Copa Star is Shaking Up the Medical Community

For years now, the people of Rio de Janeiro have awaited construction on the Copa Star Hospital to be completed. Late last year the wonderful city got its wish when the hospital was inaugurated in the month of October. The new hospital is definitely setting a new tone in Brazil as far as hospitals go. The worldwide medical community is even discussing what hospitals like the Copa Star may mean for the future look and operation of hospitals globally.

Located in Figueiredo Magalhães Street, in Copacabana, Copa Star is a part of the shift to run hospitals more like businesses. Over the years it has become increasingly apparent that people expect more from hospitals besides medical care, which is probably why more and more hospital administrators have backgrounds in business. Read more at

In particular, the Copa Star offers technological innovation and refinement, luxury comfort, and medical service in the same package. Its luxury and design has even been compared to that of a five star hotel, undeniably breaking the mold of how a hospital looks and feels.

The hospital also takes up a lot of space, covering 21 thousand square meters, seven floors, and roughly 200 beds. Its construction cost fairly exceeded the amount spent on building the average hospital. Its Smart Hospitaly System is a glimpse into the future of all hospitals everywhere. Patients are able to call on doctors or nurses with the touch of an iPad provided by the hospital. Patients can also access the system by way of their automation of bed features.

The owners constructed the hospital with the idea of creating a bridge between luxury and medical care. Thus, Copa Star was born. They implemented every quality they felt a great hospital should have in Copa Star. They knew they would stir up the medical community because their hospital doesn’t follow any of the tradition hospital guidelines, which was the point in the first place.

Founder of Rede D’Or São Luiz, Jorge Moll, believes that the hospital’s hotel accommodations contributes positively healing process. Happier people tend to heal faster than those who are not, therefore, patient comfort takes precedence. Learn more on