Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, a small town in Michigan. As a young boy, he got oriented to the family business. In its earlier stages, DeVos says that they operated from the basement in their house. DeVos and his brother Doug were assigned the roles of mini hosts. Under this role, they were supposed to welcome and greet attendees at Amway conventions. These conferences were held on yearly basis. Later after the events, Doug helped in clearing plates and ferrying guests who were interested in playing tennis. With time, the responsibilities grew to public speaking and giving product demonstrations. The enterprise has expanded to become a global business. Later, DeVos marries Betsy who is now the former chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party.


Dick DeVos and his entire family are involved in various philanthropic activities. As a community leader, he contributed a lot of his time to community-based activities that played a part in the development of these communities. He also funded the Education Freedom Fund. The organization is responsible for over 4,000 scholarship opportunities. The scholarships are awarded to various students in Michigan. Dick DeVos is also responsible for the establishment of West Michigan Aviation Academy. The main agenda behind the start of this school was to offer affordable and quality education to children who were interested in aviation technology. He got elected to the State board of education shortly after. This position allowed him to reach the vast community regarding education.


He is also an entrepreneur. He has spent his career working in different executive positions for various organizations. His career began at Amway Corporation in 1974. There, he held several positions in Manufacturing, sales, marketing, and finance. 10 years later, he was promoted to become the Vice President of the company. Under his leadership, the company opened up several other new markets. Consequently, their international sales tripled. Six years later, before he left, the company had registered growth of over 50 percent sales yearly.


His family acquired Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise in the year 1991. DeVos was appointed to become the President and Chief Executive Officer of the basketball team. DeVos worked with the team for two years and left in 1993 to re-join the Amway Franchise as the president. Under his authority as Chief Executive Officer, the company expanded its operations in over 50 countries. He worked for the company until August 2002, when he retired.


On 2nd June 2005, he announced his intentions to run for Governorship in Michigan.