Roseann Bennett Looks At The Future Of Medical Treatment


Roseann Bennett is a well-beloved individual in the medical community. She is the co-founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment and holds academic degrees from Seton Hall University. At the same time, she has acquired certifications for medical related practices.


Roseann Bennett has made it her life mission to help those in need. The website Release Fact recently published an article: Bennett Looks at the Future of Therapy, where they got her opinion on the newest treatment trend called Telemedicine.


As technology improves, the methods a patient uses to seek treatment will also evolve. Telemedicine is the use of technology to remotely send information via pictures, text, or voice chat. It is a much more time and cost-effective method to get a doctor’s opinion. There was a previously documented use of telemedicine in Australia when a bike pedal powered Radio was used for communication. Find Related Information Here.


There are many positives and negatives to Telemedicine. The convenience of staying at home and not having to pay for the doctor visit are major perks. At the same time, being away from the doctor’s office decreases the likelihood of the illness spreading. It also makes it possible to see a specialist who could be hundreds of miles away. However, on the flip side, medical information could be hacked if stored online. Having a screen between patient and doctor is a barrier to creating a long-lasting relationship and getting a full assessment of the issue. There’s also the possibility of being connected with a poorly experienced doctor. There many things to consider if a patient chooses this service.


The medical world is always in a constant state of change. Technology is changing the way treatment is handled. Roseann Bennett understands the methods patients seek well change over time, but generally going to the doctor in person will forever be the most effective to get treatment. Getting the full immersive experience is how a doctor will ensure the patient gets the correct solution.