Making Accomplishments At Repton School

Repton School is well known for their athletics. They have some of the strongest athletes throughout the high school field. They have the best coaches. All of their coaches and students are dedicated to not only doing the best that they can in the field of whatever sport they are playing, but to also do their best in their studies as well.

One of their youngest athletes, and one of the youngest competitors in the high school field recently competed in a track and field event. She did very well during the competition. Setting her own personal records in all of the events that she competes in. Competing in the high jump, long jump, and javelin at the age of fifteen is very intimidating, but Ella Rush was quick to jump in and try her hardest.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication Ella is going to be moving on to bigger and better things. She has been asked to go and compete in a huge Championship that is going to be happening in Glasgow. Ella is very excited to be representing her school in this competition and knows that she is going to do her very best.

The coaches at Repton School do their very best to make sure that they are coaching their students in a way that is going to drive them to the top. They want to inspire them and allow them plenty of room for growth. They want to teach them the best lessons that they can so that they can take them and grow on them. Ella Rush is excited for the next step she is about to take in her track and field career. She is still very young in the game and has a few more years ahead of her. She is going to continue to work hard and she is very excited to see the accomplishments she is going to make in the future.