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About Miami- Based Attorney: Todd Levine

Todd Levine is a professional commercial litigator who works on all kinds of complex cases and founding and a member of various law firms. Todd studied bachelors in finance at the University of Florida. He eventually studied law in Florida Levin College graduating with honors. He has perfected his skills over the years with the experience gained hence putting him to be among the top rated lawyers in South America.

Todd Levine Case Representation and Approach

Todd Levine represents all groups as an attorney ranging from buyers, sellers, contractors, property managers, and brokers. Other than commercial cases, Todd handles a different more full range of disputes such as sports and entertainment defenses. He has many years of experience in the law sector hence giving him a more significant opportunity to handle complex cases with ease and great determination in the courtroom. Todd, therefore, gained a lot of popularity from his techniques of handling a case to become one of the best attorneys.

In developing his working strategies, Todd uses his analytical and creative techniques to come up with a unique way that other lawyers cannot. Todd usually finds secret evidence in a case and brings it to light hence bringing in a new influence on the matter. He also uses his skills of creating a legal dispute that eventually will lead to assuring an utterly complex disagreement that existed as highlighted in this interview

Awards and Other Involvements

Todd Levine has received numerous known awards from different areas of publication such as Super Lawyers (see more) and the Daily Business Review. He has received a grant from the Best Lawyers of America, Superlawyers, Martindale Hubbell as the top lawyer and Legal Elite of Florida Trend Magazines. Other than awards, Todd has received positive feedback from most of his clients who he served and remarks from his fellow attorneys. See more.

Other than his daily routine, Todd likes music where he plays guitar and keyboard during his leisure time. He also loves art where it again helps him as a litigator.

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The Madison County Courier is a new tool that people in New York can use to find the perfect lawyer for their situation. Every lawyer in the state is listed within this courier. Additionally, this courier is manually updated every few hours. The creators of the Madison County Courier want all people to have accurate contact information of every lawyer within the courier.


When an individual visits the Madison County Courier website, they can search for attorneys who pertain tho their situation; this may be the field of DUI, personal injury, criminal, real estate, and others. Even better, the attorneys listed on the website are arranged from best to worst. This helps people find a great attorney with haste. Every attorney is set on a rating system of ‘five stars.’ These stars come from positive reviews, which are easily found right by the attorney’s picture.


People will also be able to find out how much they will need for a retainer and any other cost associated with the attorney. Potential clients and attorneys can chat live on this digital courier. This is meant to help people—if needed—find a lawyer the morning of their court hearing.


Jeremy Goldstein, Esq., was one of the main voices who helped form the Madison County Courier. As both an employee for the government and a private attorney, Jeremy Goldstein observed many people walk into the courtroom and lose. This was mainly because these individuals picked their lawyer via word of mouth, or they were out of time and chose any lawyer they could find. Jeremy Goldstein knew there had to be a way to connect people to the perfect lawyer for their particular case.


Jeremy Goldstein has helped over 5000 CEO’s win cases in the courtroom. These cases mostly had to do with work management as it relates to employees and the workplace. Today, Jeremy Goldstein is one of the top leading lawyers in the world of business.


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State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), recently launched an online program. The program is aimed at helping those in need of legal representation to find a lawyer. The lawyers who can be found in this online program deal with matters ranging from writing of wills, child custody matters, criminal issues and any other legal issues.



The program has come to the rescue of many in need of legal representation, as it’s an easy way to find the right lawyer. The attorneys available for hire within the platform are evaluated and approved by the New York State Bar Association, thus are better positioned to handle clients’ legal matters.



Interested client visit the organization’s website. Here the client fills out a questionnaire describing the kind of legal issue one needs handled. The State Bar staff then reviews the questionnaire, and matches the client with an attorney who can easily be accessed by the client. Upon being connected to the attorney, the client pays a small consultation fee, and if the client wishes to proceed with the identified lawyer, a compensation fee is agreed on.



Having specialized as a lawyer, Jeremy L. Goldstein attended New York University School of Law. Jeremy is a partner and the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, and has previously worked at various law firms such as Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates specializes in giving advice to compensation committees, management teams and corporations in corporate governance matters as well as executive compensation issues.



Jeremy Goldstein has acquired numerous skills over time, owing to his major involvement in many of the largest legal corporate transactions. Jeremy has made it his passion to help his clients in handling legal issues. Through his commitment, his clients are assured of results.


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