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Jeremy Goldstein Goes from High-Profile Attorney to Highly Dedicated Philanthropist

Many corporate professionals rely on charities and philanthropy to keep their public appearance ‘clean.’ Though many of them are heads of relatively despised companies, working with charities is a good way to appear as though they care about the rest of society.

Occasionally, a high-profile professional will actually take to heart the message and mission of a local charitable foundation. That’s what happened to Jeremy Goldstein when he started working with Fountain House.

Early in his career, Jeremy Goldstein discovered he had a knack for working with clients that allowed him to better advise them through complicated mergers and acquisitions. The firm he first joined after graduating from the New York University School of Law didn’t appreciate his close relationships with clients, so Goldstein ventured on his own.

Once his firm was well-established, he fully invested in forming closer-than-usual relationships with his clients and potential clients. While other lawyers always stayed at an arm’s length, Jeremy Goldstein was the lawyer that wanted to talk about his clients’ businesses in and outside of the office. His friendly can-do attitude quickly found success among some of the world’s largest corporations, high-profile CEOs, management teams, and compensation committees.

At the height of his career, Goldstein began feeling empty, as he hadn’t been giving back to the community that made him successful. That’s when he began working with Fountain House. Fountain House chairmen exposed Jeremy Goldstein to the tragedy that is the world’s perception of people with mental illnesses.

The reality of mental illness is never as debilitating or threatening as society makes it appear, but that doesn’t stop billions of people from shunning and rejecting those struggling with lifelong conditions and temporary struggles. Of the nearly eight billion living on Earth today, the W.H.O. predicts that one-fourth of them will have to deal with mental illness at some point in their lives.

Despite such a staggering statistic, many nations continue ignoring the problem; some don’t even acknowledge mental illness as a social problem. Fountain House’s work with their clients should be the future of mental health, which is why the organization tirelessly partners with national and international organizations fighting for the same or similar causes.

Any member of Fountain House has access to full meals, a place to live, potential education programs, and job training programs. Fountain House believes in helping their clients with everything from treatment to rejoining society as a contributing member of the community.


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Jeremy Goldstein’s Wine Dinner Event

Attorney Jeremy Goldstein is worth his weight in gold. This phenomenal lawyer has a unique way of getting things done in the boardroom. Goldstein earns a living because he has been well-trained in a number of subjects. His list of accomplishments includes an M.A. from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from New York University School of Law. In addition to that, he attained a B.A. cum laude from Cornel University. All of this training and education has led to a very successful career in law. Advisory services is what he technically specializes in. Some of the top management teams, CEOs and corporations have worked closely with Jeremy Goldstein. Being a part of large transactions is also no exception to the rule for this fellow. In the past decade, Goldstein has participated in some of America’s biggest corporate transaction. This includes working with:


  • Goldman Sachs


  • AT&T Corporation


  • Duke Energy


  • Verizon Wireless


  • Sears Roebuck


  • South African Breweries


  • Bank of America


  • Merck


  • Miller Brewing Company


  • Philips Petroleum Company


  • And more



Supporting people who struggle with mental disabilities is another one of his passions. In some way, Goldstein is a jack of all trades kind of guy. Working on Fountain House’s Board of Directors has led him to change the lives of many deserving individuals. By working for Fountain House, he has personally affected mental-illness patients in a number of ways, and this is a good thing. Fountain House is a nonprofit organization that was started back in 1944. A group of individuals who were patients at Rockland State Hospital actually founded the organization.


Hosting wine dinners has definitely been a blessing for Fountain House because these exceptional events have raised copious amounts of capital. Jeremy Goldstein has used his business-savvy sense and personal connections to network with high-profile individuals. Ticket prices for his wine dinner on May 21, 2019, was estimated at $5,000. This capital has gone on to serve Fountain house in a myriad of ways.


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Who Is Jeremy Goldstein & What Does He Do For A Living?

The US is home to hundreds of millions of people. When it comes to the practice of law, this country has thousands to choose from. On the other hand, one of the top lawyers in the city of New York is Jeremy L. Goldstein. This amazing attorney basically offers top-tier advisory services in the sectors of executive compensation and corporate governance. He also offers these advanced services through his law firm, which is known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This boutique-style law firm consists of a team of high-powered attorneys. Goldstein has a number of degrees to his credit. First and foremost, he attended New York University School of Law. Of course, Goldstein went on to attain his J.D. Further more to his credit, he would graduate with the highest honors while earning his M.A. from Cornell University.


Transactions are all a part of conducting business. This man has played a major role in some of the past decade’s biggest corporate transactions. Jeremy Goldstein has built a lasting legacy by working with J.P Morgan Chase, Merck, Goldman Sachs, AT&T Corporation, Verizon Wireless Corporation, South African Breweries, Bank One, Bank of America, Duke Energy, Sears Roebuck Corporation, K-Mart Holding Corporation and many others. Corporate governance and executive compensation is big business as well as huge interests. Goldstein travels around the country speaking about this topic. He has also written reports for each business sector.


Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein also has a huge heart, and he has successfully used his educational background to help those who are need. This man is on Fountain House’s Board of Directors. Fountain House is a New York-based organization that specializes in helping mental-illness sufferers. This particular nonprofit foundation was started in 1944. A group of former patients from Rockland State Hospital set this movement into motion, and it has gone on to do some amazing things. Besides being a nonprofit organization, Fountain House has close to 500 occupants. These occupants are actually individuals who are struggling with a mental disability. Teaching and training each individual on how to succeed in life is the main goal, and Jeremy Goldstein is an overseer of it all.


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Jeremy Goldstein Recommends Non-Compete Agreement To Protect Business Interest

In business, competition is the driving force for companies to function at its optimum efficiency and utilize of every potential advantage they can do over competitors for the customers. While it is intended to be a healthy force that stimulates the development of better products and services, it can also trigger unethical practices when individuals and companies would do whatever it takes to get ahead of the competition. One way in which businesses can protect their interests against these unnecessary and unethical practices is through the use of a non-compete agreement.


Jeremy Goldstein, a popular New York lawyer, discovered the benefits of non-compete agreements when he was working as an associate attorney at the start of his professional career. While handling the legal aspects of different clients in the business world, he realized that businesses have a lot of vulnerabilities for abuse. It was also one of the reasons why when he founded his own law firm, the Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, he chose to specialize in protecting the rights of businesses and in handling corporate cases.


He was exposed to different legal battles of different companies operating in the business world during the early years of practicing his profession. With his substantial knowledge and experience in the field, Jeremy Goldstein understands the concerns of many businesses. He recommends that to ensure that the interests of businesses are protected, they should use a non-compete agreement during employee onboarding.


Non-compete agreements usually put restrictions on employees to protect the trade secrets, patents, intellectual properties, and even customers of the business. There are drawbacks and benefits to non-compete agreements for all the concerned parties and it should not be entered into lightly. The main goal of having employees sign a non-compete agreement is to avoid having to compete with a previous employee who has the knowledge of the company’s trade secrets.


Also, there are times when the court would not honor the non-compete agreement because it was poorly prepared and sometimes appear to be coercive. That is why businesses must hire a competent legal team to prepare this. Jeremy Goldstein is known in the business world for his competence.


He was a part of the legal team when SBC Communications Inc acquired AT& T Corporation. Jeremy Goldstein was there when South African Breweries PLC was purchased by Miller Brewing Company. He was one of the legal counsels when Bank One Corporation merged with JP Morgan and Chase.


There are times when he admitted that he finds it hard to joggle between his family time and professional time. Before his achievements in the legal world as well as in the corporate world, Jeremy Goldstein was an ace student who got his bachelor’s degree at the University of Chicago. He also went to New York University to earn his Juris Doctor.


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