Fabletics has become one of the fastest growing apparel brands on the market today. The company has seen upwards of $250 million in revenue in just a few short years. In fact, they are able to hold their own against big-name companies that are dominating the market, such as Amazon. They have been able to successfully combine unique marketing strategies along with excellent customer services and a convenient subscription service to create a company that is resilient and growing steadily.


Other key factors in the success of the company involve the reverse showroom technique. This is the strategy that has enabled Fabletics to gain an advantage in the e-commerce market. The company has begun to open physical locations in a few states to date. The products offered in the store do not, however, come with the same discount that they do online. Essentially, the customer can go to the store and look at, and feel the product. They can try it on and decided if it is the right product for them. They have the option to buy if for more in the store, but they also have the option to make future purchases from the company from their online site. They can sign up for the subscription service and then begin to see the incredible savings.


Fabletics has always priced their products under the average market price for athletic apparel, yet still, give the same type of quality. They want to give the average person the opportunity to afford a great piece of athletic wear for a moderate price. By signing up for the subscription service, they can choose one item from a boutique that is designed especially for them by the in-house design team. In order to know which items will work best for each customer, the customer takes a fashion quiz when they sign up so they can get items they actually want. The average subscription price for the monthly service is around $40. If you don’t wish to order an item for the month, you can go to the website to skip the order for the month without being penalized.


Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics, as well as a business partner. She knows that giving their customer these types of options and flexibility has helped them to grow to become a household name. She, along with the rest of the partners in the company are always looking for a way to be more accessible and affordable for their customers. If you haven’t tried Fablestics yet, you should go to the website and take the fashion quiz to help determine your unique style. Then you can get your first boutique from which you can order a high-quality piece of athletic apparel. Fabletics doesn’t disappoint and will actually have you excited to see what your next boutique will be the next month.