for the Top Dance music of the year. The Chainsmokers once again praised Avicii for his influence in making them the successful artists that they are today. The further praised how he significantly contributed to the development of pop music. He was born Tim Bergling but later adopted the name Avicii when he went into music. Avicii died last month after committing suicide while in a hotel room in Oman. At the time of his death, some few tracks were pending release. The late artist’s manager promised that the music would be released with time.


Kelly Clarkson was one of the hosts of the awards ceremony, and she also paid her attributes to the late musician. She urged those in attendance to seek ways of solving problems before resolving to take their lives as Avicii did.