Many blockbuster hits have come to theaters in 2019. From movies like Aladdin, X-Men:Dark Phoenix, Detective Pikachu, and others, they all have one thing in common: the Academy of Art University Alumni. The hands-on experience has shaped the careers of many, as in VisualFX and animation in the movie industry. Notable graduates have had their hand in these popular films and have gained their invaluable skills at this University from professionals working in the industry being their instructors. Using a real, professional studio called StudioX, students have created professional projects to give them a leg up on most art production schools around the country. StudioX has six main areas of study:directing, production, production design, cinematography, editing, and screenwriting.

Founded in 1929 in San Francisco by Richard S. Stephens with the help of his wife Clara Stephens, The Academy of Art University has created many art professionals in the industry today. With nearly 300 full-time and 1200 part-time instructors, the students have more than enough teachers with a foot in the business to give them that extra educational advantage they need;you can find employees and connect with them to get even more information on the school or their experiences also. With the beautiful scenery and a vintage car museum on campus, it is hard to pass up this institution if you are passionate about art.

Everyone’s passion may not be working on movies, and the Academy of Art University has you covered. They offer many schools like acting , jewelry making, photography, and many others. For students who qualify, they also offer financial aid. The Academy offers the full campus experience with meal plans, housing, and on-campus organizations. Even if you are a military veteran or are an international student with artistic ability, they have a place for you. Whether full time or part time, visit their website and apply as soon as you can. For the amount of talent and experience at this school, getting in as soon as possible is beneficial. Dive into the amazing opportunities at Academy of Art University, you won’t be disappointed!