Laerte Codonho Looks to Boost His Company Brand Throughout Brazil

Laerte Codonho is an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry. He founded his own company that manufactures and distributes soft drinks to consumers all over Brazil. As an entrepreneur, he has looked to find ways to make this products more appealing to customers as well as create more awareness for his company brand. In order to do this, he has put together a wide variety of soda beverage options as well as emphasizing quality and using effective marketing campaigns to stand out among competitors.  In 1987, Laerte founded Dolly, his soft drink company. 

Since the late 1980’s, Codonho has made a number of soda products that became among the most popular in Brazil. Over the past three decades, he has developed soda options that come with lower sugar and also soft drinks that have a fruit flavor to them. With his product line, he has been able to establish his company as one of the top soft drink brands in the nation. Like all other businesses, Laerte Codonho has looked to expand his product line (Istoe). 

He has done this by offering a diet soda option. This diet soda drink option became the first ever made in Brazil. With a lower concentration of sugar, this beverage has been able to meet the demand for consumers who are looking for a more nutritious beverage. Laerte Codonho’s company Dolly has also made a soda beverage that is made from the guarana fruit. This provides a beverage with a very unique and tasty flavor. This has emerged as one of the most popular products that his company offers. 

Since founding his company, Laerte Codonho has been looking to get a competitive edge over soda manufacturers in Brazil. He has done this by emphasizing quality, attention to detail and marketing campaigns that appeal to the public. Laerte Codonho makes sure that all of the soda products are made out of the best and most updated ingredients. He also makes sure all of the beverages are made properly and packaged correctly. Codonho also looks to market the business by creating campaigns that reach out to the community. With this approach, he has been able to maintain his company’s status as the top soft drink manufacturer in Brazil. 


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