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Chris Burch Elite Traveler Recap

Chris Burch is known as the CEO of the company called Burch Creative Capital, and takes pride in the work that he does for a living. He is familiar with hotel background experience, and is considered a billionaire at the job that he does. He is dedicated with his workforce, and is always big on helping others, and he is known for co-owning Nihi Sumba Island with his friend James Mcbride. The area they took over has now been referenced to one of the best hotels located around the world. Chris Burch takes business very seriously, providing astonishing results when it comes to the finance market in anything he gets his hands on. He has worked with several celebrities, and brought forth positive outcomes to anyone he has worked with. Chris has become partners with Ellen DeGeneres in her lifestyle brand company called ED. She is an inspiring talk show host and they were long ago friends before they worked together. When it comes to him working with his staff, he brings forth a empathic approach towards everyone on his team. His biggest thing is communication, and he asks a lot of questions about the person he is speaking with, along with finding out their triggers and their positive traits. Once he figures all this out, he tries to put himself in their shoes to understand the situation at hand and get to the bottom of where that involves in the marketplace.

Vijay Eswaran talks about his entrepreneurial challenges, leadership style, and success

Today, one of the most notable individuals in the Asian business community is Vijay Eswaran. He is QNET’s and QI Group of Companies’ Founder and Executive Chairman. Today both of his business endeavors are doing really well, and they have made him a lot of fortune. This seasoned entrepreneur who is also an author, philanthropist, and international speaker recently had a sit down with Here he talked about his entrepreneurial challenges, leadership style, and success.

Numerous challenges along the way

During this interview, Vijay Eswaran stated that he had faced numerous challenges along his entrepreneurial journey. He went ahead to state that today, even with all the success that he achieves he always faces challenges. This head of QNET and QI Group of Companies went ahead to point out that from experience he had learned that tackling these challenges head-on was the best approach. Vijay stated that in the early stages of his entrepreneur journey, among the many challenges he faced was lack of funds. Lack of connections or support was also a major hurdle for him. The billionaire businessman said that his lucky break came along when he met like-minded partners who believed in his business. He went ahead to sated that having started his business ventures in 1998, by 2000, thanks to good partners and support from his wife, his company QNET had risen to the ranks of the global bigwigs. Vijay Eswaran’s lucrative combination of e-commerce and direct selling put his company in the top three positions among a pool of 42 competitors thanks to high sales.

Leadership style and success

This billionaire businessman also attributed his success to his unique leadership style. He pointed out that to him, the guiding philosophy is “service above self.” Vijay Eswaran pointed out that it’s this philosophy that has guided him through his success to the person he is today. He also stated that this is the guiding philosophy for the employees of his company one which has been vital in their success. “Service over self,” he also stated is a principle that guides him in his philanthropy endeavors.