Take Charge of Your Life with MAGFAST

What is MAGFAST?

MAGFAST is a line of products designed to simplify the charging of your mobile devices. Compatible with iOS, Android, and other devices, it’s a solution to remove the clutter and charge wirelessly anywhere you happen to be in the world. International plug options are available for those residing outside of North America or are traveling abroad. You’ll also have a USB connection with adapters, so the newer phone models with wider ports are never an issue. These products utilize magnets and lightning connections to provide a fast and powerful charge. The MAGFAST website states that the charge is so strong, it’s enough to jump-start a car.

The Many Options with MAGFAST Chargers

MAGFAST offers chargers for the home, vehicle, and for on the go. With the chargers working wirelessly and being portable, you’ll never have to worry about your battery running out. The magnetic devices work together to power each other and help to reduce the clutter by only involving one piece for most products. The wall charger plugs into an outlet and replaces the current outlet with two available sockets for use while you charge your phone on top. This design is great for those that need to charge their devices but can’t afford to lose available outlets. A power bank is offered to charge wirelessly anywhere you go simply by sitting your phone on top of the charger. There are many other products available through MAGFAST and are highlighted in the video presentation on their web page.

Taking Advantage of MAGFAST

MAGFAST offers an initial presentation to give viewers a taste of what the products have to offer. A second in-depth presentation allows viewers to pre-order MAGFAST’s products. A free wall charger is now being offered to thank people simply for taking part in the video seminar. Simply register at https://www.magfast.com to discover how MAGFAST can simplify your life, today.