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Isabel dos Santos Speaks for the Poor

When most people think of billionaires, older while males come to mind. Statistically speaking, that is the truth, though it’s beginning to change. Of the 2,043 billionaires in the world, eleven of them are black. Of these eleven, two of them are female. Oprah Winfrey and Isabel dos Santos. Naturally, it makes sense then that she is a leader worth learning from (Yaapd).

People tend to stay with people whom they are like. For example, if you join the country club there is a good chance you have or will have friends that are a part of this club as well. Therefore, as society begins to change and different races become wealthier, they are more likely to share it with people in their community.

This is true for Isabel dos Santos as well. Using her wealth and her network, she has brought employment for many of her fellow Africans. Isabel is a keynote speaker at many events where she talks about promoting the development of poor nations, specifically through bringing in more technology in order to allow them access to the same global events that are happening elsewhere with the technology boom.

Isabel dos Santos does not just talk about bringing technology to her country but is doing something about it as well. Her company, Unitel, is upgrading their infrastructure and in doing so has created fifty thousand jobs. Another way they are working towards having better reception in Angola is through laying high-speed fiber optic cables throughout the country. 

One would think that having gone to school in areas other than her native country, this would hinder her abilities to care for the country she was born into and that her family lived in. This could be further from the truth as Isabel dos Santos uses the knowledge that she gained in other countries to further advance her fellow man. Given her history and the unique position that Isabel dos Santos is in, it would be best if one took notice and began to impart a small amount of change in their own community. Only then can we become great. 

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End Citizens United: Pushing Against A Growing Corporate Problem

End Citizens United is fighting a battle that many citizens in the United States do not realize that they are also waging against corporations. Corporations have recently gained the ability to function as individuals do when it comes to the political process, as made possible by the history-changing court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. “End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” discusses this case and many of the subsequent events that happened because of Supreme Court judges’ ruling to allow this to happen for these corporations.

End Citizens United was formed as a direct result of this ruling and continues to fight very hard on the behalf of the American citizens that would be made voiceless by such a horrifying decision.

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The entire process started in 2010 when Citizens United sued to remain anonymous when it comes to their political financing partners and air an an hour long movie about potential candidate Hillary Clinton. The reason why the movie was so controversial is that it represented a political ad in every fashion, the only difference was that it was an exorbitant length. Citizens United wanted to be able to air the ad and fought for it all the web into the Supreme Court. It seems that much of their funding was through was through the private corporation and this decision would change the way that these corporations under the new law.

Corporations would not be bound by the previous roles that would prevent them from contributing exorbitant amounts of money to political campaigns, sometimes in the hopes of influencing the candidate themselves. They would also have the option of donating this money anonymously, hiding their true motives from the public. This removal of transparency in the process was very troubling for many people, especially the founders of the public action committee End Citizens United. End Citizens United has been working very hard since its initial creation to fight against these sessions help raise funding for the candidate that chose to turn their back on this type of corporate funding. The group hopes to help support these individuals and push back against the growing trend of politicians to promise types of leniency for funding. It seems as though with this rule coming into the fact, the semblance of freedom is not entirely possible. Corporations have vast amounts of money that will allow them to change the outcome of political races, simply by donating to candidates that support their own choices.

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