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What’s next for Lincolnshire Management?

When Holley first broke ground in Wisconsin, it fell into the opportunity to manufacture carburetors for almost every vehicle that found itself leaving Detroit after being manufactured. This alone is what gave them the kickstart they needed as a company. From there, they were able to expand their reach by entering the auto racing scene as they proved they were about delivering high-performance solutions.

Winding up 2018, it was announced in October that Lincolnshire Management has officially exited Holley Performance Products. This is a daring move, but one that wasn’t done in a way that will hinder the future of Holley over the years. In fact, it allowed for a merger that makes 2 brands even more powerful in their own sense, with both working hand in hand.

It wasn’t a moment met with a lack of valuable memories.

While it only made it about 6 years in the Lincolnshire Management portfolio, give or take, it still has come a long way since they first got their hands on it. They were able to not only maintain its customer base but grow it as well by reaching other audiences it didn’t reach before. While exiting the brand doesn’t seem like a way for them to show their appreciation for it, exiting in the way they did surely does.

Driven Performance Brands is a portfolio that directly targets car owners that care. The ones you’d see adding the new upgrades and detailing their cars every other day if not every day. It’s a portfolio full of brands for those that demand the best and newest. Those that keep the auto life close to heart. So, therefore, Lincolnshire Management did well by making a move to continue to allow Holley Performance Products to continue hitting the true connoisseurs of cars.

Sometimes you must let a brand go for it to continue to grow.

As you can see, this is exactly what Lincolnshire Management had to do. Sure, it was a valuable addition to their portfolio, but they were able to make almost 3 times their initial investment. By increasing the value of Holley Performance Products like that, it was nothing but a gain on their ends. They’re the smart ones of the industry for making such a decision.

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Interview with entrepreneur Nitin Khanna

The CEO of MergerTech has made quite a career for himself as an investor, leader, and as a driven entrepreneur with experience in the tech field. Nitin Khanna grew up in a household of businessmen, whether it was his father or uncles, as he was raised in India and later pursued a degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University. After finishing school, he started out a company with his brother called Saber Software that was successful from the start with companies using their software; even for the big election in the year 2000 between Bush and Gore. After selling Saber Software, he built the company known today as MergerTech with the mission to help out other entrepreneurs with their own companies.

Nitin Khanna is a strong believer in having a good team of employees with a clear mission, value, and culture. He admits that he and his brother worked well together with Khanna working more on the sales side of things while his brother was running the plans. Nitin Khanna makes sure that he executes his plans and that is what he believes is a key to his success throughout his career in business. Again he emphasizes the essential nature of having a good unit of employees who will tackle their goals and if present is destined for success. Whenever he can, he tries to get each team member working effectively through motivation and the goals of the brand.

One of the interesting elements that Nitin Khanna states in the interview is that successful entrepreneurs make free time and will have it at their disposal; an unlimited amount of it too. He believes that successful and like-minded people such as himself will make time and know how to use it effectively. One of the tips that the entrepreneur gives is that others should use their time wisely and stay productive throughout the day. The ultimate goal when it comes to Nitin Khanna is building a company that stays around for a long time and gives others advice to recognize what they are truly good at and going for it. The businessman spends his days speaking with team members either addressing their problems or answering their questions. In his free time, he likes to spend his time DJing, reading, or producing documentaries at festivals.

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All You Need to Know About OSI Group

OSI Group, LLC is a private corporation of meat processors whose main operation is based in the food industry. It services food industries with products such as bacon, breakfastsausage, hot dogs, cooked beef and cooked beef, pizza and dough-based products. Sandwich assembly and smoked products.


OSI Group was founded 60 years ago in Aurora, Illinois, USA with the aim of processing and supplying value-added protein items among other food products. The group has since grown into a global venture with a 6.1 billion annual revenue turnover.


OSI Group has established locations in 17 countries and owns over 50 facilities. Its number of employees stands at 20,000. Sheldon Lavin is the current chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC. Its main headquarters is in Aurora. The group’s main customers comprise of retail brands and businesses in the food service industry.

OSI Group, LLC attributes its success in the food industry to:

  • Its acquisition of other food companies, such as Baho Food, a company that operates in Germany and Netherlands, thus strengthening its hold in the food industry.
  • Having an outstanding relationship with its suppliers and customers. Despite being a global venture, it takes the time to analyze and understand the local needs of its customers in various supply locations; by investing in local management teams. OSI has won the commitment and loyalty of its suppliers, customers, and partners by providing them with a sense of belonging; they can easily relate to its products.
  • Its strength in sourcing for raw materials.
  • It sets and observes strict standards during the production and product commercialization processes
  • Its vast international network enables its partners, suppliers and customers easily access its products and services reducing costs incurred thus widening the profit margin.
  • Great leadership from its previous and current CEO’s who have over the years steered the group in the right direction by focusing on the best growth techniques.

Recently OSI launched the opening of several plants globally which include: a feed mill with a capacity of 600,000 metric tons in Shandong, China, a beef processing plant located in Poland and a large cold storage area in one of its facilities at Babolna, Hungary.

Future Plans

One of its major future plans is to expand its presence in China further. According to MC Donald, President of OSI Group, China is one of the most promising countries regarding revenue. This is due to factors such as its economy and population; China has a rapidly growing population which means the customer base keeps widening. Also lately, China’s economy has been looking up which spells good news for companies operating in it.

MC Donald says that their appetite for growth is simply insatiable hence more is yet to come.