MATTHEW FLEEGERFamily Heritage, Community Connections

For many people working in the oil and gas business, their careers began when they decided to get involved and use their existing business knowledge from college or other industries. For Matt Fleeger, his beginnings in oil and gas were a kind of apprenticeship, watching his father at work growing Gulf Coast Western from its early days in the 1970s. That means Matt has instincts and a feeling of connection which few leaders in the industry can have. He understands the land and the resources his company produces from it, but he also understands the communities in which his company operates and how he is connected with them.

Working with Business Associates and Investors

Matt Fleeger has a unique reputation for working with business associates and investors as people, using a long-term perspective. That has given his company a top Better Business Bureau rating both by customers and through the Bureau’s own evaluation of how he does business. Investors, in particular, have noted that he works to “make it right” whether they enjoy mutual success initially or have to focus on the long term for strong results. The key to this positive relationship, people say, is communication. Matt doesn’t just focus on possibilities; he communicates about the realities of his work and makes sure that people involved have their feet on the ground as well.


Deep Roots in Oil and Gas

Matt Fleeger’s father started Gulf Coast Western to pursue oil and gas projects in resource-rich Texas and Louisiana areas, acquiring land for immediate production and properties with future potential. In the process, he also got to know other businesspeople who were active in the area, and people in the communities that were supporting his efforts. Matt has continued to develop strong relationships with positive people with whom he exchanges support and friendship for mutual long-term success.