The planet was once a collection of space dust and rocks from the formation of the solar system. As they collected together and cooled, minerals began to form. Over millions of years the minerals on the planet evolved even further as they mixed with and formed brand new substances. The human-race is relativity new in the grand scheme of the universe, but we have already learned a great deal about what mother nature has created. Oil was quickly determined to be one of the most important resources available. Its presence alone can fund the economy of an entire country. The continent of Africa is one of the few remaining regions left with untapped resources. The Daily Forex Report describes how GPB Global Resources plays a role in managing its distribution.

As the nations of the world have divided up the resources, there now exist two tiers of nations. There are those across most of the northern hemisphere known as the developed countries. They are locations who have passed the industrial revolution and are currently pursing renewable energy solutions. While at the same time, there are numerous underdeveloped nations. These are countries that are severely lagging behind the rest of the world. GPB Global Resources works with these countries to learn about their oil reserves and what would be the best methods of extraction.

The discussions to extract oil often span months or sometimes even years. There are many issues at play before settling on a deal. Starting at the top, Africa’s nations have different levels of laws surrounding the use of their land. The article describes how certain areas have stricter laws than others. Similarly, much of the oil requires the permission of local groups. Beyond these talks, GPB Global Resources has to build up the necessary structures to ensure a safe and seamless process. Oil needs a heavy upfront commitment.

While the rest of the world charges forward with new energy sources, the 54 nations of Africa are beginning to show their true dominance. GPB Global Resources believes oil will continue to push human innovation to brand new heights.

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