Drew Madden is a healthcare information technology entrepreneur. Among the most valuable lessons, he advocates for is for people to network more and more. His is contrarian in his views about life. For instance, he believes that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. He normally takes his main meal at 2-3pm. So, you might be asking yourself, who is Drew Madden.

Drew Madden is a highly learned and holds a BSE in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa, where he graduated in 2002. His career started at Cerner Corporation where he worked on clinical solutions for two major hospitals in Chicago. He then worked with Healthia Consulting for four years and later moved to a Business Development role. He worked with various healthcare facilities in the Midwest where he implemented the Epic inpatient applications. Drew Madden is experienced in building successful enterprises. He has in-depth experience in managing electronic medical record projects. He has applied lessons he has learned from the EMR background and project management to create effective Epic implementation teams.

Drew Madden applies healthcare technology to advance patient care and therapy. Throughout his career, he has worked in the healthcare sector and mainly dealing with healthcare IT. He has specialized primarily in EMR and other solutions which make it possible to digitize patient information. He also loves creating highly productive teams alongside appealing corporate culture. Drew Madden works from Madison, Wisconsin. Currently, he is serving as the Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He confesses that he is passionate about Electronic Media Records and has spent his career building a long-lasting partnership with the best in this industry.

Drew Madden created Evergreen Healthcare Partners together with three other partners, and the growth has been tremendous for the past one year. Currently, they are cooperating with other health care systems to ensure that the EMR technology succeeds. The firm comes with huge experience from the partners who form it. Madden is quick to state that the idea of Evergreen Healthcare Partners came from, he says that he has always been passionate about advancing the operational processes in the healthcare sector through technology.