Allied Wallet introduces additional & Safer payment processing options in Canada

Allied wallets is a market leader when it comes to the provision of mainstream payment processing options. Canada is experiencing steady, sustainable growth, a trend that has been continuing over the better part of this decade (Yahoo).

Allied Wallets is planning to support Canada’s economic growth by adding improved and flexible payment options. Currently, Canada is one of the wealthiest nations on the planet, a recent survey ranking it #21 out of 185 in terms of national wealth. While there are stronger economic powerhouses than Canada, Allied Wallet believes that investing in Canada will be highly rewarding as the country is experiencing fast-paced growth in the e-commerce sector.

By providing improved and safer payment processing options, Allied Wallet will be increasing merchants’ business while simultaneously ensuring that clients have access to an assortment of goods from different merchants. Canada’s population slightly exceeds 35 million. The country’s population with access to online retail spend approximately €18.1 billion each year while buying various items. From Allied Wallet´s figures from a recent survey, indicate that that Canadian citizen purchasing products and items online spend at least €1591 every year.

Many countries across the world are experiencing tremendous growth in the e-commerce sector. These countries include; China, Singapore, Canada, and many other countries including some in the African continent. By 2021, Experts believe that Canadians will be spending approximately €19.4 billion on e-commerce each year. It is estimated that 75% of Canadians have adopted digital banking, with another 99% of the country’s population being banked, meaning that they have access to banking services.

73% of transactions in Canada are card-based (credit and debit cards). Financial pundits expect this trend to change in the coming years as e-wallet payment options become popular. Besides, more Canadians are expressing the desire to switch from card-based transactions.

It is true that Allied Wallet is at the center of the revolution being witnessed in the e-commerce industry. To solidify its status in the payment processing options space, Allied is continuously updating, improving and making its existing payment options secure while also introducing better, secure, and innovative payment processing solutions that cater to the needs of both merchants and online shoppers.

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