Rocketship Education Helps Empower Students from Low-Income Families

Since its inception a little more than ten years ago, Rocketship Education has been making a difference in the lives of many families. As a non-profit organization, this program has been implemented into the charter schools that serve the needs of low-income families. The main objective of the program was to reduce the difference in educational quality between what was available to higher income families and those who could not afford to send their children to private schools. The success of this program has enabled them to reach students in several different locations across three states as well as Washington D.C.

Some of the first schools that opened under the Rocketship Education program are located in California. A primary site for this program has been in the San Jose community. When a nearby creek overran its boundaries and flooded the adjacent area, the team at Rocketship Education stepped in to provide assistance to the families that were affected. This assistance was able to help families obtain everything from food and clothing to housing and insurance. The effort put forth by the administrative staff and teachers during this time of need is just one way they help strengthen the connection between schools, families and communities.

The people behind Rocketship Education have made it their mission to ensure that every student has the ability to reach their potential in school and in life. They accomplish this by getting families involved with the educational process. This involvement ranges from keeping parents informed about the curriculum used in classrooms to the type of teachers hired. In fact, the team at Rocketship values parent involvement so much that they encourage parents to help in the interview process for hiring.

Rocketship Education is currently used in grades K through 8 in a network of charter schools that continues to expand. The people who work at these schools have found their jobs to be challenging, but highly rewarding. The people hired to work at the Rocketship charter schools are individuals who believe the program helps empower students with the tools they need to succeed in their adult lives.