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HCR Wealth Advisors: Helping Your Optimize Your Wealth When it Matters Most

An important part of what makes HCR Wealth Advisors different from other wealth management organizations is the effort they go to make their services personable, customized, and steadfast. That might sound easy, but when life’s troubles come to anyone- the first thing that disappears is support. That’s true of friends, family, and even professional relationships. HCR takes pride in sticking with their clients through tough life changes such as divorce, legal trouble, the loss of a loved one, retirement, and more.


In the end, this means HCR develops deeper ties of loyalty than the average wealth consulting firm can. In other words, they earn trust the hard way.

That being the case, HCR has developed a unique level of expertise in an area where regulatory compliance poses some extraordinary challenges- namely, charitable donations. Charities, and those who regularly make significant charitable contributions can face a high degree of federal scrutiny. The reasons for this are many and varied.

But HCR’s expertise in this area can help charitable givers to get the tax breaks they want, and the flexibility they need to maintain their dedication to charitable giving. Among other things, they can show you how charitable giving can help your company’s bottom line to remain solid and secure.

Here are a few of the ways they help their philanthropic clients:

Tax Deductible Stock Donations

Many people are unaware that stocks can be given as charitable donations. Stocks are a great way to support your favorite charity. It is a type of gift that does keep on giving. Best of all, these are tax-deductible.

Eliminating Tax Liabilities

Under-performing stocks can be a tax liability. As such, they can quickly lose their value. Donating stocks is a great way to offload them.

Optimize Cash Utility

By donating stock and depositing an equal amount of cash into your portfolio, you can maintain its face value while enhancing its performance.

The Benefits of Donating Stock

You can raise the total value of your charitable gifts by donating stocks. This is a great way to optimize your write-offs while supporting the cause you care about.

These are just a few examples of how HCR is using their unique expertise to help people like you get the most out of their assets.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Fortress Investment Group Is A Great Success Thanks To Its Founders

Fortress Investment Group is always busy helping its clients and it shares about itself and the work that it does on social media. On Twitter, it shares videos that explain some of the work that it does. It also shares tweets with links that show potential clients all that it can do for them. It talks about politics and budgets and all of the topics that people are curious about, and it gives them the information that they need so they know whether or not it would be a good idea to use the company’s services.

Fortress Investment Group is a good investment company not only for its clients but also for those who are working for it, and many of those who have worked for it have said good things about it. They have left reviews saying how the benefits that they received there were great. They talk about the work-life balance they can maintain while working there and how they appreciate the flexibility of the job. Those who were employed by Fortress Investment Group also share how much they appreciate their superiors and all of the support that they felt while working for the company.

The reason why Fortress Investment Group has become such a success is due to the smart people who founded it. Wesley R. Edens, Randal A. Nardone, and Peter L. Briger Jr. are the founders and all of them had previous business experience before they came together for this company. They are currently working as the CEO, Co-CEO and principal of Fortress Investment Group, and two of them live in New York City while one of them lives in San Francisco, California. These men got good educations and worked hard throughout their careers to gain the experience needed to make their company a great success.

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Students Of the Academy of Art University Take The Runway

The huffington post released an article covering a much anticipated event during New York’s Fashion Week that shined the spot line on young, up and coming designers. The Academy of Art’s School of Fashion held it’s 21st runway show September 9 of 2017 in New York, showcasing the beautiful creations of ten Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master’s of Fine Arts graduates from the academy. With great anticipation, each graduate debuted 2 menswear looks, and five womenswear looks on the runway during the course of the evening, at Skylight Clarkson Square.

With a vast variety of backgrounds, including a student from mainland China, and wide expanse of tastes, the carefully designed garments that adorned the runway proved to amaze and enamor the spectators. Designers put forth every effort in making this event a night to remember, using extravagant vinyls, elegant cashmeres, and beautiful natural fibers. Inspiration came from varying influences such as culture, life style, as well as personal interests, making it a truly enriching experience

The Academy of Art was founded in San Fransisco, California in 1929, by Richard S. Stephens, who was also the director of Sunset Magazine. With his wife Clara, a rented loft at Kearny Street, and 45 students, Stephens began a thriving University, dedicated to giving hard working students the best education for their field of study. In 1977 the Academy of Art University established, for the first time, a graduate program offering a Master of Arts program. Today the Academy of Arts University stands as a symbol of modernism and creativity.

All prospective students, with passion for their art, and a drive for honing their skill, are encouraged to pursue their degree with the Academy of Art’s No-Barrier Admission Policy. The Academy of Art also boasts a faculty of the finest professor’s with the highest standards for education, who also possess practical experience from a fellow artist, and an individual working in the field.

With an encouraging community of peers, and inspiring faculty surrounding the academy, it’s no wonder the university boasts a large student body, and the finest arts program in California.


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OSI Food Solutions Transition To The Top of The Food Industry

Some of the biggest names in modern-day society can be found in the food industry. This particular industry generates hundreds of billions of dollars on an annual basis thanks to all of its wonderful products and services. OSI Food Solutions definitely plays a big role in the food industry’s success. This Illinois-based food giant is immense in size, has a strong background in food services and is evolving with the times. Of course, that can’t be said for many of its competitors, and OSI has been the measuring stick by which all other food providers are measured. Let’s dive in deeper. View Brunner to see the OSI Food Solutions projects.

OSI Food Solutions was actually founded by a German-immigrant back at the turn of the 20th century, and this man was named Otto Kolschowski. The Kolschowski family operated a phenomenal meat market in Oak Park, Illinois, before going into food wholesale. Once the company went into food wholesale, the Kolschowski family began to rake in huge profits. During the 1960s, OSI incorporated cryogenics technology into the mix. At this point in time, the company could distribute its frozen products across the nation without ever having to worry about them spoiling. The same thing goes for high-capacity production lines. OSI Food Solutions has more than doubled its processing power of chicken, beef and pork at its Spain location thanks to the introduction of high-capacity production lines.

Back in April 2019, OSI Food Solutions took part in another acquisition of a fifth-generation food provider. Rose Packing Company was acquired because it perfectly compliments what OSI is trying to achieve. This particular company has been around since 1924, and it produces a wide range of meats, including:

  • Ribs
  • Boneless Turkey
  • Pork Chops
  • Pork Shoulders
  • Loins
  • Ethnic Sausage
  • And countless others

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Kisling Nestico & Redick Law Firm Looks to Replace Retired Founder Robert Redick

Renowned law firm Kisling Nestico & Redick is now saying goodbye to one of their founding members, Robert Redick. Redick helped to found the Ohio based injury firm in 2005 alongside his partners Gary Kisling and Rob Nestico. The trio worked together to form one of the best personal injury law firms in the state and they do work to get each and every client the settlement they deserve.

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a firm that is dedicated to making sure that each and every client is helped and championed where the insurance companies and other firms may have failed. The firm has worked tirelessly to create a safe place for clients that is going to work for them and that is also going to help to create the best possible outcome for their particular situation.

The firm has won several awards including a Webby for their exceptional website and its design, they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and they work to make a difference in the community. The idea behind Kisling Nestico & Redick started partially in turn because of a near brush with death that Rob Nestico had when he was just 15 years old. He and his partners have striven to make a difference in the world and to bring justice to each and every person that walks through their door.

The firm will miss Redick tremendously but his impact, legacy, and the difference that he made will be felt forever. The firm has already started working toward figuring out daily operations without Redick on staff and they are figuring out what needs to be done to get the best results.

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OSI Group Signed as Co-Producer for Impossible Food’ Impossible Burger

Co-Production Agreement

A co-production agreement takes place between two companies both take part in the production of a product. In the case of Impossible Foods and OSI Group, Impossible Foods invented the product, but OSI was brought on as a company that could help with the heavy lifting that was necessary to keep up with the demand for the Impossible Burger. In the agreement between the two companies, OSI Group will design a production plant within one of their Chicago plants, based upon specific designs from Impossible Foods. The production plant will be a high efficient plant with all security measures intact. No one will be able to enter the plant without prior authorization and strict regulations must be followed to keep all possible contamination out of the plant because of all plant-based materials. See more on Wikipedia.

OSI Group

OSI Group began in 1909 when it was started by a German immigrant and his two sons who moved to the suburb of Chicago called Deer Park. Many years later when the business became Otto & Sone Ray Kroc approached the company and asked them to be his met-packer for his McDonalds Franchise. That business relation still exists between the two companies to this day. OSI stands for quality and efficiency and has always given quality service to its millions of customers and clients over its 100-year history. The new relationship between Impossible Foods and OSI will allow the two companies to expand the Impossible Burger market internationally while keeping the quality of the product up to the standards the two companies demand of their products.

Being Added to Fast-Food Menus

A spokesperson for Impossible Foods, Sheetal Shah commented lately that he felt Impossible Foods could now go to as many places as possible with the infrastructure of OSI, which has 65 international markets it serves and thousands of workforce able to deliver products in 17 countries. Impossible Foods looks forward to a long-lasting business relationship with OSI and hopes to learn from its many years of innovation, its eye to quality and its unblemished record of service. Many other burger companies are beginning to maximize their restaurants with their version of the Impossible Burger. Burger King will launch its Impossible Whopper later this year to 7,500 restaurants. Check out:

USHEALTH Advisors Drops Some Fun Facts About The Human Brain

Even though it’s the part of your body you think with, most people don’t put a lot of thought into their brain. USHEALTH Advisors wants people to know more about their brains and how amazing they truly are. For thousands of years, people have studied brains but there is still much that has not been uncovered.

There are organizations wholly dedicated to learning about brains such as the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. This organization was established in 1993 in order to spread information about this organ in a way that regular people could understand. It’s now a global organization that has more than 600 members.

Learn more about the organization of UShealth Advisors at

This organization hosts events around the world every year. Some of these are the New York City Regional Brain Bee Competition, Cognitive Fitness at Work, and the Lending Library. USHEALTH Advisors says this organization’s most important annual event is Brain Awareness Week.

The first Brain Awareness Week was held in 1996. In just the U.S. over 160 organizations took part. Today, this week is recognized in 42 countries and 44 American states. 895 individual events are held during Brain Awareness Week.

There are many types of events held for this week according to USHEALTH Advisors. This includes neuroscience labs holding an open house, schools holding workshops, brain-focused exhibitions, and community lectures.

USHEALTH Advisors provided some fun facts about the brain. First, the average brain only weighs three pounds and 75% of that is water. Brain surgery was occurring as early as the Stone Age, anthropologists report. The brain triples in size in a person’s first year of life and starts shrinking during middle age. The brain consumes 20% of the blood and oxygen in your body which powers around 100 billion neurons. The brain doesn’t have any pain receptors so when you have a headache it’s actually being caused by your nerves and muscles in the head and neck.


TJ Maloney Welcomes Newcomers to Lincolnshire Management Team

In June, Chairman, and CEO of Lincolnshire Management Inc., TJ Maloney, welcomed four newcomers to their team at Lincolnshire Management. Lincolnshire is a private equity firm located in New York City, although it has an office in Chicago.

TJ Maloney announced Matthew Nacier would be rejoining the firm as a senior associate. In addition, T J Maloney welcomed Nicolas Vega Llona as a new senior associate, as well as two new analysts, Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stoit-Nielsen.

Maloney said in his statement that, “These additions to the team reflect the strong commitment we have to growing our staff with talented professionals who share our passion for our hands-on investing approach. They will work with our teams to help find new investment opportunities and drive growth in our portfolio.”

The firm, which was founded in 1986 is a middle-market private equity firm which invests in acquisitions of private companies and recapitalizations. They are also known to invest in corporate divestitures and management buyouts. Currently, Lincolnshire Management manages over $1.7 billion in private equity capital under the direction of TJ Maloney.

Lincolnshire Management has an impeccable 33-year track record of investing.

Some of Lincolnshire’s current investment portfolio includes Dulbo Holdings, Inc., Allison Marine, True Temper Sports, Nursery Supply, Inc., Latite, and Desch Plantpak.

Recently, Lincolnshire sold some of its acquisitions. They include Holley Performance, Amports, Inc., and Fabbri Group.

TJ Maloney himself has had many accomplishments in his career. Maloney, who joined Lincolnshire in 1993, previously served as an intern CEO of Credentials. He attended Boston College where he received his BA. He had a law practice in New York City after graduating from Fordham Law School in 1979.

TJ Maloney has lectured extensively and has been a guest lecturer at many universities. He serves on the Board of Trustees of Boston College. He once served on the Board of Trustees of Fordham University.

In 2007, Maloney was presented the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award from Fordham Law School. This prestigious award recognizes corporate leaders with excellent moral standards.

With the leadership of Maloney and his team of professionals, Lincolnshire will continue to grow and flourish.

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Fortress Investment Group Prepares For A Huge 2019

Last year in 2018 Fortress Investment Group was purchased by the Japanese conglomerate called SoftBank. The strategy for the two companies is that Fortress Investment Group will continue to remain a separate entity from the new fund that SoftBank has created which is called the SoftBank Vision Fund. The companies will work together to help to solidify Softbank Vision Fund into the private Equity industry. SoftBank also has a plan to introduce the Fortress Groups products to their current clients who are spread throughout Asia and the Middle East. Even other chief executive officers are talking about the excellent move that SoftBank has made by purchasing or partnering with the Fortress Investment Group. They have noticed that SoftBank has begun to go full-steam ahead into the asset management and private equity business because they now have the experience of Fortress Group backing them in the private equity sectors. View the company’s profile at Linkedin.

The Fortress Investment Group has already started to integrate their real estate experience into Softbanks technology startup space. Softbank’s New Vision fund has made major real estate investments in companies such as Open Door, the real estate brokerage firm Compass, and the construction company Katerrs.The companies have announced a new development in 2018 and it is called the TSX Broadway development this is a 2.5 billion dollar project. SoftBank and the Fortress Investment Group have partnered with two other companies on this mega project that will be happening in New York City Times Square. The two partnerong companies are L&L Holding Company and Maefield Development. The plans that the companies have for Times Square is just simply amazing is it going to be a five star state-of-the-art hotel with entertainment.There will also be a huge world class retail space for tourists and shoppers to enjoy.

Fortress Group and SoftBank are really doing some great things and with the help of their partners 2019 is going to be an awesome year for both companies. Softbank’s Vision Fund has also started to take off as well. There will be nothing like the Time Square project when it is completed. The work they are doing on the Times Square is like upgrading a 2019 Maserati.


Talkspace Saves Lives of Mental Patients

It is not a secret that the number of people dealing with mental illness is very high in the international community. The people struggling with mental diseases have so much information online, but they still find it hard to visit a healthcare professional to assist them with the guidance they need. Some patients do not have insurance covers to cater for the high cost of medical care, so they remain with their problems. The result, in most cases, is suicide. There is so much awareness about mental health on all platforms. Healthcare experts ask people to go for regular health checkups, but many people are hesitant. Talkspace is an online-based organization that wants to change the story of patients all over the world. The startup came into the healthcare system to offer therapy to millions of people online. The therapists working in the institutions talk to their patients online, encouraging them to speak about their issues and get the medical care they need. Online therapy, according to most patients, saves lives. Find out more about Talkspace at

One of the beneficiaries of Talkspace was twenty-four when he noted that he was always drunk, suicidal, and disorderly. His behavior pushed his close family away from him. Every time the client wanted to go somewhere, he would always get there late. One day, he felt the need to seek help from an online platform that was not going to charge too much for the service. Talkspace was the best candidate for the position. The patient selected a therapist and started therapy sessions. Fortunately, the treatment worked. It’s now eight years since the first therapy session, and the patient has the best life. This therapy changed life around, making the patient face their fears and become a responsible citizen who does not rely on alcohol to function. The success stories of thousands of professionals should encourage more patients to seek help.

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