End Citizens United’s Quest For Democracy

End Citizens United is a political organization based in Washington. It was started back in the year 2015 with a goal to overturn the controversial Supreme Court’s decision by electing more Democratic leaders. In a very aggressive move, End Citizens was founded by three individuals who formerly specialized in the field of the democratic congregational campaign. The three people are currently running mother ship strategies that gave birth to End Citizens United and are helping fuel its dreams. The organization’s committee took up an obligation of communicating to as many people as possible through emails. The emails were aimed at urging people to donate in a bid to become founding members of the organization. The tireless move worked amazingly, and this saw the group raise a total of 11 million dollars in less than two years. The money was raised through online donations that the group was running. One thing led to another, and this saw the team massively growing. Although it was a challenge championing to raise money, the group raised enough money to run its campaign in a very short time. A good percentage of the money the group raised was spent in the campaigns’ undertakings. With the 11 million dollars that the group had initially raised, 65 percent was used as consultation fee among other expenditures. This constitutes more than a third of the total 11 million dollars. 1.2 million dollars was paid to rising tide interactive by End Citizens United PAC. The amount was considered the highest compared to what was given to any of the other vendors. Being the firm that created End Citizens United PAC, Mothership came in as the second group that received the highest amount of money. This saw them receive a total of 498,844 dollars for fundraising as well as digital services. 357,783 dollars was spent by End Citizens to pay direct mail firm which is an organization that is responsible for raising money for Democratic candidates as well as progressive organizations.


The latest highest expenditure by End Citizens saw them spend 1.7 million dollars as payment for rent lists from liberal companies which include Change org. End Citizens has also given out 458,500 dollars to the group’s sanctioned individuals as well as various party boards.The amount was given out as a donation. All the candidates of the End Citizens group are elected by questionnaire that seeks to find out whether they oppose the group’s decisions. Due to consistency in its operations, End Citizens United PAC has attracted individuals who wish to join as well as to support the move of the group. An excellent example is David Donnelly who is the president of every voice. It is evidenced that David has a keen interest in working with End Citizens United PAC group.