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Talkspace Saves Lives of Mental Patients

It is not a secret that the number of people dealing with mental illness is very high in the international community. The people struggling with mental diseases have so much information online, but they still find it hard to visit a healthcare professional to assist them with the guidance they need. Some patients do not have insurance covers to cater for the high cost of medical care, so they remain with their problems. The result, in most cases, is suicide. There is so much awareness about mental health on all platforms. Healthcare experts ask people to go for regular health checkups, but many people are hesitant. Talkspace is an online-based organization that wants to change the story of patients all over the world. The startup came into the healthcare system to offer therapy to millions of people online. The therapists working in the institutions talk to their patients online, encouraging them to speak about their issues and get the medical care they need. Online therapy, according to most patients, saves lives. Find out more about Talkspace at

One of the beneficiaries of Talkspace was twenty-four when he noted that he was always drunk, suicidal, and disorderly. His behavior pushed his close family away from him. Every time the client wanted to go somewhere, he would always get there late. One day, he felt the need to seek help from an online platform that was not going to charge too much for the service. Talkspace was the best candidate for the position. The patient selected a therapist and started therapy sessions. Fortunately, the treatment worked. It’s now eight years since the first therapy session, and the patient has the best life. This therapy changed life around, making the patient face their fears and become a responsible citizen who does not rely on alcohol to function. The success stories of thousands of professionals should encourage more patients to seek help.

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Ara Chackerian, A Medical Venture

Ara Chackerian is a renown investor and philanthropist who has carved out his name within the city of San Francisco. A lot of his work comprised of building the link between the technological advances of this age right along with the health care service industry. His focus also extends to environmental and youth causes that could potentially be of great utility to those who are involved. One such sustainable project he is working on is a teak farm in the wild life of Nicaragua. This farm will benefit the land of Nicaragua as well as provide families there with a stable economic income as well. His work specifically with transcranial magnetic stimulation has led him and his partner to spend over a decade build radiation centers across the northern hemisphere with the belief that this form of treatment coincides with talk therapy and pharmaceutical medication.

Ara Chackerian is a strong believer in investing in health care for the long term because he say in his own words that the health care industry is going to adapt to the future generations as well as continue to be in demand because humans will always need health care. According to some of his research the health care industry makes up about eighteen percent of the overall economy. The drive behind this percentage could be attributed to the rising number of retiring baby boomers which will also increase the percentage that the health care system makes up. Even with obstacles in the way the health care shlystem seems to work itself around it so the best long term investment in his view is the health services.

Ara Chackerian earned his bachelors degree from the University of Florida and served mostly as a director for various health companies. He was the director for Evolute Consolidated Holdings Incorporated. He also served as a director for Pipeline Health Holdings.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Reveals Robotics Can Improve Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was recently featured on the Medical Daily Times website in an article titled, “New Trends in Joint Replacement Implants and Bronx-Based, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Contributions.” The article was written by BJ Hetherington to elucidate the recent improvements in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has gained a reputation for his ability to perform a minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. Instead of replacing the entire knee, he replaces parts of the tissue.

The article also indicates that the generic joint market is growing incredibly fast due to the increased awareness of the procedure and the robotic technologies that can help people recover faster after surgery. Often people will request knee surgery if they have significant pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis. With the rising numbers in obesity, joint pain is becoming even more significant to the current population. Additional information on the same has also been discussed on this link

There are several contributing factors to the growth of orthopedic surgery, which in 2017 was valued at $16.5 billion. The industry has grown in large part due to the aging baby boomer populations who are living longer and want to have a better quality of life without the limited mobility of joint pain. America represents the largest share of the market, taking up about 50% of the worldwide orthopedic replacement surgeries. However, Western Europe represents more than 20% of the market and China, India, Japan, and Brazil are growing markets. There are more statistics on why orthopedic surgery is growing here.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum reveals in his blog titled “The New and Improving Technology of Robotic Surgery” that the joint replacement surgery is advancing through robotics. By performing a CT scan of the entire joint, the physician can create a 3D virtual model that is uploaded into the software MAKOplasty. The software helps create an operation plan that the robotic technology follows. However, the surgeon will still be able to guide the robotic technology to make adjustments for muscular alignments and soft tissue. The robotic arm will also be able to take out any diseased tissue or cartilage before replacing the joint. This provides a better outcome for the patient who can enjoy it without pain for many years. It also allows them to recover faster from surgery.

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A Review of Doctor Eric Forsthoel—One of the Most Critical Healthcare Specialists

Dr. Eric Forsthoel is an emergency doctor who cares for critically ill patients. He is based in Tallahassee, Florida and works within the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, which is located at Miccosukee Road, Tallahassee in Florida. Dr.Eric Forsthoefel is a graduate with a medical degree from the University of Louisville, School of Medicine. He has been at peoples’ service for about ten years and he is one of the 26 doctors who specialize in critical care medicine at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare.

What He Specializes in

Doctor Eric Forsthoefel attends to emergencies, where he diagnoses and treats patients who have life-threatening conditions including heart attack, shock, drug overdose, massive bleeding, trauma, cardiac distress, fractures and many other acute conditions related. He is also a professional doctor who can attend to any other general medical services.

His Certification and License

Eric Forsthoefel is a medical doctor who is approved by many licensing boards to offer his emergency expertise. These agencies include the American Board of Emergency Medicine, LA State Medical Licence, and Florida State Medical Licence, which has been active since 2014. His board certifications command trust and confidence from the public, which shows that the doctor has gone through the necessary and required training and is in the line with the general acknowledgment of ethics, principles, and experience.

Eric Forsthoefel permits treatment with many insurance cards like Aetna, First Health, and Medicare. The facility advises that it is important to confirm with them because the covers of the insurance keep changing.

His Clients Satisfactions and Rating

Doctor Eric Forsthoefel’s services and how his patients visit him rate him on various parameters, which include knowledge, punctuality, helpfulness and many more. A huge percentage of his clients said that they were satisfied by how he attended to them. Many said that Doctor Eric always took his time to note down the patient’s grievances, and also did his research thoroughly before starting the treatment process. He is highly committed, competent and does his work professionally. Most of his clients say that they would never hesitate to recommend their family members or friends to Dr. Eric Forsthoefel.

Why Waiakea Water is the best for human consumption

When it comes to water, it is important to be choosy. Not all water is equal; the quality, PH, and water source can all affect how safe water is to drink and how great it will taste. When it comes to sustainability, alkalinity, and taste there is no better brand than Waiakea Hawaiin Volcanic Water.

Waiakea is sourced from the base of a Hawaiin Volcano, and the company participates in efforts to supply drinking water to those in need around the world. Waiakea water, as previously stated, goes through fourteen thousand feet of volcanic rock from an area of the world where it rains almost every day. In fact, the rainfall in the area is so consistent that it happens about 360 out of the 365 days per year. This means the water supply is consistent resulting in bottled water that is always fresh. While filtered through the volcanic rock, Waiakea water is filtered and packed with essential minerals. The minerals include calcium, magnesium, and more.

Alkaline water is incredibly beneficial for the body when consumed. It can help with stomach aches as it combats stomach acid and heartburn and can help regulate the body’s PH levels. Waiakea helps to neutralize the stomach, combatting any issues with acidity.

Not only do the creators of Waiakea care about people around the world, they also care about the environment. In fact, Waiakea water is so sustainably sourced that its business and products have an environmental impact of exactly net O. This means that they are not harming the environment in any way. They also use carbon neutral water bottles, which have a low emission production process. The company also utilizes sustainable packing materials when shipping their bottles around the world.

Waiakea is great all around. The alkalinity of the water offers incredible health benefits for the consumer, the product itself is sustainable through rainfall, and the packaging is eco-friendly with little to no carbon emissions. Waiakea is a considerate and world conscious brand with a great taste. If you want to help save the world and get a little healthier, just by drinking a bottle of water, switch to Waiakea water today!

Why Penelope Kokkinides Of InnovaCare Health Wants To See A Boost In Funding To Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health is a New Jersey company which supplies Medicare and Medicaid plans to the residents of Puerto Rico. The top executive is CEO Rick Shinto and the CAO is Penelope Kokkinides. They say that the patient always comes first at this organization and they firmly believe that a by enabling strong patient-provider relationships the people they serve will be healthier with better lives. They seek to keep costs down while providing excellent care through the use of advanced technology and smarter care.

Hurricane Maria caused massive damage in Puerto Rico when it hit in 2017. For months afterward there was no power and even know rural parts of the island remain in the dark. The capital city, San Juan has a large shopping center named Plaza las Americas. It was in this shopping mall that Innovacare Health decided to place Recargate (Spanish for “recharge”). When they first opened this place it was used as a place for people to recharge their electronic devices. It then became a clinic to treat people and since that time it has seen more than 20,000 patients. Puerto Ricans are using Recargate to charge up their smartphones and tablets while also seeking services such as mental and physical healthcare.

At Recargate, InnovaCare Health is offering a space for recreation and a place to attend an exercise class. They have also offered Puerto Ricans educational seminars and workshops about ways to live healthy lives. It is also a place where people can pick up donated items, like food and drugs, that corporations have been donating as part of the recovery efforts. People who qualify for social services also receive help from the employees of Recargate who help them apply for them.

Another way that InnovaCare Health is trying to improve healthcare in Puerto Rico is by getting more funding for Medicaid and Medicare there. Penelope Kokkinides was a participant in the Women in Healthcare” panel held at the White House and attended by Donald Trump and Seema Verma, the CMS Administrator. Penelope talked about how funding for these programs has been gashed by over $1 billion a year since 2011, an amount that exceeds the cuts in the states. Penelope Kokkinides made the case that if funding isn’t boosted in Puerto Rico then many people who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid will move to the states. When that happens the cost of treating them goes up by three to four times more expensive.


Ara Chackerian: Establishing the TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian is known as the founder of the TMS Health Solutions, tech and medical company which uses the transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, for treating a wide variety of diseases. One of the most common uses of the TMS technology is to fight psychological disorders, which affect a lot of Americans in the present. Those who are suffering from resistant depression and other similar disorders can benefit from the TMS technology, as there is a high percentage for them to get cured. Several studies conducted using the TMS technology revealed its effectivity, and Ara Chackerian is encouraging everyone who is suffering from psychological disorders to try the treatment. He is also inviting everyone those who are living overseas to check out how the TMS technology works. It is his dream for his company to become a global phenomenon, which is why he is actively encouraging the people to try out his latest technology. Currently, Ara Chakerian sits as one of the company’s board member, while being a managing partner to other medical firms. He is also active in performing philanthropic works, and he has involved himself in investing.

Having the mindset of an entrepreneur, Ara Chakerian planned to establish a health-related firm because his friend told him that he has the highest chance of making a profit with the medical industry. He founded the TMS Health Solutions thinking that if the treatment is effective, more people will come to them and ask for their services. After the TMS technology showcased its effectivity, people started to think curiously as to how the treatment process works, and they are visiting his firm to check it out. News about the TMS technology reached every medical firm in the San Francisco Bay area, and they soon invited Ara Chakerian to become either a board member or one of their managing partners.

Ara Chakerian is optimistic about the potential of the TMS technology to be used in the medical field. He is hoping that in the future, there would be fewer people who are suffering from psychological disorders, and wishing that his company would become a significant part of the solution. You can visit Vimeo for more videos.

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Lifeline Screening CMO Does an Interview with Ideamensch

Ideamnensch began the interview with chief medical officer, Andrew Manganaro of Lifeline Screening by asking him where the idea to start Life Line Screening came from. Dr. Andrew Manganaro responded that the idea came to him when he was still a practicing cardiovascular surgeon at a private practice. It was there, that he saw what he describes as numerous catastrophic cases of cardiovascular diseases such as ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Many of these cases, he says, could have easily been prevented had the patients undergone preventive screening. The preventive screening which would have rooted the problem out well in advance. Life Line Screening provides exactly the kind of preventative measures and screening procedures that check for symptoms that can signal a future catastrophe or major cardiovascular disease like cartoid embolic strokes and more information click here.

The next question asked of chief medical officer, Andrew Manganaro was how does a standard day at work unfold for him and what does he do to make it more productive. Dr. Manganaro said that throughout the day he is involved in many quality assurance tasks. This includes him overseeing the clinical department at Life Line Screening and acting as a supervisor to the board certified physicians that read lab tests. Dr. Andrew Manganaro also looks after the research and development efforts at Life Line Screening.

Ideamensch next asked how Andrew Manganaro brings his ideas to life. To this question, Dr. Manganaro responded he brings ideas to life with the aid of his talented colleagues. Their hard work and cooperation is instrumental to executing ideas at the health care screening company.

Later on, Dr. Andrew Manganaro was asked about a trend that he deems exciting. Dr. Manganaro says the trend of more and more physicians recognized the importance and benefits of early diagnosis and intervention of diseases. With this approach, physicians, family members and patients can develop plans to halt or slow down the progression of chronic diseases. It can also lead to the stopping of many fatal or catastrophic developments if early intervention and treatment is provided and Lifeline Screening on Facebook.

Ideamensch asked Andrew Manganaro what are some habits of his that make him more productive at his job. He replied that hard work and persistence reap rewards at any workplace and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

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Rick Shinto: A Scion of Visionary Leadership at InnovaCare Health Solutions

Guided by its mission of redefining modern day healthcare management, InnovaCare Health Solutions has achieved significant success when it comes increasing its presence in key markets. Currently, the company has two subsidiaries operating primarily in Puerto Rico, which have been accredited following their meeting of operational threshold of quality assurance. The subsidiaries, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc, were given NCQA accreditation in 2011 after they attained a customer satisfaction threshold of 90 percent. The company’s management, headed by chief executive officer and President Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto has played a key role in its success. The team is made up of highly qualified professional with excellent success track record in the various management positions they have held in several corporations. The company is committed to transparency, fostering of good working relationships and good communication with its stakeholders including the employees and the clients. Under Mr. Shinto’s visionary leadership, InnovaCare Health has brought on board new talents such as Penelope Kokkinides who are highly experienced, driven and visionary. Visit Penelope’s website at

Penelope Kokkinides: A Management Veteran

With over 20 years of experience working as a leading company executive, Penelope Kokkinides brings more than just experience to the management of InnovaCare Health Solutions. She is an ambitious and visionary leader with impeccable record of successfully guiding companies to financial and operational success. Before taking over as the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare, she had held the position of chief operations officer; a position she previously held at Aveta Inc. where she also doubled up as the company’s vice president in charge of clinical operations. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Rick Shinto’s Career, Education History and Business Savvy Management

Rick Shinto has a rich technical experience gained over years of serving in several positions in the healthcare industry. His Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award-winning career has seen him serve as the vice president of Medical Management Company and chief medical officer at Cal Optima Health Plan. He also doubled up as the chief medical officer and chief operations officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. He is also worked at NAMM. He holds a MBA degree from the University of Redlands, a Bachelor of Science degree from University of California and a medicine degree from State University of New York. He has also authored numerous articles touching various topics on healthcare.

Using his business savvy management approach, Rick Shinto has guided InnovaCare to success. He has motivated the company’s workforce to work diligently with a view of providing better services to the clients. This has seen the company’s client base increase due to affordable healthcare insurance plans launched by the company.