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Nina Vaca Keynote Speaker at North Texas Entrepreneurial Event

Founder and CEO of Dallas-based Pinnacle Group Nina Vaca recently kicked off events at the Women of Innovation Summit. The event brings together the leading innovators, entrepreneurs, and noted business game-changers of North Texas.

Vaca gave the keynote address at Ross Tower, a location that’s special to her because it was there that Pinnacle Group opened its first professional office. Prior to that, Vaca was running her fledgling business out of her apartment.

Vaca was just 25 when she launched Pinnacle Group with $300 and an unlimited desire to succeed. Since then, she has grown Pinnacle Group to be among the world’s premier executive search and staffing agencies. The company now enjoys an international presence. It is among the fastest-growing firms in its sector globally.

Vaca has developed a reputation as an entrepreneur who is keen on giving back. To that end, she established the Nina Vaca Foundation. This organization has completed an enormous array of projects that help disadvantaged people. This includes funding programs for homeless people and supporting area food pantries.

Vaca has long been a major supporter of young women who want to get involved in business, especially those of Latina heritage. She fosters numerous educational and professional development programs for women. Vaca is known for her focus on espousing an attitude of toughness and persistence through difficult times as a formula for achieving business and financial success.

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Isabel dos Santos Is Ranked as One of the Richest Investors in Africa

Forbes has been publishing a list of rich investors annually. They always keep track of these peoples net worth. As a result, they can make sure that the list has some form of accuracy. Although Forbes formulates a list that contains all the rich investors globally, in this context, the main focus will be in Africa.

Although Africa is underdeveloped when compared with other nations, the continent has been able to produce billionaires. Despite women being victimized and being denied opportunities, some of the women have been able to overcome these challenges, and they are happy that they have succeeded against all the odds. Isabel dos Santos is one of these women, and she is happy to be a self- proclaimed billionaire. In 2018, she was the ninth richest African billionaire. However, she became the eighth richest African billionaire in 2019.

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The changes took place since some of the African billionaires have lost a significant percentage of their wealth. Some of these billionaires deal in stocks, and they are amongst the largest shareholders in some of the companies where they have acquired a significant amount of shares. The African currencies also lost some value, and that is why the percentage of these peoples wealth reduced drastically. In 2019, there were only 20 billionaires from Africa. Despite all these changes, Isabel dos Santos has maintained her wealth accordingly. Isabel dos Santos is from Angola, and he has made a significant investment within the nation.

Her net worth in 2018 was $2.7 billion. Since some significant changes had taken place, her net worth dropped to $2.3 billion. Isabel dos Santos has significantly invested in the telecommunication sector through Unitel. As the largest shareholder at the firm, the devaluation of the stocks affected her net worth. Other companies where she has invested include Galp.

Other billionaires who have made it to the Forbes list include Akilo Dangote. Over the past eight years, the entrepreneur has managed to maintain the position one of the Forbes list of African billionaires. Dangote is from Nigeria, and his net worth amounts to $10.3 billion. The devaluation of the currencies also affected his net worth. Nevertheless, he is still the richest African entrepreneur. Some of the companies where he is a major shareholder include Dangote cement.

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Zeco Auriemo Is A Highly Experienced Property Developer

Zeco Auriemo is fully committed to teaching entrepreneurs and real estate investors how to take their venture to the next level. He has a good understanding of how things work in the real estate field, particularly property development.

The type of property that you buy can have a huge impact on the returns on investment. Also, how you handle the transaction is very important. You can derive significant profits from your project or investment if you plan properly and implement proven strategies.

Commercial real estate development is not an easy endeavor. It requires several steps that only knowledgeable or experienced professionals can handle. It can be a tough business endeavor for many investors because it requires a huge financial investment. Also, property development requires a good understanding of zoning laws and project management. Real estate developers must have the skills to coordinate various activities.

Before you start in the real estate field it is extremely important that you consult an expert in the field. You’ll want to learn from someone who has vast experience in a wide variety of real estate transactions.

Zeco Auriemo is a reliable real estate investor and he has managed many property development projects. Zeco Auriemo has worked with many different real estate professionals and he knows what works and what doesn’t.

As CEO and chairman of JHSF – one of the most reputable property developers in Brazil, Zeco Auriemo can provide beginners with the advice and assistance they need to become successful. Zeco Auriemo also works closely with experienced investors who want to grow their portfolio and amass a fortune in the industry.

His expert guidance and advice enables ambitious investors to explore best practices for conducting market research, planning and evaluating projects and implementing proven

strategies to boost your profits.

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