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Sudhir Choudhrie: Positive Message to Heart Patients

Sudhir Choudhrie is a prominent Indian entrepreneur who has developed various companies. His prowess in investment depicts in the portfolio of firms that he acquired. He studied BA in Economics at Delhi University in India. Sudhir Choudhrie sought an opportunity in the UK where he first worked at Magnum International Trading Company. Additionally, he served as the non-executive director at Ebookers PLC between 1995 and 2005. Air Deccan was another company that he used his proficiency to make it grow. The pinnacle moment of his career was the establishment of C&C Alpha Group. The organization also expanded to Alpha Hospitals and Alpha Aviation Group. When he was eight years of age, he got a full diagnosis of the heart. He had a heart condition that resulted from a leaking valve.

Therefore, the organ missed a beat, and it would eventually lead to infections. The illness would also make him weak and faint as he progressed on with life. The doctor also told him that his heart would fail him at any moment. Despite all the life-threatening information he received, Sudhir continued touching people’s lives. He did not lose hope because of cardiovascular disease. Years went by, and Sudhir Choudhrie became ill and collapsed about two times. For this reason, he direly needed a transplant to save his life. Doctors found a heart that could allow Sudhir to spend more time with his family. He went through surgery at the Columbia University Medical Center.

The operation was triumphant, and he came out feeling well. His brother was not lucky since he passed away from the same defective gene condition. Sudhir decided to devote his time to uplift the lives of heart patients. Sudhir Choudhrie wrote a book with the title “From My Heart: A Tale of Life, Love, and Destiny.” The message in the book was to explain the details of heart surgery. He encouraged people that it was not a death sentence. Additionally, he told patients that a healthy lifestyle and diet is the key to healing. The Columbia University Medical Center established a professorship of cardiology on his behalf. He serves at the board that funds research around health issues.

Boraie Development Displays Lessons for Entrepreneurs with New Atlantic City Project

Omar Boraie made a name for himself and his company, Boraie Development, in New Jersey after completing several high-profile projects. Boraie took some time away from his executive duties to provide insights to young entrepreneurs about how to succeed. Some of his tips do fit well into descriptions about one of his newest projects, the development of luxury apartments in Atlantic City. Omar Boraie points out there’s a difference between being busy and being productive. He suggests focusing on being productive, as this infers accomplishing something. Boraie wasn’t busy planning and talking about the Showboat Residences now located in the South Inlet. He and his team were productive; they made the 250-unit luxury apartment complex come into existence. Take the apartment complex as a living symbol of what productivity looks like.

Omar Boraie also talks about the necessity of making adjustments. “Adjustments” can refer to anything involving change or alterations. The term can also refer to coming up with new services. Atlantic City’s leadership wanted a change. Local officials wanted to revamp a section of Atlantic City and promote luxury housing. Omar Boraie and his company were there to meet the city’s needs. Omar Boraie also stresses the importance of the “boring” things associated with being an entrepreneur. Who likes to spend time on accounting work? Like and dislike both rank as irrelevant. Keeping tabs on accounting figures helps keep a business endeavor within a reasonable budget and closer to profitability. If you don’t pay attention to your budget and spending, your business suffers. Overall, Omar Boraie has many great insights for budding business people.

TJ Maloney Welcomes Newcomers to Lincolnshire Management Team

In June, Chairman, and CEO of Lincolnshire Management Inc., TJ Maloney, welcomed four newcomers to their team at Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire is a private equity firm located in New York City, although it has an office in Chicago.

TJ Maloney announced Matthew Nacier would be rejoining the firm as a senior associate. In addition, T J Maloney welcomed Nicolas Vega Llona as a new senior associate, as well as two new analysts, Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stoit-Nielsen.

Maloney said in his statement that, “These additions to the team reflect the strong commitment we have to growing our staff with talented professionals who share our passion for our hands-on investing approach. They will work with our teams to help find new investment opportunities and drive growth in our portfolio.”

The firm, which was founded in 1986 is a middle-market private equity firm which invests in acquisitions of private companies and recapitalizations. They are also known to invest in corporate divestitures and management buyouts. Currently, Lincolnshire Management manages over $1.7 billion in private equity capital under the direction of TJ Maloney.

Lincolnshire Management has an impeccable 33-year track record of investing.

Some of Lincolnshire’s current investment portfolio includes Dulbo Holdings, Inc., Allison Marine, True Temper Sports, Nursery Supply, Inc., Latite, and Desch Plantpak.

Recently, Lincolnshire sold some of its acquisitions. They include Holley Performance, Amports, Inc., and Fabbri Group.

TJ Maloney himself has had many accomplishments in his career. Maloney, who joined Lincolnshire in 1993, previously served as an intern CEO of Credentials. He attended Boston College where he received his BA. He had a law practice in New York City after graduating from Fordham Law School in 1979.

TJ Maloney has lectured extensively and has been a guest lecturer at many universities. He serves on the Board of Trustees of Boston College. He once served on the Board of Trustees of Fordham University.

In 2007, Maloney was presented the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award from Fordham Law School. This prestigious award recognizes corporate leaders with excellent moral standards.

With the leadership of Maloney and his team of professionals, Lincolnshire will continue to grow and flourish.

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Global Food Products Provider OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions began as a modest butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois that was opened up in 1928 by German-born Otto Kolschowsky, who first named it Otto and Sons. As the business grew, he relocated it to a suburban area of the city, later acquiring a number of factories to handle its expansion in other states on the west coast such as California, Wisconsin, Utah and Iowa. The company manufactures foods from both private labels and major brands, and supplies them to many popular restaurants like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway and Starbucks. Also known as OSI Group, OSI Food Solutions has approximately 65 processing facilities in 17 countries in Europe and Asia, in addition to its U.S. operation.

In 2016, the business purchased the building that was once home to the Tyson Food plant for over $7 million, and hired some of Tyson’s former employees to work in its newly acquired factory. OSI Food Solutions also put stock in Baho Food, a European processing company that has 5 factories in Germany and The Netherlands. Because of their quality assurance and safety methods, the group was recognized by the British Safety Council and presented with their Globe of Honour Award. OSI Food Solutions delivers food products that are both cooked and baked, and the type of meats it offers includes meat patties, breakfast sausage, fish, pork and poultry. It also sells vegetables, pizza and other dough-based products.

Led by CEO/CFO Sheldon Lavin, and COO and President David McDonald, the company makes billions of dollars annually, which has given them a ranking on the Forbes magazine list for several years. With more than 20,000 employees at its food processing operations, the business produces high quality items that pass industry safety standards and meet the expectations of their customers. In February of 2016, the company’s CEO Sheldon Lavin accepted the Global Visionary Award for excellent and highly profitable business practices, and its President David McDonald’s philanthropic efforts include providing monetary support to a scholarship fund for the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, and giving students who attend his alma mater, Iowa State University, internship opportunities at OSI Group.

Doe Deere and the Evolution of a Fashion Maven

Doe Deere is known by many people as the CEO of Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty free makeup company that specializes in make up that features bright, vibrant colors. Deere and her husband started Lime Crime in their apartment in 2008, when Deere was making and altering clothing that she sold on eBay under the name Lime Crime. She started to get comments on her makeup and decided that her bold use of color was something that many people desired.

Lime Crime would be operated by the husband and wife duo for ten years before they sold it, but are still involved. Poppy Angeloff, Deere’s vintage inspired jewelry second company is the couple’s primary focus now. Poppy Angeloff is spun from Victorian style jewelry and is intended to have pieces that are timeless and can be passed down through generations. Deere, who did not have previous experience in jewelry, spent months researching jewelry and jewelry making.

Deere has always had a keen focus on her customers and audience in both of her companies. She takes compliments and feedback from her customers seriously and lives for customers telling her that with her products they have been able to become happier and truer to themselves. Her driving force in her work is color, and the emotional impact color can bring people. Having passion, becoming a customer in your intended field and taking risks are three attributes that Doe Deere believes makes a successful entrepreneur. Deere has embraced how her cosmetics and bold use of color have allowed women to express themselves in ways that they were unable to before and has a passion for making women be more open and love who they are inside and out. It is with Lime Crime and now Poppy Angeloff that Deere hopes to continue to inspire and promote beauty in women around the globe.