Victoria Doramus’s Efforts in Protecting Animals

Addiction can be a challenging situation and recovering is not easy. She is one of the addicts that have gone through the recovery process successfully and has always been passionate about helping other people who may be in such a situation. Victoria Doramus is not only interested in helping human beings through the recovery process but also animals. She has made several contributions to the Best Friends Animal Society. The organization works towards preventing the killing of animals in the United States.

To ensure the success of the partnership, Victoria Doramus works closely with other community-based programs in the country. Best Friends Animal Society was established in the 1980s and one of its first initiatives was to end the killing of cats and other domestic animals that was prevalent in the U.S. Some of the residents were killing the animals as a way of getting rid of unwanted pets. Statistics at the time showed that millions of cats and dogs were killed annually.

A group of friends joined hands to provide safe shelter for the affected animals. A significant number of the animals were taken to new families that took care of them. Others stayed at the facility for the rest of their lives. The friends later established the non-profit firm which has made great strides in ensuring the safety of animals. Victoria Doramus believes that all animals should be taken care of despite their health condition or age.

The long term goal of the Best Friends Animal Society is to ensure that no animal in the country’s shelters will be killed. About 1,600 animals are taken care of by the organization at any given time. The love they get from the animal handlers at the non-profit firm helps to speed up their recovery process. The organization also engages in activities such as conducting awareness campaigns, organizing fundraising events to finance its activities, and facilitating adoption.

Best Friends Animal Society also relies on donations from various well-wishers from all parts of the country. Victoria Doramus’s experience in the media industry has been helpful in running the animal sanctuary. She is knowledgeable in areas such as advertising and branding.