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In today’s world, it is pretty amazing to see 90 year olds running marathons. This makes these super- seniors pretty exceptional and they are a steady reminder that the human body and brain can age well.

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Granted, recent research has shown that good nutrition and physical exercise are key to making that happen.

In all honesty, the dietary supplement known as Prevagen is looking very promising as a brain nutritional enhancing supplement.

It is an oral pill that has been clinically shown to help with things like mild memory loss that is associated with aging. Here is some evidence that you will need to consider.

  1. In a double- blind, placebo- controlled, computer- assessed study, Prevagen had improved certain areas of cognitive function over a period of 90 days.
  1. In a clinical trial, one of the subgroups of adults with mild, age- related cognitive problems who were taking just one Prevagen every day over the 90 day time period, were showing improved measurements in relation to their memory.
  1. Researchers have reported that Prevagen not only improves memory, but it also supports healthy brain function, clearer thinking, and sharper minds. Interestingly enough, Prevagen contains apoaequorin, which is an ingredient that is originally found in jellyfish.

All of this news is very exciting. It is yet one more way to keep your brain as healthy as possible all while supporting normal brain related aging. Several studies have been exploring the possible links between physical and mental fitness as a way to inspire people to be more active.

As these studies have shown, doing some kind of exercise is a really good way to help your body and mind prepare for things like interviews, exams, and even creative projects. Exercise is also able to help protect the brain when it comes to age- related cognitive changes.

The hippocampus is one of the brains responses to aerobic exercises. Some well- controlled studies that involved seniors, young adults, and even children show that this part of the brain actually grows when people get fit.

Since the hippocampus is actually the core of the brain’s memory and learning systems, it is very likely that this is the link between cardiovascular fitness and boosting cognitive function.

While this clearly proves that exercise can slowly start to improve your memory and overall brain wiring, there is a much more immediate impact on the memory formation as well.

A group of German researchers have showed that simply cycling or walking during a learning program, not before, helped their volunteers grasp a foreign language that was brand new to them.

Exercise can also help you focus more on the task that you are doing. Studies have shown that when children had 20 minute bouts of aerobics- style exercise incorporated with their lessons, their attention span actually improved.

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Over a year ago there was a more randomized controlled trial that took a look at the effects of daily after- school sports classes over the school year.

The children not only achieved better fitness, but they were also less distracted and they were able to multitask while using the information that they recalled.

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Prevagen Use and Daily Routines

Aging is no longer perceived as a sole deterioration of the body. Both the removal and addition of recommended lifestyle habits aid against premature physical and mental decline.

Prevagen is a dietary supplement that utilizes apoaequorin, a newly discovered substance found in jellyfish, to promote memory in those experiencing mild memory loss related to aging.


Many methods are used to decrease the speed in which valuable bodily functions are lost. The incorporation of exercise, for instance, increases the body’s blood flow.

The blood flow increase provides a simultaneous increase in the amounts of oxygen and nerve connections in the brain.

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Nutritionally beneficial foods include fruits and vegetables. Such foods promote the healthy functioning of the brain. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with needed vitamins and minerals for adequate physical strength and mental capacity.

A selection of foods, such as processed foods should be avoided from the diet. Foods with refined sugars and salt should be moderately restricted. The same recommendation applies to foods that contain hydrogenated or saturated fat.


Along with healthy food choices, healthy beverages should also be carefully monitored. Drinking adequate amounts of water is the prioritized method towards rehydration. Beverages such as almond milk and tea also rehydrate the body and provide nutrients.

Alcoholic beverages such as wine, however, should be limited to a maximum of a single glass for women and two for men.


In the case that smoking has become a habit, cessation is greatly encouraged. Repetitive nicotine exposure is a continual stimulant to nicotine receptors in the brain. Excessive nicotine leads to a cognitive decline which is seen in cases of dementia.


It is advised to develop hobbies that lead to the strengthening of brain cells. Brain stimulation may lead to cognitive advancement, rather than decline.

Hobbies such as reading, playing games, and socializing with others promote healthy brain function. Among the many hobbies in which the aging adult may choose, socializing with others has been a key method to increase memory.

Individual leisure time also may increase the health of the brain.

Activities such as practicing yoga and quietly admiring natural landscapes lead to meditation, deep breathing, and decreased exposure to mental stressors. Fortunately, increased oxygen through deep breathing leads to an increase in brain function.


Though seen as a passive act, adequate amounts of sleep in appropriate settings are advised for neural connections towards memory formation. Avoidance of caffeine after 3:00pm is also recommended.

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Along with the application of the advice provided, this medication works as a dietary supplement to further prevent mild memory loss related to aging.

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