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Success with Peter Harris

Peter Hall is the CEO of the insurance company CBL and he been looking to improve the world with his leadership and skills in the field.

Peter Harris has begun his career working at Fletcher Steel where he worked as an accountant. He helped this company reach success. He has worked with struggling companies and helped them turn a profit within 2 years. In 2017, he even won the Entrepreneur of the Year award and Leader of the Year Award from the Australia New Zealand Insurance Awards organization.

Peter Harris is now looking to help others find their way to success. He realizes that being successful alone does not teach others how to follow in his path. He is determined and is looking to overcome any challenges in his way. Peter Harris gives his word and follows through on it. He is prepared to stand up for what he believes in and is ready to do the right thing even if that is not the popular choice.

In addition to being a strong leader Peter Harris is passionate about helping those around him find success and helping those that are looking to rise up in the business become successful.

Success was not instantaneous for Peter Harris. He put in a lot of hard work and dedication to his career. When he changed from working in accounting and transferred to finances and working as an insurance broker for the commercial sector. He found there was more money to be made while tasking risks and finding a better way to make a profit. Peter Harris credits his success on his strong work ethic and taking the time to see change happen. He has stated that he believes in hard work and having confidence in everything he does has helped him find success.

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Nitin Khanna Is Someone We Can All Learn Things From

Learning about Nitin Khanna may give you a greater appreciation of what this man is all about. It is fair to say that he is not your average individual walking around on the street. He has an extensive resume that is both impressive and outstanding.

Nitin Khanna was once the founder, Chairman and CEO of a company known as Saber Corporation. This was a business that deal directly with state governments to help them solve some of the problems that were constantly being thrown onto their plates. It may sound simple enough, but there were simply not enough companies offering this service at the time to satisfy all that the state governments needed done. Fortunately, Saber Corp. was there to save the day.

This man took a company like that from nothing in July of 1998 to a total of 1,200 employees by the year 2007. They were also generating $120 million dollars in revenue at that point, and it was very clear that a large part of the responsibility for that came directly from Khanna himself. The company was later sold to EDS for $460 million dollars.

This was all done before Khanna took over MergerTech and turned it around. It had been previously known as M&A Forum, and it was clear that the name and many other aspects of the business needed to change. There were simply too many flaws in the setup of this whole company to make it a viable business for long. The name was changed and many other rebranding measures were also put in place to make MergerTech something that people could actually see themselves doing business with.

It took about six months to turn the whole thing around, but once he did, it was off to the races. The company is now doing incredibly well, and that is once again thanks to the efforts of this man.

All of this business success is under his belt and yet Khanna still finds the time to sit on the boards of various non-profits and work with people to inspire social change. You really have to applaud his spirit.

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Tigerswan and Veterans’ Training with Chevy SUVs


TigerSwan CEO Jim Reese poses with locals in AfghanistanJames Reese founded Tigerswan in 2007. He established the Service-Disabled, Veteran owned business to provide Crisis Management, Risk Management, and Global Affairs consulting services. The company has branches spanning from Latin America to Iraq. James Reese is a retired member of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta after 25 years of service. The US Army retired Lt. Colonel graduated from Mansfield University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and journalism.

Tigerswan team had an exclusive excursion with James Reese, Chevrolet, and former members of the United States elite Delta Force Team. The Range Complex (TRC), a combat training facility in North Carolina, hosted the Chevy event. The purpose of the event was to highlight how the Chevy Suburban and Tahoe are valuable to the secret service and the United States elite Special Forces. Additionally, everyone had the opportunity for target practice using a long-range rifle some 800 meters in the distance. The Tigerswan team also experienced a simulated hostage rescue mission. The training showed how much the armed forces work hard to protect the country.

They were humbled to see how the Special Forces navigate the truck in unfamiliar territory using nothing but infrared goggles to pull off a high stake mission in the middle of the night. James Reese and the Tigerswan team took turns to drive the popular SUVs in a simulated covert mission. They were overwhelmed by shooting a shotgun while a former Delta Force member drove to speeds up to 100 mph in pitch-black darkness. James Reese provided his team an opportunity to see how the Chevy SUVs live up to their reputation and also to experience a combat environment.

The SUVs are equipped with off-road tires, skid plates, and a unique suspension system making it popular among special military teams like Delta Force. James Reese, a co-founder of TRC, said the Special Forces need a car that will move even when shot at. He added that a Tahoe once saved him and his commander in Baghdad. He told his Tigerswan team how the military operates using brilliance in the basics. They do not need something fancy, only something that works.

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Under the leadership of Smita Shah, organized 5th Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon became special when the mayor, Lori Lightfoot, with the CEO of World Business Chicago, Andrea Zopp, joined the event. The mayor, Lori Lightfoot, with putting light on the inspiring life of Mahatma Gandhi and Indian-American relationships in past issued a proclamation stating October 2nd a Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago and made Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday anniversary memorable in Chicago. First Lady Amy Eshleman and Senator Dick Durbin also became the part of this event.


Smita Shah, the president and CEO of SPANN Tech, is a chairman of the Delhi Committee of the Chicago Sister City International. The Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon was initiated by Ms. Shah in 2014. Ms. Shah is a professional engineer (P.E.) and LEED AP BD+C in her qualifications and in her achievements she has earned and created a streak of titles for her. While the American Society of Civil Engineers titled her as the Young Civil Engineer of the year the American Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois titled her as the Community Leader of the Year. She was claimed as the 19th most connected person in Chicago by Crain’s Chicago Business and Inc. Magazine recognized her business as one of the fastest-growing private companies in Chicago. She has been recognized by many communities, whether business or social, in every step she is taken. 


About Proclamation Issued


The mayor, Lori, issued a proclamation naming 2nd October a Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago with mentioning many inspiring facts about Mahatma Gandhi and about the Indian American community contributing to their economy. 


Proclamation issued acknowledged the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was an inspiring public figure across the world and was the most important public figure in the 20th century. Proclamation also stating the fact that Mahatma Gandhi had close relations with many Americans and got inspired by people like David Thoreau and also became an inspiration for many African American leaders. In that proclamation, the name of Swami Vivekanand, an Indian philosopher, was also mentioned for playing a huge role to begin Indian and Americans friendship history. The contribution of the Indian American community in the development of Chicago was also highlighted in the proclamation. 


Proclamation considered the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon was a great initiative taken by the Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International under the leadership of Smita Shah to spread the inspiration through the examples left by Mahatma Gandhi. It also elaborates that the Chicago Sister Cities International was a great initiative of World Business Chicago to create understanding, respect, and cooperation between the citizens of different cultures. 


In honoring all these facts about Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian American community mayor Lori Lightfoot issued this proclamation, dated September 20th, 2019.


About Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International


The division named Chicago Sister Cities International was initiated by World Business Chicago to create and promote the business, education, tourism, government exchange, and cross-culture arts internationally. Learn more:

Delhi Committee is a part of Chicago Sister Cities International, which is committed to the goals set by Chicago Sister Cities International. Smita Shah, being the chairman of the Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, committed and believes in creating a united culture between different communities in Chicago.

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A Look At James Dondero’s Contributions To Dallas Educational Causes

Jim Dondero is a Dallas, Texas-based businessman. He is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He is also the chairman of the board of NexBank Capital, Inc. Other boards he serves on include MGM Studios, Cornerstone Health, and CCS Medical. Earlier in his career, he managed a $1 billion fund at American Express. At Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary he managed a fund with $2 billion in assets.

He has been engaged in philanthropic work since establishing Highland Capital Management. When establishing this company, James Dondero made giving back an important part of it. He moved to Dallas in 1994 and quickly set down roots. While Highland Capital Management invests globally, he decided to act philanthropically locally. He established the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. This is the philanthropic arm of his company and it supports nonprofits and charities in Dallas.

One of the nonprofits James Dondero supports is the Tower Scholars Program at Southern Methodist University. He made a $2 million endowment gift for this program. This program supports students who are studying politics and international affairs. The goal is to have them go into a career in ethical public service. Students can study abroad through this program, meet global leaders, and complete internships during their senior year.

Jim Dondero supports Education is Freedom. This is a nonprofit that helps at-risk younger people who want to go to college. It offers test preparation, mentoring, professional development, and internships. It is partnered with the Dallas Independent School District.

He has also supported the Bush Center since 2012. Since then, Jim Dondero has provided it with over $5 million in donations. He is also one of the organization’s Founding Benefactors. He supports its nonpartisan mission to advance public policy, develop leaders, and solve some of the nation’s most pressing problems.

Boris Ivanov, The Leader Of GPB Global Resources B.V.

Boris Ivanov is a well-known entrepreneur in Russia who is famous for founding the GPB Global Resources B.V. Company. The firm is highly reputable for conducting oil production and exploration in many countries across the country. The company has its main offices in Moscow, but it has other satellite offices in some parts of the world like South America and some parts of Africa. Boris is a highly professional business leader with excellent leadership skills that help him in managing his company perfectly. Furthermore, he is experienced in leading top business companies and making them prosper.

Boris Ivanov has worked as the General Director for Gazprom from 2007. Gazprom is also an international oil and gas exploration and production company. While he was working for the company, Boris played a major role in expanding the market of the company’s products overseas. Currently, he is serving as the Managing Director of his company, and he assumed the position in the year 2016. He is the major shareholder of the company and works hard to ensure that his firm proliferates in terms of selling outside the continent.

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in international relations, Boris Ivanov started practicing his career by working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with USSR. He spent ten years in that job and later moved to the US-Soviet Relations, where he worked as one of the diplomatic staff for the embassy. It was during this time when he got to visit many places and saw opportunities that pushed him to start his own business. In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Mr. Ivanov began to put his business ideas into action. He first started working as a private consultant for an oil company in North Russia. He then retired back to Moscow and was employed as the Vice President of Unibest Bank.

In the year 2004, Boris Ivanov founded the Gazprombank Company, which started operating at international levels in the year 2007. Under the leadership of Ivanov, the company built a power plant in Namibia, Africa, in 2009. This is one of the most significant achievements of Ivanov’s Company in Africa.

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Revolutions of Smita Shah

Engineering is a profession like any other. The aspect that brings a difference in the sector is its complexity and high demand. Besides, it is also not an easy one to pursue, and it is also expensive. Smita Shah is one of the accomplished engineers in the world. Her career history is an impressive one, and it encourages many. To her, all humans are equal. Nothing should ever serve as a barrier to anyone’s destiny, as it is only the decisions that one makes in life that shapes their achievements in life. She is intelligence, lovely and a woman full of concern. 

To Smita Shah, the field of construction must only be pursued by detailed thinkers. Without having an orientation in detail, a thinker can decide to beat around the bushes and come up with products and ideas that are pointless. The details that one comes with the industry must be like no other. They must reflect an individual’s level of innovativeness. Most individuals serving as engineers are usually too smart. When an individual decides to venture into this field without a better level of smartness, they always keep falling, and this can bring discouragement and mental diseases. It is reasonable for one to be entirely sure of their decisions to join the industry to avoid frustrations while it is still early.

 In engineering, there is usually no standardization of products. In most industries, people consider all products to be almost identical to the differences they portray are not noticeable at times. Quality is a major feature that differentiates most of the products. As noted, in engineering, it is either a product manufacturer becomes too unique in their work, or they can only leave the industry. Besides, those doing construction work must be inventive in every aspect. It is among the most competitive industries in the globe. People in this industry are always serious and well informed on all the processes that can make the industry prosper. Learn more:

Smita Shah is a frugal person. To her, being economical is always right for every entrepreneur. Most materials and products in the engineering sector are always expensive as they require high capital to purchase. Besides, the entire process of establishing a building r a road or any other product elated to construction must attract a lot of commitments from all parties. She tries to give options to every customer to make them make their plans accurate. Her first step entails connecting them to companies that sell products affordably. She also tests the products to identify if they attain the exact quality that other expensive ones attract. With prior contentment, she advises her clients to purchase them by directing them to the exact seller. Besides, she is always fair on her charges. She has a team that is experienced just like her. She does not find herself or her employees too special to help people. She gives out some construction services at a fair price that can allow a client to set aside more funds for the next process of construction.

Smita Shah Chicago

How Smita Shah Keeps It Together

There have been many different business owners and entrepreneurs over the years but none have been quite as young as Smita Shah was when she first became the founder and CEO of Spaan Tech. So how has she managed to keep a level head while managing her own business at such a young age? She recently did an interview on the radio where she discussed her career trajectory and what she would like to do in the future. It all started in grade school when she noticed she was one of the few girls in her math class and the only girl who wasn’t white in her science class. As such, she has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of women in the workplace, especially in the fields of math and science where they are particularly underrepresented. 

When she first set foot on the campus of Northwestern University, she knew she was destined for great things and she clearly excelled throughout her college career. This was evident by the fact that she graduated in the top tier of her class and received a scholarship to pursue a master’s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During her time in grad school, she was offered the opportunity to complete an internship with the office of the chief of staff in the white house. Afterward, she went on to receive her degree and began her career as one of the structural engineers at a company known as SOM where she worked for a little over a year. 

After leaving this position, she decided to finally make Spaan Tech a reality and they first opened their doors towards the end of 1998. When they were just getting off the ground, she wasn’t sure if they were going to do well which is why she wasn’t that invested in the potential of the business. She knew that if things went south, she could always salvage what was left of her career by moving on to another company. If they succeeded, however, she would have an amazing story to tell her children and future grandkids. Even as the founder and CEO of her own company, however, there have still been instances of people mistaking her for an assistant or simply one of the members of the marketing team. Learn more:

Of course, she was never one to hold grudges but these types of experiences have since led to her trying to get other professional women to support each other in the workplace so they can have the same amount of success as her. One of the main missions of the company is to construct various toll roads, bridges and superhighways to help people safely arrive at their destinations. They have also made sure to install proper lighting in lighthouses, airport runways and call boxes that are only used for emergencies. After two decades, they now have over 500 people working for her and she is firmly invested in the success of each and every one.

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Bhanu Choudhrie: The Executive Director To C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian Businessman who has made a name for himself in England owing to the fact that he stands as the director of C&C Alpha Group. This is a company that operates in the field of investments and has helped several companies within the fields of healthcare, investments, hospitality, banking, real estate, and many others. Over time, the company has risen to prominence as one of the biggest investment companies in the UK and Choudhrie stands as one of the leading men behind the success that the company has seen. 

Being an entrepreneur is something that came rather naturally to Bhanu Choudhrie. His father, Sudhir Chouudhrie is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the entire world and was the person who set up the investment company that Choudhrie now leads. 

Education was always something that was deemed to be incredibly important in the Choudhrie household, which is why Bhanu Choudhrie was always given the best investment opportunities to be able to establish himself. He attained a degree in Business and Marketing from the Unversity of Boston and then went on to attend a management program at Harvard. These educational qualifications gave Bhanu Choudhrie the experience and understanding of the business that he needed to efficiently lead his company.

Currently, Choudhrie stands as the executive director of C&C Alpha Group and attained that position in 2001. He is mainly responsible for the investment strategies that are brought about to the company and is responsible for the ventures that the company partakes in. He has a strong understanding of businesses and investments, which is why he has been able to lead the company so efficiently ever since taking over as the executive director for the company.

Philanthropy is also incredibly important to Bhanu Choudhrie and something that he tries to engage in with every opportunity that he gets. He is the director of a charitable organization known as Path To Success. This is an organization that works to help disabled athletes and has sponsored numerous athletes who want to take part in sporting events across the globe.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Opening New Doors For Entrepreneurial Startups

Learning to Take Risks

At the heart of the entrepreneurial world, there is a person or group of persons who are willing to take risks with their present and their future.

They make a chance with their presence because there is no guarantee it will be anything like it is now; they take risks with their future because there is no exact road map how it will turn out.

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Practically speaking an entrepreneur is a risk-taker. Luke Lazarus Consultancy enters the world for the entrepreneur as one who has followed that route in his own life and emerged prosperous several times. Take a look at a short history of Luke Lazarus, and you will see how he arrived at the top of his consultancy game.

Path to Success

Luke Lazarus grew up in the Perth community and enjoyed growing among his friends and neighbors. He showed early signs of a business-like character and performed well in academics and sports.

By the time he was ready to attend college, he had been offered several scholarships at foreign universities but preferred to stay in his homeland and attended Melbourne Business School.

As soon as he finished school and graduated with an MBA, he immediately began implementing his first business plans. Within eight short years of graduation, or by the age of 32, Luke Lazarus had executed four business plans and managed all four of his businesses to success.

Concern for Australia’s Future Startups

His only choice after so much progress was to sell his successful businesses and begin a consultancy that focused on helping struggling business startups.

With thousands of startups leaving the company before their first five years Luke Lazarus was entering very fruitful land because Luke Lazarus believed that he could stack the odds in favor of struggling startups and change their destiny by applying what he had learned.

In 2018 more than 350K new startups were entering the Australian economy, which equals about 19 new startups per square mile of all the major cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

Beating the Odds

Luke Lazarus tells his startup teams he can beat the odds stacked against startups because he knows what it takes to overcome the problems they face.

Because early startups do not have the experience they need their first few years, they depend upon more outside help, but that is an average stay of course for a new company. Most business consultants recommend that startups have a consultant or advisor near to help them.

So Luke Lazarus is going on substantial grounds knowing that his 20 years of business leadership and successful management of four successful businesses is a perfect opportunity to show his talent, knowledge, and experience.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Launched

Luke Lazarus started Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia in 2011, and since opening, he has been able to lead many startups from close to complete failure to rising stars within their right.

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Other Luke Lazarus has helped have attracted financial investments from Venture Capitalist or Angel investors. Presently Luke Lazarus travels across Australia from city to city helps hundreds of teams bring their top game by assisting them to apply proven principles of success to their businesses.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant