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OSI Food Solutions Transition To The Top of The Food Industry

Some of the biggest names in modern-day society can be found in the food industry. This particular industry generates hundreds of billions of dollars on an annual basis thanks to all of its wonderful products and services. OSI Food Solutions definitely plays a big role in the food industry’s success. This Illinois-based food giant is immense in size, has a strong background in food services and is evolving with the times. Of course, that can’t be said for many of its competitors, and OSI has been the measuring stick by which all other food providers are measured. Let’s dive in deeper. View Brunner to see the OSI Food Solutions projects.

OSI Food Solutions was actually founded by a German-immigrant back at the turn of the 20th century, and this man was named Otto Kolschowski. The Kolschowski family operated a phenomenal meat market in Oak Park, Illinois, before going into food wholesale. Once the company went into food wholesale, the Kolschowski family began to rake in huge profits. During the 1960s, OSI incorporated cryogenics technology into the mix. At this point in time, the company could distribute its frozen products across the nation without ever having to worry about them spoiling. The same thing goes for high-capacity production lines. OSI Food Solutions has more than doubled its processing power of chicken, beef and pork at its Spain location thanks to the introduction of high-capacity production lines.

Back in April 2019, OSI Food Solutions took part in another acquisition of a fifth-generation food provider. Rose Packing Company was acquired because it perfectly compliments what OSI is trying to achieve. This particular company has been around since 1924, and it produces a wide range of meats, including:

  • Ribs
  • Boneless Turkey
  • Pork Chops
  • Pork Shoulders
  • Loins
  • Ethnic Sausage
  • And countless others

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OSI Group Signed as Co-Producer for Impossible Food’ Impossible Burger

Co-Production Agreement

A co-production agreement takes place between two companies both take part in the production of a product. In the case of Impossible Foods and OSI Group, Impossible Foods invented the product, but OSI was brought on as a company that could help with the heavy lifting that was necessary to keep up with the demand for the Impossible Burger. In the agreement between the two companies, OSI Group will design a production plant within one of their Chicago plants, based upon specific designs from Impossible Foods. The production plant will be a high efficient plant with all security measures intact. No one will be able to enter the plant without prior authorization and strict regulations must be followed to keep all possible contamination out of the plant because of all plant-based materials. See more on Wikipedia.

OSI Group

OSI Group began in 1909 when it was started by a German immigrant and his two sons who moved to the suburb of Chicago called Deer Park. Many years later when the business became Otto & Sone Ray Kroc approached the company and asked them to be his met-packer for his McDonalds Franchise. That business relation still exists between the two companies to this day. OSI stands for quality and efficiency and has always given quality service to its millions of customers and clients over its 100-year history. The new relationship between Impossible Foods and OSI will allow the two companies to expand the Impossible Burger market internationally while keeping the quality of the product up to the standards the two companies demand of their products.

Being Added to Fast-Food Menus

A spokesperson for Impossible Foods, Sheetal Shah commented lately that he felt Impossible Foods could now go to as many places as possible with the infrastructure of OSI, which has 65 international markets it serves and thousands of workforce able to deliver products in 17 countries. Impossible Foods looks forward to a long-lasting business relationship with OSI and hopes to learn from its many years of innovation, its eye to quality and its unblemished record of service. Many other burger companies are beginning to maximize their restaurants with their version of the Impossible Burger. Burger King will launch its Impossible Whopper later this year to 7,500 restaurants. Check out: