Boris Ivanov, the founder and managing director of GPB Global Resources B.V., is engaged in oil exploration and production internationally. The company was formed in 2011 in Amsterdam and has been successful in developing oil extraction and production opportunities in South America and Africa over the years.

Successful In Satisfying Local Legal Environment

It has always been challenging for any exploration company to set the framework according to the local legal environment to run a project without any conflicting issues. Africa has 54 countries with different laws and regulations for the natural-resources industry making it even more challenging to comply with the regulatory framework.

GPB Global Resouces B.V has been successful in dealing with all regional and local legal environments with Boris Ivanov’s leadership.

Provides Complete Infrastructure Idea

As resources are often found in remote locations, poor or nonexistent infrastructure is one of the biggest hurdles in oil extraction projects. Without a proper infrastructure is it difficult to ensure the safety of the company and local communities. Government partners develop the infrastructure for making a secure extraction environment and also finances for it.

Natural resource companies struggle a lot with these physical challenges in Africa. GPB Global Resources B.V deals with these challenges in a number of ways including building roads, power plants, water systems, and community enrichment projects to provide a complete infrastructure for extraction companies.

Staying Innovative And Adaptive

With the increasing use of oil as an energy source, many economies started making efforts to substitute oil. Boris Ivanov emphasized the fact of this trend and its impact on both the oil prices and long-term investment plans. He supports the idea of companies putting more effort into R&D and investing in the lastest and newest technology in order for GPB Global Resources to remain successful.

Informative And Cooperative Environment

When dealing with the impacts of national disputes and local emergencies on the industry, Boris Ivanov emphasizes the information flow and creates an environment to benefit the business and the local partners mutually in order to create a cooperative environment. By involving industry experts GPB Global Resources B.V. ensures the competitiveness of the companies. Ivanov affirms the fact that this industry is based on relationships rather than simply being innovative and adopting new technologies.

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