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Maarten De Jeu On Great Companies

Maarten De Jeu didn’t get to where he is today by sitting on some sort of mountain in an enclosed space. No, Maarten De Jeu got to where he was by interacting with companies and finding out how he could be of help.

He will also make certain to help others expand their business in an international manner after he has worked with others and learned from them.

This is why Maarten De Jeu is one individual to learn much information from.

Maarten De Jeu is a learning machine.

Here are some of the things that may compel him to learn about BeyondMeat.

Beyond Meat, CEO Opens Up on the Company’s Progress

Recently, Beyond Meat’s founder and CEO Ethan Brown sat down with Forbes to discuss the company’s progress over the years, and how it got to the level where it is today.

It was an insightful read that could provide key advice to aspiring entrepreneurs – especially those who want to make it big in a competitive market.

Focus on a Larger Goal and Do Everything to Achieve It
In a world where multitasking and diversity in production are considered one of the most valuable skills for any entity, Beyond Meat outlined a single goal for itself.

It didn’t mean that the company was trying to veer away from multitasking or creating an array of products. But that it helped the company set a larger objective for itself, which actually laid the path for its multitasking and diversity of products in the future.

For Beyond Meat, the goal was to create “the perfect build of meat from plants”. This simple objective helped the company organize its priorities, make its decisions, and execute its actions in a manner that all contributed to its larger goal. Today, the company hasn’t only achieved that objective, but it has also shown the world the diversity and perfection of its products on a greater level.

This tells new entrepreneurs that if they want to achieve something from their venture, then they need to set out a larger goal. Multitasking and variety in offerings would need to stem from that very objective itself rather than growing out of nowhere. This would help them streamline their affairs and walk a steady path towards what the organization wants to achieve. Learn more:

Maarten De Jeu has been able to study and work with many people to grow by doing. This is one key aspect that one can learn as well. Remember that it is all about learning by doing in all times. When people like Maarten De Jeu continue to help out and stay productive they are able to progress at a faster pace.

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Ara Chackerian, A Medical Venture

Ara Chackerian is a renown investor and philanthropist who has carved out his name within the city of San Francisco. A lot of his work comprised of building the link between the technological advances of this age right along with the health care service industry. His focus also extends to environmental and youth causes that could potentially be of great utility to those who are involved. One such sustainable project he is working on is a teak farm in the wild life of Nicaragua. This farm will benefit the land of Nicaragua as well as provide families there with a stable economic income as well. His work specifically with transcranial magnetic stimulation has led him and his partner to spend over a decade build radiation centers across the northern hemisphere with the belief that this form of treatment coincides with talk therapy and pharmaceutical medication.

Ara Chackerian is a strong believer in investing in health care for the long term because he say in his own words that the health care industry is going to adapt to the future generations as well as continue to be in demand because humans will always need health care. According to some of his research the health care industry makes up about eighteen percent of the overall economy. The drive behind this percentage could be attributed to the rising number of retiring baby boomers which will also increase the percentage that the health care system makes up. Even with obstacles in the way the health care shlystem seems to work itself around it so the best long term investment in his view is the health services.

Ara Chackerian earned his bachelors degree from the University of Florida and served mostly as a director for various health companies. He was the director for Evolute Consolidated Holdings Incorporated. He also served as a director for Pipeline Health Holdings.

President and CEO of Spaan Tech Smita Shah Talks About a Career in Engineering as a Woman Engineer

Smita Shah, President and CEO of Spaan Tech, was on Steve Cochran Show to discuss how she carved out a career in tech and the importance of engineering. She started the company 20 years ago with a goal to bring talented people together to work on various projects and make a difference. Shah was very good at math and related areas growing up, a thing that made her unique among students.


Smita Shah adopts a simplicity personality that people mistakes her for a sales person for the company. In fact, some people find it difficult to believe that she holds a master of science in civil engineering from MIT to this day. She is among the most successful women in the American tech industry and she encourages minority to pursue their ambitions and succeed.


Women have a tendency to become successful when they get into the math and science field. Actually, Smita Shah believes that many of the women pursuing tech courses in MIT are highly likely to be successful. She does not like that the math and science field is more associated with the male gender than female gender.


When she started Spaan Tech, she didn’t really care or rather worry about the business not becoming successful. She was comforted with the perspective that if it fails, she could try something else like getting employed by some company. She acknowledges it can be hard to start a business and get suitable talent. Smita Shah believes that more effort should be made to encourage to pursue careers along the math and science field. Some people often get scared of the math and science but they are just simple facts of life.


Smita Shah describes the engineering profession as a noble profession and she recommends it for girls. It gives room to have family and you can live a fulfilled life with a career in the engineering field. Smita Shah suggests that women should support each other to excel in the field. Whenever she faces a challenge at the workplace, she embraces it and finds a way around it with a sober mind. Smita Shah’s company can handle road construction, bridge construction, integration to the public system and more.


You can look for Smita Shah for anything tech ranging from roofs and solar panels to tech tasks. Shah has become a highly influential leader as well as a keynote speaker frequently featured in local, national, as well as international media. She has received a number of accolades serving on the Board of Directors of businesses and organizations. She also served under White House administration. She was recognized with the ‘Ellis Island Medal of Honor’. She is committed to strengthening international partnerships. Learn more:

Doe Deere and the Evolution of a Fashion Maven

Doe Deere is known by many people as the CEO of Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty free makeup company that specializes in make up that features bright, vibrant colors. Deere and her husband started Lime Crime in their apartment in 2008, when Deere was making and altering clothing that she sold on eBay under the name Lime Crime. She started to get comments on her makeup and decided that her bold use of color was something that many people desired.

Lime Crime would be operated by the husband and wife duo for ten years before they sold it, but are still involved. Poppy Angeloff, Deere’s vintage inspired jewelry second company is the couple’s primary focus now. Poppy Angeloff is spun from Victorian style jewelry and is intended to have pieces that are timeless and can be passed down through generations. Deere, who did not have previous experience in jewelry, spent months researching jewelry and jewelry making.

Deere has always had a keen focus on her customers and audience in both of her companies. She takes compliments and feedback from her customers seriously and lives for customers telling her that with her products they have been able to become happier and truer to themselves. Her driving force in her work is color, and the emotional impact color can bring people. Having passion, becoming a customer in your intended field and taking risks are three attributes that Doe Deere believes makes a successful entrepreneur. Deere has embraced how her cosmetics and bold use of color have allowed women to express themselves in ways that they were unable to before and has a passion for making women be more open and love who they are inside and out. It is with Lime Crime and now Poppy Angeloff that Deere hopes to continue to inspire and promote beauty in women around the globe.

Allied Wallet introduces additional & Safer payment processing options in Canada

Allied wallets is a market leader when it comes to the provision of mainstream payment processing options. Canada is experiencing steady, sustainable growth, a trend that has been continuing over the better part of this decade (Yahoo).

Allied Wallets is planning to support Canada’s economic growth by adding improved and flexible payment options. Currently, Canada is one of the wealthiest nations on the planet, a recent survey ranking it #21 out of 185 in terms of national wealth. While there are stronger economic powerhouses than Canada, Allied Wallet believes that investing in Canada will be highly rewarding as the country is experiencing fast-paced growth in the e-commerce sector.

By providing improved and safer payment processing options, Allied Wallet will be increasing merchants’ business while simultaneously ensuring that clients have access to an assortment of goods from different merchants. Canada’s population slightly exceeds 35 million. The country’s population with access to online retail spend approximately €18.1 billion each year while buying various items. From Allied Wallet´s figures from a recent survey, indicate that that Canadian citizen purchasing products and items online spend at least €1591 every year.

Many countries across the world are experiencing tremendous growth in the e-commerce sector. These countries include; China, Singapore, Canada, and many other countries including some in the African continent. By 2021, Experts believe that Canadians will be spending approximately €19.4 billion on e-commerce each year. It is estimated that 75% of Canadians have adopted digital banking, with another 99% of the country’s population being banked, meaning that they have access to banking services.

73% of transactions in Canada are card-based (credit and debit cards). Financial pundits expect this trend to change in the coming years as e-wallet payment options become popular. Besides, more Canadians are expressing the desire to switch from card-based transactions.

It is true that Allied Wallet is at the center of the revolution being witnessed in the e-commerce industry. To solidify its status in the payment processing options space, Allied is continuously updating, improving and making its existing payment options secure while also introducing better, secure, and innovative payment processing solutions that cater to the needs of both merchants and online shoppers.

More information about Allied´s online payment servies at

What’s next for Lincolnshire Management?

When Holley first broke ground in Wisconsin, it fell into the opportunity to manufacture carburetors for almost every vehicle that found itself leaving Detroit after being manufactured. This alone is what gave them the kickstart they needed as a company. From there, they were able to expand their reach by entering the auto racing scene as they proved they were about delivering high-performance solutions.

Winding up 2018, it was announced in October that Lincolnshire Management has officially exited Holley Performance Products. This is a daring move, but one that wasn’t done in a way that will hinder the future of Holley over the years. In fact, it allowed for a merger that makes 2 brands even more powerful in their own sense, with both working hand in hand.

It wasn’t a moment met with a lack of valuable memories.

While it only made it about 6 years in the Lincolnshire Management portfolio, give or take, it still has come a long way since they first got their hands on it. They were able to not only maintain its customer base but grow it as well by reaching other audiences it didn’t reach before. While exiting the brand doesn’t seem like a way for them to show their appreciation for it, exiting in the way they did surely does.

Driven Performance Brands is a portfolio that directly targets car owners that care. The ones you’d see adding the new upgrades and detailing their cars every other day if not every day. It’s a portfolio full of brands for those that demand the best and newest. Those that keep the auto life close to heart. So, therefore, Lincolnshire Management did well by making a move to continue to allow Holley Performance Products to continue hitting the true connoisseurs of cars.

Sometimes you must let a brand go for it to continue to grow.

As you can see, this is exactly what Lincolnshire Management had to do. Sure, it was a valuable addition to their portfolio, but they were able to make almost 3 times their initial investment. By increasing the value of Holley Performance Products like that, it was nothing but a gain on their ends. They’re the smart ones of the industry for making such a decision.

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Interview with entrepreneur Nitin Khanna

The CEO of MergerTech has made quite a career for himself as an investor, leader, and as a driven entrepreneur with experience in the tech field. Nitin Khanna grew up in a household of businessmen, whether it was his father or uncles, as he was raised in India and later pursued a degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University. After finishing school, he started out a company with his brother called Saber Software that was successful from the start with companies using their software; even for the big election in the year 2000 between Bush and Gore. After selling Saber Software, he built the company known today as MergerTech with the mission to help out other entrepreneurs with their own companies.

Nitin Khanna is a strong believer in having a good team of employees with a clear mission, value, and culture. He admits that he and his brother worked well together with Khanna working more on the sales side of things while his brother was running the plans. Nitin Khanna makes sure that he executes his plans and that is what he believes is a key to his success throughout his career in business. Again he emphasizes the essential nature of having a good unit of employees who will tackle their goals and if present is destined for success. Whenever he can, he tries to get each team member working effectively through motivation and the goals of the brand.

One of the interesting elements that Nitin Khanna states in the interview is that successful entrepreneurs make free time and will have it at their disposal; an unlimited amount of it too. He believes that successful and like-minded people such as himself will make time and know how to use it effectively. One of the tips that the entrepreneur gives is that others should use their time wisely and stay productive throughout the day. The ultimate goal when it comes to Nitin Khanna is building a company that stays around for a long time and gives others advice to recognize what they are truly good at and going for it. The businessman spends his days speaking with team members either addressing their problems or answering their questions. In his free time, he likes to spend his time DJing, reading, or producing documentaries at festivals.

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Brazilian Entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian entrepreneur born in Sao Paulo a municipality located southeast region in Brazil. He is the founder of an international tourism company in Brazil known as CVC Brazil Operadora e Agência de Viagens. His company has been highly recognized internationally as the largest tour operator in Latin America, thanks to his efforts and ambitions of serving the community.

Mr .Guilherme Paulus studied business administration in the university, he also worked as an intern at International Business Machines (IBM).His success story is untold especially living in Brazil ,a country with limited opportunities to encourage entrepreneurs, however this did not hinder this young entrepreneur from achieving his dreams in the business world, he came up with a plan to offer service to the people that has seen him become the leader of tourism and accommodation in his country. For more information about Guilherme Paulus , view his Crunchbase profile.

Mr .Guilherme opened his first outlet for selling tours in the city of Santo Andre which came to beloved and attracted many movie lovers, little did he realize that his company will be one of the leading tourist and accommodation company in his country brazil, the company now deals in luxury hotels and resorts, located all over the cities in brazil, not to mention Webjet company, a leading airline operating company under his finance, ferrying tourist all over brazil.

Despite the obstacles that bring challenge to entrepreneurs in his country Mr.Guilherme Paulus is driven by his love for Brazil ,not forgetting people who have helped him through advices to conquer his dreams and his employees who are dedicated to providing the best service to customers, this has been his motivational base in investing in his country.

Mr . Guilherme Paulus believes that the best thing a successful entrepreneur can do or offer if by giving back to the community. His business activities and programs supports numerous social programs in his country such as PEIT which offers training to young people on hour to become a leader in the tourism and other related industries. Guilherme Paulus believes that being close to the community will not only encourage you to create jobs but also have a strong business foundation that can be followed by others. Check out:

Shervin Pishevar says Uber could be last major startup if tech monopolies not reined in

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most accomplished people in the world of tech finance. He is the founder and CEO of Investment company, one of the most prominent and prolific venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. He has been instrumental in the founding and growth of Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb. Shervin Pishevar has also founded a number of companies on his own, including Ionside, WebOS and Social Gaming Network.

Shervin Pishevar also runs one of the most-followed Twitter accounts in the technology sector. He has more than 100,000 followers, who hang on his every word. Recently, Shervin Pishevar engaged in a more than 24-hour tweet storm where he went into detailed analyses regarding a wide breadth of topics. One of the topics that he addressed is the current problems that tech monopolies are posing for startups.

Pishevar is no stranger to the world of cutthroat tech startups. As someone who has helped to launch dozens of companies, he has seen the many methods that are used by the Big Five tech monopolies to shut down potential competitors before they reach the point of posing a serious threat to the monopolists’ markets.

Shervin Pishevar says that one of the ways in which new startups are driven off is through the particularly nasty practice of lawfare. The way it works is that companies like Google, with nearly unlimited cash reserves, can invest $50 or $100 million in paying teams of top-end lawyers to harass competitors with nuisance lawsuits.

In many cases, these lawsuits are completely specious. Yet, the companies who are targeted by them are forced to show up in court and defend themselves, lest they incur default judgments that could put them out of business. The fact that companies like Google can outspend these new startups by factors of 10,000:1 or more means that, eventually, these firms can be exhausted by court costs.

Even when the monopolies lose, they win because even if they end up having to pay court costs, all of that money comes out of operating capital until the court case has been resolved. And in many cases, such resolutions can take years.

Sheldon Lavin and Success

If an entrepreneur or any new business owner is trying to get off the ground running, the best way to get started is to learn from the experts and pros. The CEO’s of the world are an excellent choice to figure out how to create and keep an empire. Sheldon Lavin is a highly respected expert who knows more than the average bear about businesses.

Sheldon Lavin concentrates his knowledge on the financial aspects of operations that allow companies to continue the supply chain of foods. There are a lot of factors in this type of enterprise, customer penchants, sources declining and even the constant change in technology. Pricing is hard to sort out regarding these variables. Sheldon delegates and portions the duties with other professionals in his company. He will deliberate ever-changing bits as he researches. An example is if a resource will have an upcoming shortage, and Sheldon knows, he will buy up large amounts of the supply before any unavailability happens. He has made similar choices with great success for more than 50 years. More about of Sheldon Lavin at

His primary role may be a financial consultant, but he also provides guidance and supervisory capabilities. He is the CEO of OSI Group which is a meat processing service company. Sheldon Lavin is an ethical man and is a shining example for others. His accolades earned him awards in performing for business and leadership positions. His charity that he regularly donates to is the Ronald McDonald House Foundation, and he gives to families that suffer from serious diseases. Sheldon enjoys giving to others in need.

Sheldon admitted that he learned a lot from school in the area of finance. His passion came from wanting to startup companies that will provide people with the necessities in life. Companies also need money to make it in any financial market, and he knows that he can see that come to fruition.

Sheldon Lavin has a lot of skills, talents and positive outlooks for the future in the world of business and marketing. He knows that in order to succeed you must be ready and willing to learn.