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Perry Mandera Is a Tried and True Visionary

Perry Mandera, a specialist in the American transportation industry, has many visions for the world. Part of being a visionary, however, is selecting which of your visions you should follow; however nice they all seem, there are only a handful which are genuinely realistic. One may wish to bring about world peace, for example, but without the right amount of outreach and power, they will have trouble doing so (TheNewsVersion).


This is why Perry Mandera makes sure to keep his goals in check. He believes that as long as he is setting realistic goals for himself and consistently reaching for them, there is no limit to how far he can grow not only as a businessman but as a human being. Treating others with humanity is one of the lessons Mandera was taught from a very young age, and he continues to pass on that lesson even to this day. His parents showed him how to treat people, and he would never forget those lessons. Perry Mandera supports charitable organizations,  there is something intrinsic about him that makes him one of the most dependable human beings out there, and this reason is probably the same reason he has retained his parents lessons for so long.


There is simply an underlying level of character under all the business proceedings Mandera has to deal with. Beneath it all is a human being who simply wants what is best for the people around him. This much is important to emphasize; while he does have an incredible amount of drive for business, it is rarely ever uncoupled with his drive to help others.


Mostly, business to he is a means to bring about change. He is certainly quite passionate about the transportation industry, but Perry Mandera is even more passionate about the changes he can make to his country by utilizing the power that comes along with his industry. As a person with a lot of visions for the world, he is constantly working around the clock to bring them to life, and every single one of them either directly or indirectly involves changing the world around him.

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Isabel dos Santos’s Proudest Achievement

Isabel dos Santos is a rare example of someone who was born into wealth and ended up becoming famous for something entirely unrelated to their inheritance. Her father was the president of Angola, her home country, for many years, and even though everything was perfectly lined up for her to follow in his footsteps, she is more interested in building a proper understanding of the state of Angolan business. This much is apparent just from how much she has earned throughout her lifetime.


Currently, she is the richest woman in Africa, and she was the first female African to ever become a billionaire. That kind of a title is not one that people forget about easily. Because of this, Isabel dos Santos has sort of made herself a staple in history. Her face and name will never become forgotten. The simple reason for this is that Isabel dos Santos has made herself a hot topic within the business industry. While she has a knack for it now, it was not immediately easy for her to enter business.


There were many aspects of the field she did not understand, and there are certainly still some to this day which spin her head around, but they are few and far in between. Being involved in business for more than a decade will give you a lot of insight into what it means to be a successful businesswoman, and Isabel dos Santos is certainly no exception to that rule. The amount she has taught herself from the work she has done throughout her life is nothing short of incredible, and it deserves to be commended at every possible moment (Wikipedia).


A lot of people and businessmen admire and applaud the efforts she does for improving Africa´s reality. Though Isabel dos Santos would reject such compliments, it would be solely out of humility. Besides, Isabel has charity projects through her home country and the continent. Anyone who can objectively analyze the state of Angolan business will have a hard time denying Dos Santos’s importance to it. In fact, if she were not a part of the business industry, it would likely take much longer to grown into the beast it has become today. This is easily one of Isabel dos Santos’s proudest achievements.


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Serge Belamant – creator of blockchain technology and contributor to IT

Serge Belamant is a renown inventor, as he is the main contributor to the creation of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are very popular today as the individual created a couple of them. His inventions have only made it easier for banks and other organizations to be able to access money such as withdrawals and deposits for example. The inventor was born in the town of Tuile in France in 1953 where he then chose to move to South Africa after some time. It was beneficial for him to live there as he picked up English while living there. Not only was Belamant gifted with intelligence but he also played multiple sports in school that he excelled at in rugby and chess. He also was a member of multiple clubs such as science and bridge to name a few. The individual won many awards at his time in school as he was crowned Head Perfect in the year 1972 along with Victor Ludorum in 1971 and 70. After his high school days, he chose to attend Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa where he majored in computer systems, technology, and engineering. Learn more about Belamant at

However, Serge Belamant had never completed his schooling as he chased another opportunity of work before he could graduate. The inventor would work for the company Matrix in South Africa with computers, monitoring water levels in South Africa. Through working he had picked up other useful computer skills that would help him later on in his career. Throughout his career, he has been able to work his way up by working for different companies and by receiving training in Washington DC. After a while, he founded his very own company called Net1 as he created the chip used in many debit cards. The system allowed people to be able to see fraud with the chip system. Over time, Net1 expanded to many countries such as Africa, Iraq, Russia, and Ghana. Now, Serge Belamant is working with his brand called Zilch Technology Limited to advance in the cryptocurrency business. Serge Belamant is widely regarded as the creator of blockchain technology with huge contributions to the IT world.


Bhanu Choudhrie Celebrates the Alpha Aviation Academy 10th Anniversary

The Alpha Aviation Academy was established ten years ago by Bhanu Choudhrie. He is one of the most renown businessmen in Asia and the U.S. Since the establishment of the company, they have trained more than six hundred cadets through MPL. However, most graduates have been securing position working as second officers with the Airbus A320. The Academy has focused more on diversity where they have received over 300 candidates in over 60 distinct countries. Females have been underrepresented in the aviation field. Thus Alpha Aviation Academy has focused imposing female candidates improving the world percent of 3.

Today, over 20 female candidates are currently, training in the Academy with more than 30 who have already graduated. Mostly, professionals such as lawyers and doctors have been attending the AAA Academy for training. However, they have extended the age limit of obtaining an MPL license to 35 years. Through Bhanu Choudhrie Leadership, the Academy has been able to continue internationally with aviation companies such as Australia Airways Aviation, UAE Etihad Airways and the Alpha Aviation Group of the Philippines. These opportunities have unlocked ways for many people to pursue their career in aviation. Join for more info about Bhanu Choudhrie.

Through their diversity drive, many cadets have applied in the aviation school meeting the aviation industry of having over 650 thousand commercial pilots by 2037. Recently the Academy held their 10th anniversary which was attended hundreds of prestigious guests. Bhanu Choudhrie who is the Director of the company Alpha Aviation Group Graced the event. He was extremely fearful of the success they had gained for the past few years. Through diversity, the company has been known on a more global scale.

AAA has nourished the dreams of many young and women. They have equipped them with various aviation skills thus taking the MPL license. Also, he congratulated all the cadet and staff that help the company break the critical milestone. The company is looking forward to matriculating more growth and diversity in the future. Under Bhanu Choudhrie leadership, the company has created a platform for young pilots to excel. The company will be groundbreaking in the aviation industry through innovative technology and empowering more female cadets into aviation.

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Mathew Fleeger making business partnerships

Partnerships and collaborations have always been known to be the pillars of any industry or business that hopes to pull its efforts towards achieving a given goal. This is exactly what Gulf Coast Western LLC did when it decided to go into joint ventures with other partners. It did this in the hope of combining talent, resources, experience and industry know-how that would eventually enable it to explore, acquire and develop the U.S domestic oil and gas reserves. Specifically, its main focus was on properties with both geographical and geological advantage in addition to fully developed structures.

Based on these facts, it is no surprise that Gulf Coast Western is on the lookout for partners that have a notable return potential as well as a quantified downside risk. The company has managed to make great strides thanks to the strategic leadership of Mathew Fleeger who serves as both the CEO and president. Fleeger notes that the company would not be where it is currently were it not for the transparent relationships they have built over the years with their partners. He notes that these partnerships have been built on the foundation of mutual trust and respect that has come about by operating with integrity and honesty.

Having been in the industry for years, Mathew Fleeger is highly regarded. In fact, he is listed among the top business executives in the International Who’s Who. With his expertise in oil and gas, tanning and waste management industries, Mathew Fleeger has grown to become a dependable resource on matters leadership and management.

Fleeger’s particular strengths lie in team building, strategic planning, entrepreneurship and contract negotiation. Before his current posting, he had founded MedSolutions, a company that specialized in transport, disposal and treatment of waste from medical facilities. This goes to cement his place in leadership and management

How Isabel Dos Santos is changing the script of success

Currently one of the most respected women in the world, Isabel Dos Santos is a renowned entrepreneur, and one of Africa’s most affluent women. Isabel who also happens to be the daughter of former Angolan president has successfully scaled the heights of success, creating a spot for the African woman on the world map. Her success not only paves the way for the African woman but all women in general, as she proves that despite the world’s billionaire list being male-dominated, it is possible for a female to get a spot with the alphas as long as she is determined enough.

At the age of 45, Isabel Dos Santos is not only a winner in the board room but also at home as well as she has over the years successfully managed a series of businesses and at the same time, managed to take care of her three kids and husband. On top of business and family, Isabel still finds time out of her busy schedule to give back to the community. She has initiated a long string of women and youth empowerment programs in Africa such as a strawberry plantation in Humpata which gave over 120 women a source of income. Additionally, she goes out of her way to change the negative perspective that the world holds towards Africa by sharing intriguing success stories of the African youth or woman through a platform known as sharing by Isabel Dos Santos.

Isabel is indeed proof that a woman can handle it all effectively. Her presence at the top serves a diverse array of purposes. For instance, she is a living example that even Africans have the potential to become the best if only their talents and abilities are well natured. Isabel Dos Santos also proves that what a man can do; women can do it better. She is indeed the epitome of success.

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Isabel Dos Santos was born in Azerbaijan but later moved to London where she attended an esteemed girls school. After graduating high school, Isabel enrolled at London’s King’s college where she pursued an engineering degree. It is while here that she met her husband, a son to a renowned businessman in Congo. After completing her studies, Isabel got a position at Cooper’s & Lybrand and also took to entrepreneurship by establishing a restaurant in Luanda Island. Since then she has slowly transformed and is now one of the most respected figures in the world.


Isabel Dos Santos: Redefining Women’s Role in Business and Global Leadership

The contemporary world has witnessed a wave of changes that have championed for gender equality all over the globe. Most societies have continued to fight for equal opportunities for women; for them to be accorded the same privileges that are accorded to their male counterparts. One such person that has benefited from the fight for equality is Isabel dos Santos. She has managed to rise above all challenges and carve out a niche for herself as one of the most successful business women in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos confesses that attaining success in an environment hitherto dominated by men is no mean feat. Her success speaks volumes and reflects a determined woman who didn’t bow down by societal pressure and competition from her male counterparts. Her success is mirrored in her Forbes rating. She was noted to have a net worth of more than 2.4 billion dollars as of 2019. Her relentless work has seen her net worth grew each year and earned her a place as one of Africa’s richest women. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at

How Isabel dos Santos has Managed to Rise to the Top

Isabel notes that a good education is a crucial ingredient for success, especially for girls. Her father strived to give her the best education in the United Kingdom, where she acquired both academic and social skills that she has used to navigate the uncertain world of entrepreneurship. She recounts how her father encouraged her to pursue a course in the previously male-dominated fields of science. She finally enrolled for a degree in engineering, in line with her father’s wishes.


Isabel dos Santos reiterates that her parents were insistent on providing her with an education that focuses on competitiveness and confidence. It was the only way she could cultivate and uphold independence throughout her adult life. She advises other parents to teach confidence and responsibility in the girls from a tender age. That will be the cornerstone that will enable them to fend for themselves and be self-reliant in adulthood.

Charity and Philanthropic Activities

Isabel dos Santos had been on the forefront in improving the lives of the less fortunate through donations and mentorship programs. She has sponsored social ventures meant to promote education and healthcare throughout Angola.


Doe Deere and the Evolution of a Fashion Maven

Doe Deere is known by many people as the CEO of Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty free makeup company that specializes in make up that features bright, vibrant colors. Deere and her husband started Lime Crime in their apartment in 2008, when Deere was making and altering clothing that she sold on eBay under the name Lime Crime. She started to get comments on her makeup and decided that her bold use of color was something that many people desired.

Lime Crime would be operated by the husband and wife duo for ten years before they sold it, but are still involved. Poppy Angeloff, Deere’s vintage inspired jewelry second company is the couple’s primary focus now. Poppy Angeloff is spun from Victorian style jewelry and is intended to have pieces that are timeless and can be passed down through generations. Deere, who did not have previous experience in jewelry, spent months researching jewelry and jewelry making.

Deere has always had a keen focus on her customers and audience in both of her companies. She takes compliments and feedback from her customers seriously and lives for customers telling her that with her products they have been able to become happier and truer to themselves. Her driving force in her work is color, and the emotional impact color can bring people. Having passion, becoming a customer in your intended field and taking risks are three attributes that Doe Deere believes makes a successful entrepreneur. Deere has embraced how her cosmetics and bold use of color have allowed women to express themselves in ways that they were unable to before and has a passion for making women be more open and love who they are inside and out. It is with Lime Crime and now Poppy Angeloff that Deere hopes to continue to inspire and promote beauty in women around the globe.

How Matthew Fleeger Is Helping Grow Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western focuses on combining resources, talent, industry know-how and experience to explore and develop oil and gas fields off the gulf coast. Having said that, however, it more specifically looks at geophysical advantages along with well-developed structures to ensure that they can improve on the standards and practices that have gone on before. This is primarily because Gulf Coast Western looks to constantly improve itself to offer a substantial return potential and quantified downside risk to each of its partners.

As the President and CEO of the company, Matthew Fleeger is responsible for much of this.Mr. Fleeger has been well known in a variety of different industries because of talent at leading companies to rapid expansion. Before joining Gulf Coast Western, he founded MedSolutions, where he was CEO and President for 13 years. With the company, he specialized in a few different industries, most notably transportation, disposal and treatment of medical wastes; obviously, these were focused on the medical industry. Matthew Fleeger was also known in the tanning industry, where he founded two successful businesses whose combined revenue approached $100 million. During each of these ventures, Mr. Fleeger was able to learn a variety of skills that he was able to bring to Gulf Coast Western.

However, it was during this time that he became most known for his competence in strategic planning, team building, contract negotiation as well as entrepreneurial abilities. With these skills, Matthew Fleeger has helped to grow and expand the oil and gas giant into what it is today. This expansion can be traced back to a variety of strategic decisions that Mr. Fleeger made since becoming President and CEO. Chief among these was when he was able to expand the companies its footprint Southeast Louisiana. This occurred when the company purchased a 50 percent working interest and assets in Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd. This purchase also helped to expand operations at the Shoats Creek Field in Louisiana’s Beauregard Parish; the field is responsible for over 4 million barrels of oil equivalents regularly. With these moves, Matthew Fleeger has helped to grow Gulf Coast Western into an industry giant.

Interview with entrepreneur Nitin Khanna

The CEO of MergerTech has made quite a career for himself as an investor, leader, and as a driven entrepreneur with experience in the tech field. Nitin Khanna grew up in a household of businessmen, whether it was his father or uncles, as he was raised in India and later pursued a degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University. After finishing school, he started out a company with his brother called Saber Software that was successful from the start with companies using their software; even for the big election in the year 2000 between Bush and Gore. After selling Saber Software, he built the company known today as MergerTech with the mission to help out other entrepreneurs with their own companies.

Nitin Khanna is a strong believer in having a good team of employees with a clear mission, value, and culture. He admits that he and his brother worked well together with Khanna working more on the sales side of things while his brother was running the plans. Nitin Khanna makes sure that he executes his plans and that is what he believes is a key to his success throughout his career in business. Again he emphasizes the essential nature of having a good unit of employees who will tackle their goals and if present is destined for success. Whenever he can, he tries to get each team member working effectively through motivation and the goals of the brand.

One of the interesting elements that Nitin Khanna states in the interview is that successful entrepreneurs make free time and will have it at their disposal; an unlimited amount of it too. He believes that successful and like-minded people such as himself will make time and know how to use it effectively. One of the tips that the entrepreneur gives is that others should use their time wisely and stay productive throughout the day. The ultimate goal when it comes to Nitin Khanna is building a company that stays around for a long time and gives others advice to recognize what they are truly good at and going for it. The businessman spends his days speaking with team members either addressing their problems or answering their questions. In his free time, he likes to spend his time DJing, reading, or producing documentaries at festivals.

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