Marco Antonio Marques da Silva as an Influential Figure

One of the most influential judges of the Courts of Appeal earned the Doctor Honoris Causa as recognition of his intellect and ethical position. Commonly known by his full names, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva, the judge is a motivating factor for younger generations studying law. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva managed to inspire his community through his profession and actions in the quest for justice (Youtube). 

Educational and Professional Qualifications 

In 1981, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva graduated from the PUC-SP School of Law. Given the passion for taking a more professional approach, he pursued a master’s degree and later pursued a doctorate in criminal law. Upon beginning his career, he worked in several positions in the field of law. The formal job as a member of the state judiciary enabled him to travel across the country to perform his official responsibilities. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva served as a substitute judge before becoming a full-time member of the Courts of Appeals. 


Aside from being a judge,  Marques da Silva is an author of 14 books that relate to his profession. These books portray his broad understanding of the field of law, which is impressive even to his fellow professors. One of his books attained him the Light of Recognition provided by the University of Lisbon. It was the Luso-Brazillian Treaty of Human Dignity released in 2009. 

Decisions and Recognition 

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva made many effective decisions as a judge that set a foundation for the legal precedent in Brazil. The judge showed his intellectual and ethical ability when he handled a case where the public prosecutor’s office illegally collected evidence. He concluded that since the evidence was obtained using a wiretap under the office of the prosecutor, it remained unacceptable. It is through such decisions that judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a remarkable role model for future generations. 

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