Modern Technology’s Cool Kid – Cloudwick

Cloudwick is Amazon’s Big Data consultant when it comes to modern data warehousing and data analysis. Modern technology thrives on the development of Artificial Intelligence, and Cloudwick is one of the leading providers of modern technology, dealing with cloud and advanced analytics, big data and data lakes.

Through the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudwick offers SageMaker a platform that allows data scientists to develop and deploy machine learning models. SageMaker makes the complicated and slow process of machine learning easy and fast to allow businesses and developers to make fast decisions on analyzed data. SageMaker removes the tedious task of training your model and then testing it, by doing this with One-Click Training and Development, as well as pre-installed Apache MXNet and Tensor Flow. SageMaker pricing starts at different levels with a free tier for two months and On-Demand ML instances, where a user is charged per instance-hour for each instance, from the moment the instance is available to the moment it’s not, other pricing information can be found on their site.

Cloudwick’s Data Lake is modern technology’s ginormous storage unit. Accepting structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from all sources of data collection. The Data Lake is the cool kid that allows organizations to analyze their data while taking the client organization’s problems in mind. It assesses an organization’s environment and plans accordingly how to design and develop an organization’s Data Lake.

Another service offered by CloudWick, is Cyber Security. Developing CDL, an intelligent neural system for Cyber Security, a part of the data lake solution that takes in different forms of data in the form of logs and events, taking them into a high performing and low-cost data lake that analyzes security data for clients and giving them solutions. It is backed by other leading data analytics and security providers such as Intel and AWS. It enables organizations to fight the good fight against cyber threats, which do include: malware, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and botnets.

Cloudwick is an organization to watch for, with its growing partnerships with big fish such as Amazon and its incredible platforms and services offered to combat challenges faced in machine learning and cybersecurity.