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Students Of the Academy of Art University Take The Runway

The huffington post released an article covering a much anticipated event during New York’s Fashion Week that shined the spot line on young, up and coming designers. The Academy of Art’s School of Fashion held it’s 21st runway show September 9 of 2017 in New York, showcasing the beautiful creations of ten Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master’s of Fine Arts graduates from the academy. With great anticipation, each graduate debuted 2 menswear looks, and five womenswear looks on the runway during the course of the evening, at Skylight Clarkson Square.

With a vast variety of backgrounds, including a student from mainland China, and wide expanse of tastes, the carefully designed garments that adorned the runway proved to amaze and enamor the spectators. Designers put forth every effort in making this event a night to remember, using extravagant vinyls, elegant cashmeres, and beautiful natural fibers. Inspiration came from varying influences such as culture, life style, as well as personal interests, making it a truly enriching experience

The Academy of Art was founded in San Fransisco, California in 1929, by Richard S. Stephens, who was also the director of Sunset Magazine. With his wife Clara, a rented loft at Kearny Street, and 45 students, Stephens began a thriving University, dedicated to giving hard working students the best education for their field of study. In 1977 the Academy of Art University established, for the first time, a graduate program offering a Master of Arts program. Today the Academy of Arts University stands as a symbol of modernism and creativity.

All prospective students, with passion for their art, and a drive for honing their skill, are encouraged to pursue their degree with the Academy of Art’s No-Barrier Admission Policy. The Academy of Art also boasts a faculty of the finest professor’s with the highest standards for education, who also possess practical experience from a fellow artist, and an individual working in the field.

With an encouraging community of peers, and inspiring faculty surrounding the academy, it’s no wonder the university boasts a large student body, and the finest arts program in California.


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Luke Lazarus Consultancy Brings New Possibilities to Business Startups

 Starting A Consultancy

When Luke Lazarus started his Consultancy in 2013, he had all the qualifications of being a successful consultant, but he had to acquire clients.

Since Luke Lazarus already had 20 years as a business leader and a ton of experience as a business manager, entrepreneur, negotiator, and brand manager, he had the knowledge, skills, expertise to share with startups he still had to configure his consulting business to begin.

First, his offer of value to startups was the four successful businesses that he launched just a few years earlier and sold to buyers with whom he negotiated a fair market price. Luke Lazarus had a perfect niche in which to work, which was startup business and the problems it faces in their launch and growth.

All of the issues he had met and overcome, so he had expert advice to offer. Luke Lazarus knowledge and experience he could repeat and apply to as many startups as possible throughout Australia.

Having this background was one reason why he was able to attract so many businesses to his Consultancy. In short, Luke Lazarus had the mentality, experience, and knowledge to be a successful consultant.

Struggling Startups

Many problems need to be faced and overcome daily and throughout a professional career. A person who has traveled the professional path for two decades has many advantages over someone just beginning and this is one reason why senior advisors are brought onto a startup project to inject their knowledge and expertise into the team and its mission. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus | F6S

There is no replacement for experience, but living the experience thru the experience of another can be second to none when it comes to launching a business. Just knowing that the solution to all the problems you face are within arm’s length (a telephone call) can be a big confidence boost to a new startup.

Luke Lazarus launched his Consultancy in 2013 with a specific purpose to travel the Australian continent a help startups businesses sort our their solvable problems and help them get to the next level of success they have for their goals.

Signs of Success

Many of the strategies Luke Lazarus teaches in his consulting classes is to prepare startups to aim at making an emotional connection with investors and consumers. Luke Lazarus knows thru experience this is the core or foundation of any success as a startup.

The startup journey begins in a successful business plan that charts out their mission statement, goals, story elements that make communicate their values to investors, and strategies to overcome difficulties that they will experience in their future business.

Luke Lazarus stresses how important it is to get an investment from angel investors or venture capital firms. Without investment from a venture capitalist may spell out a fragile future for a startup company in today’s business climate.

Many Paths to Success

As many as 2 of six companies fail within the first five years, while only the most adept startups continue to persevere beyond a five-year mark.

During his early years as a consultancy, Luke Lazarus has brought hundreds of businesses to higher levels of competency and strategic preparations for business success.

Many of his startups have been offered investments from companies as well as launched with great success. There have been companies that worked with Luke Lazarus had the privilege of standing on a major stock exchange and hearing their traded name while launching their IPO.

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