Sujit Choudhry is a reputable banister who has international recognition thanks to his incomparable and rare legal understanding. His wide scope of knowledge has made his highly sought and his constitutional advice is relied upon. Following this, he has been a state guest to many countries including Jordan, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia just to mention but a few when he has spoken on constitutional law and political matters, refer also to (

He has admirable acumen on legal subjects such as in bills of rights, comparative constitutional law, peaceful transitions from war or violence, the law of succession, constitutional design and methodological questions just to highlight a few areas, watch it here on ( Thanks to his great comprehension of the Constitutional law, Sujit Choudhry has written widely on Canadian law. He has also authored many publications that are still relevant in legal application to date. He is the author to Constitution Making published in 2016 by Edward Elgar, The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution in 2016, The Migration of Constitution Ideas by Cambridge and the Constitutional Design for Divided Societies in 2008 by Oxford publishers.

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About Sujit Chouldry

Sujit Choudhry is one of the elite members of society. He holds several law degrees from the Harvard University, Oxford University and the University of Toronto. Sujit Choudhry was first one of the law clerks at the Supreme Court of Canada serving CJ Antonio Lamer. He has worked for a number of learning institutions as a law Professor at University of California, New York University- Cecelia Goetz and at University of Toronto.

Sujit is the Center for Constitutional Transitions’ Director where he has work with many organizations, universities, and NGOs showing them the importance of constitutional building, constitutional transitions, emerging democracies, security reforms among other discourse issues. Sujit Choudhry is a regent to the United National Development Program.


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