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NewsWatch TV Review: Avanca Achieves More Than Expected

NewsWatch TV has worked with countless startups, app developers, non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 Companies over the years. These companies have contacted NewsWatch TV not only for their promotional videos; but also for their unmatched professionalism. Avanca is one of the companies that hired NewsWatch to help them increase exposure for their new Ockel Sirius B pocket PC with Windows 10. Avanca had created an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and pledged at least $10,000 for their overall goal. Their goal must be met by 30 days or they won’t be able to receive any of the funds allotted to them.

NewsWatch TV produced a one minute segment to help promote the new gadget along with their Indiegogo campaign. After the promotional segment was aired to over 96 million homes throughout the United States, Avanca’s crowdfunding campaign became an instant hit. The tech company had raised exactly $456,551 during the 30 day period, about 29 times more money than their original pledge. This was Avanca’s second time hiring NewsWatch for promotional use and it was another great success. The marketing director at Avanca, Nathalie van Wijkvliet, was overjoyed with the results and highly recommends working with the NewsWatch TV crew.

NewsWatch TV is a series that discusses all of the breaking news related to technology and entertainment. The program is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and airs weekly on the AMC Network. NewsWatch has interviewed over 650 American celebrities and reviewed thousands of consumer technology related products and services. They have aired over 1,229 episodes and reached over 700 million people over 25 years.

The series primarily discuss financial news when it began airing in the 90’s. The program has since expanded and now features a new segments such as AppWatch and consumer tech reports. They review and showcase up-and-coming apps for the all of the latest devices. The series has won many awards and has maintained a strong social media presence.

Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is currently the Executive producer and head of strategy and partnership at Colibri Studios. Colibri Studio is a content development studio that uses a collaborative approach to create highly engaging stories that are well executed. Colibri utilizes in-depth research and creative thinking that is technologically oriented to come up with content which works best across all platforms. The stories created in the studio range from documentaries to repeatable, returnable series. Scarr believes that content that is engaging, uplifting, thought-provoking and is inspirational has the ability to shift mindsets and change the world we live in positively.

Bridget has over fifteen years worth of production experience in areas such as advertising, television, and animation. Throughout her career journey, Bridget has been in charge of overseeing creative development and technical production output of a team that initially had five people and grew to 220 people. Bridget has also been responsible for the numerous productions of drama, children’s animation, entertainment, and lifestyle programs among others.

At Colibri Studios Bridget is involved in the daily development of content and has collaborated with international project partners, broadcasters and creative talent to bring project ideas to life.

Bridget has previously worked as a TV producer and was focused on bringing other people’s ideas to life. But it reached a time when she thought she had done it all and wanted to start her own business where she would have a home for her own ideation and that’s how Colibri Studios came into being. Bridget finds personal satisfaction at Colibri Studio, and it has turned out to be the place that she can comfortably bring all her ideas together to come up with well thought and creative Exhibition Projects, Virtual reality, Digital content and traditional television projects.

Bridget together with other partners in 2008 founded Pollen Creative Media. Pollen Creative Media had humble begins and started off with only five employees and a capital of $10,000. Today the company boasts of providing employment to over 200 employees and produces award winning contents for major brands and broadcasters.

Bridget currently focuses on creating and producing content that is visually rich, encourages the mind and stirs the soul. When not working on exciting television projects, Bridget spends her time writing her first novel and album.

Bridget Scarr is an alumnus of Rhodes University, SA.


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