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Greg Blatt Has Managed Impressive Results At Every Stop Throughout His Career:

In the exciting and innovative world of online dating companies, the name Greg Blatt is one of distinction. This is no surprise as he has been a major executive leader with some of the top online dating firm’s currently operating in the world today. His past experiences include serving in the Chief Executive Officer position with companies the Match Group and Tinder. Greg Blatt was also the Executive Chairman at Tinder from 2015 to 2016 and has formerly been the Chief Executive Officer with the influential company IAC. This impressive resume has helped Greg Blatt to become one of the iconic leaders in this exciting and always growing global industry.

IAC was far from the first big position that Greg Blatt held over his impressive career path. He worked for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia before joining IAC. While with Martha Stewart Living, Greg Blatt held the position of a General Counsel. He also had some formative experience serving as an associate with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz in New York City before these other career positions. Beyond his successes in the business realm, Greg Blatt has an outstanding background from his education that has served him well. He is the older of degrees from both Columbia and Colgate. 

Greg Blatt has had consistent success tied to his name with all of the various companies that he has been involved with. He has always been able to uplift figures and come up with new ideas to improve the service the company already is offering at the moment he comes in. From his time in the world of law to the work that he did when Greg worked for Martha Stewart Living and his extensive forays into the world of online dating operations, Greg Blatt has always come up ahead by being willing and ready to innovate. His desire to make his mark in the world of business had helped him to consistently find ways to achieve wherever he has gone. It has been a long and productive career but Greg Blatt is still highly motivated to this day and takes a great deal of enjoyment in his work. He is an individual who still enjoys meeting with clients one on one as he continues to find new ways to achieve great things in his career. 


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What’s next for Lincolnshire Management?

When Holley first broke ground in Wisconsin, it fell into the opportunity to manufacture carburetors for almost every vehicle that found itself leaving Detroit after being manufactured. This alone is what gave them the kickstart they needed as a company. From there, they were able to expand their reach by entering the auto racing scene as they proved they were about delivering high-performance solutions.

Winding up 2018, it was announced in October that Lincolnshire Management has officially exited Holley Performance Products. This is a daring move, but one that wasn’t done in a way that will hinder the future of Holley over the years. In fact, it allowed for a merger that makes 2 brands even more powerful in their own sense, with both working hand in hand.

It wasn’t a moment met with a lack of valuable memories.

While it only made it about 6 years in the Lincolnshire Management portfolio, give or take, it still has come a long way since they first got their hands on it. They were able to not only maintain its customer base but grow it as well by reaching other audiences it didn’t reach before. While exiting the brand doesn’t seem like a way for them to show their appreciation for it, exiting in the way they did surely does.

Driven Performance Brands is a portfolio that directly targets car owners that care. The ones you’d see adding the new upgrades and detailing their cars every other day if not every day. It’s a portfolio full of brands for those that demand the best and newest. Those that keep the auto life close to heart. So, therefore, Lincolnshire Management did well by making a move to continue to allow Holley Performance Products to continue hitting the true connoisseurs of cars.

Sometimes you must let a brand go for it to continue to grow.

As you can see, this is exactly what Lincolnshire Management had to do. Sure, it was a valuable addition to their portfolio, but they were able to make almost 3 times their initial investment. By increasing the value of Holley Performance Products like that, it was nothing but a gain on their ends. They’re the smart ones of the industry for making such a decision.

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Lori Senecal’s Career as a Marketing Executive

Lori Senecal is a marketing executive who currently works as the chief executive officer of the advertising firm known as CP+B Global. In a recent announcement, she is going to retire and therefore step down as the firm’s CEO. Over the last three years, she has served as the CEO and has been able to build on the success of CP+B Global. Senecal became the CEO at CP+B Global after spending a few years in a leading executive role at MDC Partners. With her retirement, a number of people will miss her including the founder of CP+B Global Chuck Porter. Over the last three years, Porter has said that it was great working with Lori. He said that she has been a perfect fit for a company that was looking to grow and expand worldwide. With her entrepreneurial mindset, she has been able to build the firm into one of the leading global advertising agencies in the world. Check out for more.





While Lori will be looking to retire by the end of the year, she has agreed to help the firm transition into new leadership. She will spend the remainder of the year helping the firm find a replacement for her as well as putting together the next generation of the firm’s managers. Lori will use her expertise of marketing and management to find the ideal person for the new role. She will work with the founder Chuck Porter in the evaluation process. By helping elect a new CEO for CP+B Global, Lori will be in position to provide a positive impact on the firm’s future. Check out



Before starting her career, Lori Senecal went to college to finish a degree. She attended McGill University and studied commerce, marketing and finance. Lori would complete a degree in this field. After finishing college, Lori would then begin her career working in the marketing industry. Her most notable experiences were with McCann Erickson and KBS. While working at these firms, she would help them grow in both size and expansion of clientele. Senecal credits her success to her experience as a gymnastics coach. Her coaching experience helped her develop leadership skills that would help her thrive in business. In terms of conducting business, Lori has said that it is important to make money by getting clients and then promoting something of value that they have to offer. Another key attribute to Lori’s success has been her ability to motivate people and urge them to reach goals on a consistent basis. For more details visit Bloomberg.



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