The RealReal Enforces and Encourages Recycling

Customers of The RealReal and Rent the Runway get annual reports back that tell them how much they have saved by buying consigned items or by renting luxury clothing and accessories. The report also points out how much they have helped the environment by not buying brand new items.

Unfortunately, a substantial amount of apparel ends up in landfills, and it’s a major contributor to the trash that ends up in landfills. Because of The RealReal, there’s another option to reuse apparel and other items that you may no longer need but that someone else would love to buy.

These reports are like report cards, and they encourage the recipients to keep shopping the way that they have been and to keep helping the environment. The companies are also enforcing loyalty, but they haven’t spilled how much it has helped sales overall.

Email communication is an effective way to communicate, and it helps to offer a personalized service to customers. It is also a cost-effective way to advertise new products and promotions to consumers as well.

The RealReal is one of the leaders in the consigned luxury goods market. The RealReal has made designer items accessible to everyone, and they’re a trustworthy source to get name brand and designer items. Ever item that ends up listed on their e-commerce store or in one of their physical stores has been thoroughly authenticated. The company prides itself on its very strict authentication process, and nothing slips by its dedicated team of specialists.

The RealReal make sit easy to get designer items, and they ship directly to your door. Julie Wainwright decided to scale slowly and to add physical stores gradually, and it’s been a successful move. She’s opening a store in New York and has plans to open more as the company grows.

The RealReal originally sold clothing, but they made $100 million in fine jewelry and watches in just the past year. It is also one of their most popular items to sell. Their customers know that they can buy with confidence, and it has really helped the company to grow.